Lothaire is the twelth book in Kresley Cole’s bestselling Immortals After Dark paranormal romance series, it features the romance between series antihero. Lothaire by Kresley Cole, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Title: Lothaire Author: Kresley Cole Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance Release Date: Janurary 10th, ALL FEAR THE ENEMY OF OLD.

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You turned your back on me and sent Dorada straight to my home!

Lothaire | Kresley Cole

This time the formula was a bleekin’ beacon flashing in the background: What I love about these novels is that every action effects something big in the Lore, whether we know what it is or not.

Before becoming a writer, Cole was a world-ranked athlete, coach, and graduate student.

Ellie is stuck in prison for krexley years, hoping she’s given the needle because she feels her life has been destroyed. As I mentioned before both Ellie and Soraya are initially difficult to warm to. Together, Ellie and Lothaire combust.

Lothaire | Book by Kresley Cole | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Blood and Mist Series I’m excited, however, I’m so invested in this lorean world already. Co,e 08, Mandi Schreiner rated it really liked it. Ellie comes from humble beginnings in rural Appalachia He, dark, cunning and lethal. I’m worried view spoiler [ In this book, I really was faced with just how unhealthy nix is sounding.

Whether in the heat of the moment or in a heated argument, they were fantastic together. The whole thing cold the formula: Trivia About Lothaire Immorta Ellie, as she is most often called in this book could not be more different than Lothaire.

And surely she wouldn’t manage to be alive in the end. Over five hundred pages of fantastic goodness.


I had spent the better parts of my night chowing through this book, but now I’m freaking giving up at page OMG, do they work. Elizabeth tempts Lothaire beyond reason, as only his fated mate could. There was all this backstory with the two. The beeeyotch Saroya, Soul Reaper and Goddess of Death and Blood, was cursed to die over and over while she possessed the lives of mortals not of her choosing.

My boyfriend kept asking me why i was blushing which is a feat since I have dark skin! Other books in this series. Lothaire was not what I had expected. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

After he recognizes Ellie as his Bride and subsequently mulls over his really UN-heroic actions towards her, I was rubbing my hands in anticipation of some major groveling. His hatred comes from a krexley place in his past and as it unraveled my heart broke for him.


View all 13 comments. How is it that every freaking book manages to get better and better. Lothaire Book 12 10 Aug 11, If you’ve read the other books in the series, you will have met Lothaire before — he has a habit of making a lot of unexpected appearances in the Immortals universe.

And he didn’t really accept her as a mortal. Why krelsey we readers accept lothaaire To me, it is! Who, in my humble -though very persistent- opinion, only fits one woman: The action in this book was not so much someone chasing them, but Lothaire trying to come to terms with who is Bride was, Elizabeth or Saroya. One of the things that made Dreams of the Dark Warrior into such a delightful read was the complexity of the intrigue. And oh, was he just as high-handed as they come?

He does something unforgivable and his purpose is so clear from the beginning that he wants to get rid of her.


Book Review of Lothaire by Kresley Cole

Different can be interesting. He is pretty easy to understand once you get to fole him. I loved this book! My initial hope was that Nix was meant for Lothaire, being that they are the two oldest creatures that still exist in the world of The Lore.

Vampire Diaries 1 by L.

He is so old and his arrogance is so ingrained, that it is his way or else. Not to mention, she is not very lucid. After a huge fight between them, Ellie is kidnapped by the Valkyries to be used as leverage against Lothaire. Besides a whole lot of sitting around the mansion I mean. I just don’t think she is right for Lothaire. Lothaire is MY Favourite, all of Kresleys books are well worth a read and all have there pride of place on my book shelf and Lothaire is one of my very favourites.

I generally knew what was going to happen in the end, however, I could never predict HOW it was going to happen. This was not the story or heroine that I would have imagined for Lothaire but Kresley Cole somehow seems to make it work. Thank you Kresley for writing another entertaining book that has me anxious for the next one. No synopsis here, except to say this in the vampire Lothaire’s story, the “Enemy of Old”, the guy who’s been in just about every book of the whole IAD series; the baddest of bad boys.