As for Mainline Modeler, you can pretty much kiss that subscription “Last month in TKM I mentioned the discontinuance of Mainline Modeler. I am in the process of digitizing all of my copies of Mainline Modeler. However I do not have a complete set. I am willing to trade one of my. And lastly, Mainline Modeler was a premium magazine (IMHO). A chance to get them all with all of the drawings, articles and yes, the ads in a.

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Unless MM is organized as a separate corporation, Hundman Publishing can probably be held liable for the unfulfilled subscriptions. I was told Robert was looking for a buyer, and should call back again in a month or two. Some years back I got caught up in a periodical which demised – got told by an attorney to bite the bullet.

Finally! Mainline Modeler on DVD

Posted by cacole on Thursday, November 16, 3: The cover price will be going up a little soon, what isn’t? It was a high-quality publication notwithstanding the typos in each issuewith excellent photography and articles, and printed on high-gloss paper.

There was a message here last week indicating that they have ceased publication and the company is for sale. Model Railroading was the first to go. BillyDee53 Member since February, posts. Helpers Avron 16Slambo 5SimoneA 4. I’ll do some checking on the other forum to see if anyone knows more details.

Maimline was also able to successfully copy the entire DVD to my hard drive — for my personal use only! Click here to see what you are missing!


Best of Mainline Modeler | Awards | LibraryThing

Sierra Vista, Arizona 13, posts. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Secured creditors are generally banks that lent the Company money and have a lien on the assets like kainline mortgage company has a lien on your house.

Mainline Modeler’s publisher doesn’t offer anything similar I got the DVD a few days ago. I’m a subscriber to MM and haven’t gotten a new edition since the August issue. He is best known for his drawings of KCS locomotives and structures. Splitting hairs, I know. Certainly people have better things to do with their time. An iPad is a tablet, not a full-blown computer nor mxinline it a Mac.

Kalmbach’s answer to this, for all tablet users, is to offer an on-line subscription for searching back issues. Edited 1 time s. DVD archives are great. This restricted the new owner’s rights to republish material; both subsequently told the other where to go and we might now consider that MM is truly gone glimmering! How many copies do you have? Anyone consider the amount of time and effort one would have to devote for that tiny sum of money, the fact that the company is closed down and it would be like tring to squeeze blood from a rock?

Order Ascending Order Descending. Something the Panasonic Toughbooks they replaced had both of. I takes me from four to six hours per copy to prepare, edit and stitch fold-out and inserted pages.

If I gave that copy away, or made another one and gave it away then that person would have an illegal copy they didn’t pay for. It was the beginning of the Internet and electronic entertainment venues having a measurable impact on hobbies and crafts.

  ATEK 3500 PDF

Mainline Modeler MM always seemed like an oxymoron publication to me. I understand that the publisher has sold one of his other magazines. This is the first time it seems I am being cheated, and by someone who seemed so willing to stand up and fight for what is right. Posted by Pruitt on Friday, November 17, 6: If modeling a class 1 railroad was the goal, then to do it well will take something more than a 4×8, and you will never get very far with a larger layout if you scratchbuild everything.

I really do think the internet will put many of the smaller model railroading magazines out of business. But moveler a dealer and a model railroader I’ve enjoyed reading it.

Data DVD: Mainline Modeler Complete Collection

Works can belong to more than one series. The internet is turning the information moeler business on its head. Photos were way too dark, and the overall magazine wasn’t very appealing. An example would be for me to make a copy of a favorite movie DVD for my own personal backup.

But it’s been around since and I recently got their free sample issues. But MM’s niche always seemed to be a puzzle to me. The time now is