Ibrahim 1, × 1,; 72 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Senegal. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia. Shyakh Ibrahim Niass (d. ), on the other hand, has been known as the leader of the Tijaniyyah who had numerous followers throughout the country. It is our. Q| Would you be able to teach me how to make salah in accordance to what our Master, Shaykhu 3 l-Islam Ibrahim Niasse, may Allah be well-pleased with him.

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The Maulud for will be in Kaduna on the 14th April, In preparations for this year’s Maulud, we seek the generous support from all towards a successful actualization of the activities.

Cheikh Ibrahim Niass

And how [is this] not [the case] when the Prophet is not absent from him, even for the blink of an eye, and he is not absent from witnessing Allah, even for a moment? Shaykh Ibrahim says in his last written Diwan entitled Nass 3 l-qalb: Full text of ” The prayer of shaykh Ibrahim Niass ” See other formats Q Would you be able to teach me how to make salah in ibraim to what our MasterShaykhu 3 l-Islam Ibrahim Niasse, may Allah be well-pleased with him, taught?

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. When we pray, we reach those heights as well.

Since then it has become a tool of unity among Muslims in Sub-saharan Africa particularly those of the Tijani path. According to Shaykh ‘Abubakr c Ibrwhim who was a great muqaddam and a prolific writer in Kano, Nigeria, the leaders of the Tijaniyyah in Fez went to Kaolack and submitted all the insignia of office of the Khalifah to Shaykh Ibrahim.

So Shaykh Ibrahimmay Allah be well-pleased with him, looked at them and recited the following couplet by Imam as-Shafi c i, may Allah be well-pleased with him: It provides a rare opportunity for Muslim brothers from all over Africa to meet, share ideas and feel part of a globalized Muslim family.

The Sheikh’s death stroke many people.


Ibrahim Niass

And prayer behind a man of fat 3 h is always accepted. And we spend in Charity and leave behind nothing, seeking his Path; We make the pilgrimage as the Hashimi made it. Another reason is to help resolve any hostility that may occur or that has occurred between muqadams by emphasizing on a common spiritual teacher of the age: His greatest contribution will however be his unsurpassed efforts and success in illuminating the hearts and minds of his disciples with deepest knowledge and continuous consciousness of Allah SWT Maarifa which is the ultimate step in the hierarchal discipline of the soul: It has worked tirelessly to eradicate cultural, tribal and language differences in addition to letting down all national barriers among Muslims in Africa by emphasizing on our common similarities and points of mutual agreements, which in this case is the unrelenting yearn for Allah SWT and the intense love of the prophet Muhammad SAW.

This could also be attributed to the vigorous campaign about the Shaykh’s status by the amir, or as the sufis will explain it, it could be a divine issue which cannot be rationally explained. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. They were bought by people who did not know the Shaykh but had heard about him. Most of this is mentioned in Baye’s book on the fiqh of prayer called Raf c al-malam c an man rafa c a wa qabada iqtida c an bi- Sayyidi 3 l-Anam Lifting the blame from the one who raised and folded his arms in imitation of the Best of People.

As he, may Allah be well-pleased with him, said: In Auchi, Bendel State, for example, Mallam Idrees Oboh Oseni, a muqaddam and an Islamic learned man, said that they in Auchi could not submit to the spiri- tual authority of the Shaykh because they did not see any thing new which he had brought into the tariqah.

Unifying adherents of the tariqa towards unconditional love and following the footsteps of the Prophet salla lahu alaihi wa sallam as well as the emulation of the Sahabas and the 2 righteous shyukhs Shaykh Ahmad Tijjani [RTA] and Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse [RTA] He was an expert in tafsir Qur’an exegesis. He made a stoppage in Fez, Morocco, the international headquarters of the Tijaniyyah.


This first visit which lasted six days seems to be a private one because there was neither public lecture nor was there any large number of people invited by the amir to meet him. It is said that all who listened to him on this occasion accepted his leadership. Being the most populous country in Africa and with more than half of its population as Muslims, the need for brotherly unity for a progressive and prosperous nation cannot be over-emphasized.

Al- hajj ‘Abdullah finally settled in Kaolack in after he had lived in several villages. However, The current Grand khalifa Worldwide and the spiritual leader of Tijjaniyya ibrahimiyya is his Eminence. It is apt to mention that even though the Shaykh was seen as a threat to their supposed authority in Yorubaland, the Pakata group in reality had not been known throughout the Yoru- baland.

That is the provision of the present life; but it is God with whom is an lbrahim home. When the Shaykh visited Kano in on his way to Mecca, he was warmly received by very important people both within and outside the city.

A very important country in this regard is Nigeria. For the Men of Allah have submitted to me in obedience And the Prophet in my solid shield.

Ibrahim Baye Niass – Wikipedia

There is no faith without prayer. Make takbir and honor Him!

Indeed, you shall achieve the proximity and purity from Allah There, you shall see Him, or He shall see you, so do not exist! They did not break this rule.

The author explained that Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani ordered Shaykh L Ali Harazim who later became his Khalifah to give spiritual training tarbiyah to his followers in Egypt.

Engaging in charitable activities especially ibraim the less privileged.