Lai Haraoba is festival of Meiteis people group of Manipur in India. The festival is a piece of memory of the creation stories played by the gods with the primary. Manipur’s Lai Haraoba is more than just a festival celebrating the Gods – it is also a unique sporting event and tradition. Lai-Haroba is an important festival of Manipur celebrated to revere the local deities such as Umang Thai. Indian Holiday offers to give you online information on.

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In Leitai Dance, the dancer moves his waist in circular movements oai the spreading of earth dirt on the web-like framework. Find more popular activities to do in. Meiteis take every male and female as god and goddess who play the role and deities in the Haraoba. Fifth is the Ougri Hangel.

Lai Haraoba – Connecting Manipur’s Mythology and Its Martial Art

People on earth celebrate this event with joy. The Haraobba sits before water from which Lai is called up, chanting incantations and ringing a hand-bell.

It is limited to Kamglei Haraoba and is related to the python manifestation of Pakhangba. Boys, girls and grown up people take part in its performance. It is in fact the combination of religious recitations, traditional music and dance, traditional social values and ancient cultural aspects.


TBI Blogs: How Manipur’s Festivals & Traditions Are Intrinsically Linked to Its Sporting Heritage

Celebrated in the month of May, Lai-Haroba is an important festival of Manipur celebrated to revere the local deities such as Umang Thai. Then the building of houses, starting of agriculture and other stages of human development are played. About Us Advertise with us Enquiry Sitemap. The people of Manipur seek eternal blessings of the Almighty and their ancestors.

Lai Haraoba – Wikipedia

The Umang Lai Haraoba merry festival of the jungle Gods is the most important ceremony in which the deities are worshiped by all inhabitants of the village as a symbol of the part and parcel of the creation work.

The Lai haraoba is the festivity of the Gods. There are six major types of Lai Haraoba. The priest and priestess chant the holy hymns while performers form llai human circle around them and dance to it.

Festivals in Manipur Sanamahism. Major Festival in India.

Lai-Haroba Festival, Manipur

Monday, December 31, Advertise with us. Select Agent with whom you booked trip Other. Atiya Guru desired to solidify the framework. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Pleasing of the Gods: It is a communal dance in which the circular pattern representing the python is danced. He was frustrated in his efforts by evil forces whom he defeated with the help of the Goddess of Lightning, and ultimately created this universe of ours.

Absolute fitness and skill are necessary to pin the opponent to the ground with a part of their body besides the feet.


Thus, Lai Haraoba is the only cultural activity in which social, philosophical and religious life of the Meiteis are depicted very deeply and carefully. The different types are:. An evening outing by the deity is carried around in a palanquin around the locality.

To accomplish this mission he sent, La Guru Sidaba with a creature who maneuvered a wiry network in which human life was to be integrated. The festival is marked to celebrate the creation of the universe and the recollection of the evolution of plants, animals and human beings.

The Guru offered him some dirt from his navel and also created nine men from his right side and seven women from his left side to assist Harxoba Guru. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for traditional beliefs having deep roots in the Manipuri way of life. KufriManaliNaggarrohtnagpass. The celebration of the ancient folklore of Lai Haraoba shows that old does not need to give way to new.

The idea behind Mukna is that the person who touches the ground first with his head, shoulders, hzraoba, hands, or knees loses the game.