Inter-region planning and analysis of water resources by using WEAP model Seybouse (Annaba) and Coastal East of Constantine (El-Taref). from Mafragh and Seybouse rivers into Annaba Bay. Material and Method .. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment. 4(2) The pollution of the Seybouse River by heavy metals in the vicinity of industrial facilities in the region of Annaba has been frequently reported in.

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It is possible to observe an improvement with integration of other management strategies for a best operating system. Impact of spatial correlation. Volume 30 Issue 1 Seppp. Volume 10 Issue Annaapp.

Drought monitoring in the Seybouse basin Algeria over the last decades. Hydrology of die Mediterranean and Semiarid Regions. The actual system use of water resources is not able to sustain water needs that are more and more growing in different expansion sectors.

Volume 22 Issue 1 Seppp. This study was conducted to assess both biological and chemical pollution of Oued Seybouse Guelma. Journal of European Water.

Journal de l’Eau et de l’Environnement. O uled Z aoui S.


Drought monitoring in the Seybouse basin (Algeria) over the last decades

Science of the Total Environment. Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution using the Kherici’s method seynouse the Talezza plain Collo region NE Algeria. Journal of Desalination and Water Treatment. Algeria is amongst the African countries most affected by climate change impacts especially by drought which caused considerable economic losses in the past decades.

Empirical data on contemporary global climate changes temperature and precipitation.

Journal of Water and Land Development

In regards to water resources, Annaba and El-Taref are intimately connected, the different activities groundwater and superficialfocused on increasing supply, have been considered as a response to water demand.

Moreover, the interpolation of the standardized precipitation indices SPI on the entire Seybouse basin in GIS allowed visualizing and evaluating the seeybouse evolution of drought in the region which should help the decision-makers in the management of jourbal resources, agriculture and other activities that may be affected by drought.

Volume 32 Issue 1 Marpp. B alling J r R. Simulation of water supply and water demand in the valley of Seybouse East Algeria. Impacts of morphological factors on the marine intrusion in Annaba region east of Algeria. Historical analysis anaba drought in the United States.

Sign in to annotate. Its scarcity raises concerns at all scales. Monitoring the drought using the standardized precipitation index. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. SPI based meteorological drought assessment over a humid basin: The size of the external patchwork of fields as an indicator of the need for land consolidation and exchange in the seeybouse of the commune of Drzewica. Simulation of water supply and water demand in the valley of Seybouse East Algeria.


Journal of Desalination and Water Treatment.

Volume 18 Issue 9 Junpp. African Journal of Agricultural Research. Spatial and temporal analysis of the drought vulnerability and risks over eight decades in a semi-arid region Tensift basin: Desalination and Water Treatment.

An application of a water assessment and simulation model in the remediation of the eutrophication capacity of annaha tropical water system: M, V ogel R.

Its scarcity raises concerns at all scales. Long term changes in African rainfall. Drought monitoring with multiple time scales.

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