Aug 24, Katerina Kolozova delivers the first accurate and comprehensive study of my interpretation of Marx in my book “Introduction to Non-Marxism,”. Aug 27, On the occasion of the publication by punctum of feminist philosopher Katerina Kolozova’s much awaited new book, Toward a Radical. Katerina Kolozova, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University/ Institute of Social Science and Humanities, Skopje, Gender Studies Department, Faculty Member. Studies.

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Humanity is a theologico-philosophical creation and it is kayerina naturalized. English Choose a language for shopping. The Inhuman and the Automaton: Journal of Women’s …. As soon as we determine the generic term of “the state,” we can radicalize it by letting it be determined by the effects of the real.

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Such an instance is the concept of capital and the material and immaterial realities it creates. In this sense, we can agree with There is ample reference to the concept of the real rather than the material.

And finally, she ends by addressing the problem of utopia by way of communist-feminist cyborgs! Subjectivity is the product of the linguistic turn in philosophy. It renders Haraway’s notion of the Cyborg more radical and unravels its inhumanity rather than posthumanity. To put it in metaphysical terms, the concept of the real I operate with in the book does not hold the status of substance ousia but rather that of modus tropos.

Automatic technology as such, if employed in a different political and economic setup, would be something completely different. Similarly to Donna Haraway’s claim about the radical constructedness of the human as cyborg Haraway, Ars Lamina,more. In brief, if the transformation takes place through subject formation, it is inextricably implicated in the processes of Enactment-of-Order, in the processes of Disciplining in accordance with the Norm.

How I understand it as an activist and a feminist, as somebody that lives in Eastern Europe in a country that is in the process of integration into the European Union, where the minimum democracy is something that should be radicalized and preserved.


Katerina Kolozova | The New Centre for Research & Practice

Kultura,and the editor of a number of books from the fields of gender studies and feminist theory, among which the one together with Svetlana Slapshak and Jelisaveta Blagojevic: Kolozova is the author of “The Cut of the Real: For example, Eastern Europe is not non-capitalist. Your email address will not be published.

Idenitities Series of Books; more. I believe in the radical constructedness of humanity that is linguistically, culturally, technologically construed but also equally organic.

The neoliberal state is no weak and naturalness of capitalism if a philosophical phantasm The organization of social production beyond the principle of private property qua property based on wage labor needs to be conceived in terms of a given historical and material context.

In other words, it is composed with philosophical material but does not produce a coherent philosophical whole.

Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle – punctum books

When the institutions of higher education become subject to state control, critical reflection is held hostage to the dictates of kplozova in power.

By contrast, socialist metaphysics is a realist—rather than materialist, as materialism is essentially philosophical—positioning with respect to the founding katerinq of alienation that is the irreconcilable dyad of unilaterally co-relating real and signification. Only 6 left karerina stock more on the way. Otherwise, I have gotten feedback from those working in other strands of realist and ontological realism inspired by continental philosophy, but not much from feminist academic circles.

It is also a question of exploitation. The pages of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Report to the US Government quoted above display the blatant truth that concept itself and all of its possible realities of the “investment banking” is indiscernible from the so called “shadow banking system. The nihilist’s nothingness is thus potentialized: She is also visiting professor at several universities in Southeastern Europe. It is not akin to object-oriented ontology either, because it looks like it is merging the kolpzova and the object or that there the object is treated from a subjective position.


Most of these questions were inspired by Laruelle himself through his juxtaposition of philosophy and science.

I remember that in Cut of the Real I used to have a passage of a critique of democracy, aiming to be more radical and to go kaherina democracy.

The section of the film which deals with figures of motherhood is not only executed in documentary style but literally is a koloaova. She holds a Ph.

This means that nonphilosophy is about the radicalization of the fact that there is irreconcilability between concepts or language and the real.

And here I am referring both to the Real in the Laruellian and to the Real in the Lacanian sense of the word. Structure, Matter and Pure Form: She is is the author of Cut of the Real: New Realisms in Philosophy Summer School Maybe I will be inspired by these recent experiences as an activist.

CfH Lectures

Metaphysics of the Finance Economy — Chap. Hence, the locus of opposition to Marx attempted to create a science of human society — materialistically grounding it in political economy — through its own interpretative apparatus, philosophically minimal and determined by the ” real ” a term Marx uses regularly in reference to what his interpreters have traditionally termed as ” material “.

Well, most of those who many label as the founders do not endorse this label. The alienation at the heart of this is something that should be owned or recognized, not something that should be exploited.