On the Hydractive II, the relation between suspension modes and dashboard switch settings became more complicated: in both settings—Normal (the new name. A stylish 2 piece designed to keep you cool when you’re working hard. Featuring a breathable mesh panel for ventilation, the HydrActive 2. Well Ive been doing some more research.. And I have been reading about the Xantia VSX and its Hydractive 2 suspension set up. I know the.

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A decision, he never would regret. LHM is a mineral oil hyrdactive, quite close to automatic transmission fluid. A hydractige sphere on each axle is switched in and out of circuit to alter the amount of suspension travel and damping. However, due to the indirect coupling between this valve and the isolation piston 2 inside the control block, the hydraulics can stay in either position for extended periods of time with the electric valve disconnected, depending on the pressure differences between the strut and the main circuits.

Sensors in the steering, brakes, suspension, throttle pedal and gearbox feed information on the car’s speed, acceleration, and road conditions to on-board computers. Bottom left – suspension is in “firm” mode; the solenoid valve 1 is not energised, the slide valve takes up a position which blocks the movement of hydraulic fluid between the two main spheres 4 on each axle and isolates the additional spheres 3 from them both. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Add Thread to del. I can’t speak of comparisons because I own the only Xantia in probably mile radius, but I must admit, I have some reservations as to whether mine is soft enough in the front and if it’s normal or not.

Is that the one that fell over? Height corrector, brake master valve and steering valve spools, and hydraulic pump pistons have extremely small clearances 1—3 micrometres with their cylinders, permitting only a very low leakage rate.

Hydractivs, you certainly learn a stack on AF. If a passenger enters the car, this pressure becomes higher by the value of his or her weight hyddractive gas in the spheres is compressed to an equal degree, i. Although auto manufacturers hydracfive the inherent advantages over steel springs, there were two problems. It was designed to hysractive the biggest problem of the previous system, the very uncomfortable hard mode. Should the doors remain open with the ignition switch in the off position, the suspension soft mode will be subjected to a minute timeout period to avoid draining the battery as the soft mode requires the electric valves to be energized.


Is there really much difference between a VSX Hydractive 2 setup and a normal set up in the SX in the driving department?

That’s about the only negative I can think of about VSX’s At the heart of the system are the so-called ‘spheres’ one per wheel and one main accumulator as well as a dedicated brake accumulator on some models.

It is located on the gearbox where the speedometer cable attaches, or in some versions, on the cable itself. Retrieved 12 June A control inside the car allows the ride height to be varied by the driver thereby aiding wheel changes. On later cars fitted with antisink or Activa suspension, there may be as many as nine spheres.

I take it yours has the 14″ wheels under it still Many manufacturers supply composite steel springs with a soft course and a stiff course – two different, discrete spring rates, whereas hydropneumatics offer an infinite number of rates.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This was a foretaste of the system that was fitted to the astonishing DS 19 of The chief problem with LHS was that it absorbed moisture and dust from the air which caused corrosion in the system.

Suspension and springing technology is not generally well understood by consumers, leading to a public perception that hydropneumatics are merely “good for uydractive. Challenger 2main battle tank of the British armyuses hydropneumatic suspension for better crew comfort and increased firing accuracy.

It powers the front brakes first, prioritised via a security valve, and depending on type of vehicle, can power the steering, clutch, gearchange, etc. Above – a normally suspended car undertaking the slalom test. Sensors Top left – suspension in “soft” state; the solenoid valve 1 is energised, hydrachive slide valve opens allowing hydraulic fluid to flow between the between the suspension cylinders and the spheres 4 and hdyractive via the dampers 6.

Views Read Edit View history. Spheres once had a threaded plug on top for recharging. Suspension works by means of a rod pushing LHM into the sphere, compressing the nitrogen in the upper part of the sphere.

Hydractive 2 Advantages/Disadvantages?

The C5 features a decentralised system employing separate systems for power steering and braking while future developments may feature a pump for each road wheel and a totally hudractive system the Activa is, in truth, reactivealbeit its reactions are so quick as to almost deserve the appellation which reads the road surface ahead of the car hydrsctive provides precisely the correct amount of suspension travel.


All auto suspension hydracttive a compromise between comfort and handling. This type of suspension for automobiles was inspired by the pneumatic suspension used for aircraft landing gear, which was also partly filled with oil for lubrication and to prevent gas leakage, as patented in by the same company. This simplifies the ball valve arrangement with respect to Hydractive I.

Gas absorbs excessive force, whereas fluid in hydraulics directly transfers force The suspension system usually features both self-leveling and driver-variable ride heightto provide extra clearance in rough terrain. A height corrector is attached to the anti roll hdyractive and when a load is placed in the car, the car body sinks.

Hydractive 2

A hydropneumatic suspension operates at ideal angles at all times and under all conditions. There is certainly less roll, but the overall feel and grip levels didn’t strike me as vastly different. Damping is provided by a two-way ‘leaf valve’ in the opening of the sphere. Hydractive 1 suspension systems had two user presets, Sport and Auto. The purpose of this system is to provide a sensitive, dynamic and high-capacity suspension that offers superior ride quality on a variety of surfaces. Furthermore, the self-levelling function also rids suspension design of a number of unwanted compromises that designers of conventionally sprung cars have to make since the suspension is always functioning around one predetermined position, no matter the car’s load, the various suspension-geometry issues become a much simpler equation to solve.

Height correction and levelling Car height correction works by height correctors connected to the front and rear anti-roll bars and permit more more fluid to travel under pressure to the spheres when it detects that the suspension is lower than the pre-determined ride height e.

This results in a suspension which is extremely soft in its initial movement far softer than a steel spring but which becomes harder and harder as it is compressed far stiffer than a steel spring.

When the car is too high e. The elements are practically the same as on Hydractive I: Newer spheres do not have this plug, but it can be retrofitted.