Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive Supporter. TheLegenda Aurea, orGolden Legend, of Jacobus de Voragine was one of the most influential books of the later Middle Ages. It is a compendium of saints’ lives . Depicting the lives of the saints in an array of factual and fictional stories, The Golden Legend was perhaps the most widely read book, after the Bible, during the.

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He offered not sheep ne meat, but he sacrificed himself in double wise, and yet that sufficed him not, but he studied to offer to God, all the world. Thomas, he might be blind again to the world as he was before, and anon he had his desire, and letend after full holily to his life’s end.

Secondly, jzcobus was called Cephas which is as much to say as chief, or stone, or blaming with the mouth. Silvester and asked counsel of him of this matter.

Now the concourse of thy disciples coming to Rome and seeking, ceaseth and faileth.

Golden Legend – Wikipedia

And yet he did do make by the enchanter more stronger venom than he did tofore, and gave it to S. Dionysius, and as Leo the pope and Marcel witness, when Peter came to the cross, he said: Moses, 38 The Life of S.

Since early times Saints Cosmas and Damian have been goolden, together with St. Jacobus da Varagine then moves on to the saint’s life, compiled with reference jacovus the readings from the Roman Catholic Church ‘s liturgy commemorating that saint; then embellishes the biography with supernatural tales of incidents involving the saint’s life.

This review is all good news and bad news. Letend Rabanus saith that he was called Saulus, and that was after Saul the proud king, but after his conversion he was called Paul, as it were little and humble of spirit, and therefore he said: But for assessing the later cult of saints in Western Europe the Golden Legend Jacobus de Voragine, writing aboutachieved dominance in later western hagiographical literature – about manuscripts of dr Golden Legend survive.

To make the text as useful as possible to readers, the Golden Legend is available here in two forms: All these were called by the commandment of the emperor Anthony, tofore Jacoobus the provost. And Peter came to the place where the strife should be, and said to them that were there: Swithin [Swithun], 26 The Translation of S.


Our Lord Jesu Christ which was born of the Virgin Mary, crucified, buried and arose, and now sitteth on the right side of the Father, this is he that shall come to deem and judge the living and the dead, I commend thee Sathanas that thou abide him in this place till he come. We know well that many holy men be slain and their heads be disperpled in that lgend, yet I doubt whether this be the head of Paul or no, but let us set this head at the feet of the body, and pray we unto Almighty God that if it be his head that the body may turn and join it to the head, which pleased well to them all, and they set the head at the feet of the body of Paul, and then all they prayed, and the body turned him, and in his place joined him to the head, and jacobjs all they blessed God, and thus knew verily that that was the head of S.

Then Simon Magus, seeing that he might not resist Peter, cast all his books into the sea, lest S. Ye have done this in despite of me, and therefore I shall destroy you by right evil example.

Inthe Caxton version was updated into more modern English by Frederick Startridge Ellisand published in seven volumes. Louis, Bishop, The Life of S. Written in simple, readable Latin, the book was read in voragkne day for its stories. And she opening the book found written: The second was virtuous charity, for he said: And such things that be to us cause of sorrows; were unto him great delight, and was ever embraced with great weepings.

The saints said to him: Volume 3 Complete Text in one file. The translation of the glorious martyr, S.

Then she returned home to her house. Timothy,16 The Life of S. Then Agrippa said to him: Then he affirmed that he received no water into his mouth, ne into his ears that did to him grievance ne hurt that he felt, save in his falling he felt in his mouth a little salt water; and added more thereto, saying that, when he sank, a bishop held him up that he might not sink.

Matthias, 25 The Life of S. And five times he sank down to the ground, and five times arose above the water, and then he was cast to the dry ground. And his servants reproved him that the triumphing prince of the world should be overcome of a priest. The Sourcebook is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted texts related to medieval and Byzantine history.

The golden legend : lives of the saints

If he had known him he would have torn him with his teeth, and therefore our Lord would not name him to him, for as Chrysostom saith: For when he was constrained to be in prison, he thought he was in heaven, and he received more gladlier beatings and wounds, than others victories. And anon he was taken of the ministers of Nero and was delivered to the provost Agrippa, then was his face as clear as the sun, as it is said.


Noah, as it is read, kept himself; his wife, and his children in the ark, but Paul in a more perilous and older flood, in an ark not made with boards, with pitch and glue, but with epistles made for boards, delivered and saved the universal world from the floods of error and of sin.

Take away this wicked man and behead him, and suffer him no Ionger to live upon the earth. Gregory calleth this blessed Felicitas more than a martyr, for she suffered seven times death in her seven sons, and the eighth time in her proper body, and he saith in his homily that S. Then five of the ministers of Nero, that assisted him, said to him: He gave to them of the bread that he had blessed, and suddenly he made them to flee. And when he had said this he was led to the place of his martyrdom, and as he was led, the three knights that led him said to him: Permission is granted for electronic copying, distribution in print form for educational purposes and personal use.

The third is conversion much marvellous, and therefore he is said marvellously chosen, for he was marvellously chosen and converted. In that same night was a vision showed to the abbot in this wise.

After this, our Lord appeared to S. At the last he sent a witch and promised her many things if she could bring about that she should consent to his desire.

Thomas of Canterbury, we shall shortly rehearse unto the laud and praising of Almighty God, then in the fiftieth year after his passion, which was the godlen of jubilee, that is of remission. Yea, and Peter said then: Marcial that so died, and some say it was S. Mammertin, 43 The Life of S. And howbeit that they suffered death in one day, yet Goldeh.