Giuseppe Verdi: I masnadieri Music composed by Giuseppe Verdi. Libretto by Andrea Maffei after Friedrich von Schiller’s play Die Räuber. Name Translations, I masnadieri (Verdi); Разбојници (опера); Zbójcy (opera); according to Grove, “the London libretto describes [it] as a ‘tragic opera'”. I masnadieri (The Bandits) is an opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Andrea Maffei, based on Die Räuber by Friedrich von Schiller.

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Although Carlo has sworn to change his ways, he has also given his oath of lifelong allegiance to his band of robbers. After considerable persuasion Verdi agreed to conduct the premiere on 22 July and also conducted the second performance and after Verdi’s departure, it was given two more times before the end of the season.

Click here for the complete llbretto. Zaira Zaira, Tragedia lirica in two acts. This performance was no different. Your critique of his critique is a bit misleading. I masnadieri is scored for piccolo, flute, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, four horns, two trumpets, three trombones, cimbasso, timpani, bass drum cymbals, harp, and masnadierri. Opera by Giuseppe Verdi. From Wikipedia, the masnadifri encyclopedia.

The singing is pedestrian. Verdi continued his journey, crossing the Channel on 5 June. Giuseppe Verdi I Masnadieri Librettist: Verdi left Italy at the end of Mayaccompanied by his long-time assistant and student Emanuele Muziowith his work for Masnwdieri completed, except for the orchestration, which he left until the opera was in rehearsal.

I masnadieri – Wikipedia

Carlo renounces his former life and swears an oath to remain with his new comrades for the rest of his days. Her voice is not lush and his a bit forced at its highest reach. Rolla and the other robbers arrive with the longed-for reply from the Count. I masnadieri has been in the repertoire of the Zurich Opera and the Frankfurt Opera in recent years[17] [18] and the Teatro San Carlo in Naples staged the work in March and a DVD was made of the production, the first commercial release in that format.


As Gabriele Baldini in The Story of Giuseppe Verdi examines this opera, the quality of the libretto preoccupies him over several pages, as much for the unsuitability of Maffei as a librettist as his lack of skill in crafting Schiller’s story into an acceptable libretto.

The robbers unanimously elect him as their new leader. HamletMoscow Hamlet: Carlo is horrified when he learns of his brother’s unsuccessful attack on her virtue.

Carlo, however, knows what her decision entales and would rather have her dead. Grosse komische Oper in two acts. This pleases Carlo who intends to change his ways. Amalia and the Count are completely taken in; Massimiliano falls into a dead faint and Amalia, in a frenzy of hysteria, rushes offstage leaving a jubilant Francesco. Referring to some of the conflicting elements of the libretto referred to above, Baldini quotes from Basevi’s comment on the unsuitability of the music to the harshness of the text:.

List of compositions by Giuseppe Verdi Category: The drama is set at the beginning of the 18th century and covers about three years. Maffei himself worked to complete the libretto of the Schiller opera with the composer. Francesco plots to gain his father’s wealth and power. Three years later Verdi’s Ernani received its first British production at masnadieeri theatre to great public acclaim, which convinced Lumley that he should commission an opera from Verdi, who was by then emerging as Italy’s leading composer.

Das Liebesverbot, Vienna Das Liebesverbot: Hearing a voice within the ruins, Carlo investigates and discovers the emaciated figure of his father. Verdi even allowed Lind to insert her own embellishments to her music. However, there had already been rumblings that Lind may not be present; in a letter to Lumley in April, the composer had warned the impresario that he “would not put up with the slightest shortcoming” and that he would withdraw the opera “if my opera is not put on at the proper time and with everything done as it ought to be done” [3] An additional issue emerged.


During a break from his studies at Dresden University, Carlo, the elder and favourite masnadirri of Count Massimiliano Moor has fallen amongst thieves, literally.

I masnadieri (Verdi, Giuseppe)

He cannot allow the woman he loves to be dragged down into his world of degradation and disgrace and he cannot escape his own evil fate; he resolves this paradox by stabbing Amalia to death. La Esmeralda La Esmeralda: Retrieved 15 June I masnadieri has been programmed by companies which plan to present or have presented every one of Verdi’s operas. In the end, the decision to present Macbeth in Florence came about because of the availability of a suitable librettk, which Florence produced in the form of Felice Varesi.

Carlo reveals his identity, without mentioning his comrades, and there is a joyous reconciliation.

No part of k website may be reproduced entirely without expressed written permission. He blesses the “unknown stranger” for saving his life. The Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Garcia gave a straightforward reading to the part which the way she sang it requires a rich Verdi masnacieri. Arminio has followed Amalia from the castle because he is overcome by guilt at his part in Francesco’s wicked scheming.

The best of it occurs before the curtain rises.