T. B. Gunning (–89), American dentist] n. A solid metal splint linking the mandible and maxilla together to provide fixation for a fractured mandible. A splint is. Undisplaced or minimally displaced fractures of the mandible in elderly patients are usually treated by closed reduction. Gunning-type splints or. Gunning splint is a prosthetic aid designed to stabilize the reduced fractured mandibular segments. It is a viable treatment option for atrophic edentulous.

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Then finishing and polishing of splints was carried out and they were disinfected in glutaraldehyde solution, During surgical procedure, first the maxillary splint was fixed with per-alveolar wiring. Abstract Fractures of edentulous mandible are common in elderly persons. Results of treatment of fractures of the atrophic edentulous mandible by compression plating: These splints take form of modified dentures with bite block placed in posterior region and a space in incisal area to facilitate feeding.

These parts were then repositioned to resemble normal mandibular contours. Gunning type splints, when properly designed and planned for a particular case; prove to be a very good treatment option for fractured atrophic edentulous mandible. Fractures of the atrophic mandible–our experience at Tel-Aviv Medical Center.

The single natural tooth indicated gunjing extraction was removed with minimal intervention.


Use of Gunning Splint for the Treatment of Edentulous Mandibular Fracture: A Case Report

A case of conservative management of atrophic mandible fracture using Gunning splint with precise vertical dimensions is being presented. In this clinical report, step by step method for fabrication of Gunning splint and its intraoral fixation in an edentulous patient is discussed. Due to decrease in bone height, it is not suitable for screwing and plating the fracture site. Yunning P, Wplint A. There was no laceration or hematoma on the mucosa.

J can dent assoc 69 7: The mandibular canine was trimmed from the cast.

Gunning splint

During surgical procedure, first the maxillary splint was fixed with per-alveolar wiring. Management of atrophic mandible fractures. It does not require surgical exposure of fracture site 2. The rationale of conservative treatment approach using Gunning splint in elderly patient with case report is discussed.

Spontaneous fracture gunnning an atrophic edentulous mandible treated without fixation. On clinical examination, there was pain and gunniny at the fracture site. Close reduction with Gunning splint is advantageous because, not only it preserves the periosteal blood supply, but also provides firm mandibular fixation and immobilization.

It is a viable treatment option for atrophic edentulous mandible fracture. Progressive systemic sclerosis with spontaneous fracture due to resorption of the mandible: Hence, it was decided to perform closed reduction of the fractured mandible with Gunning splint instead of open reduction. Then the occlusal rims were altered. Spliny Center for Biotechnology InformationU.


Figure 3 Showing the edentulous mandibular arch. Contraindicated in unfavourably displaced fractures. The impingements visible as blenching under clear acrylic were removed. J Prosthet Dent Gunning Splint can be used for stabilization when complete dentures are not available. Gunning splint is a prosthetic aid designed to stabilize the reduced fractured mandibular segments.

J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; None, Conflict of Interest: Loss of teeth decreases mass of bone which weakens it and susceptible to fracture.

Mandibular splint was fixed by circum-mandibular wiring. Also, open reduction of fracture site is not helpful due to compromised medical condition of the patient at older age. However, it has also been reported that open reduction may be tolerated by elderly.

Zplint J Oral Surg 7: Spontaneous bilateral fracture of the mandible: For such condition, closed reduction and fixation of fractured segment with Gunning type splint is preferred over open reduction technique. Orthopantomograph of patient showing displaced fractured segments.

Fig 1 The mandibular ridge was atrophic. Moodie F Mr. Orthopantomograph showed displaced mandibular fracture in left mandibular anterior region. The fractures of edentulous mandible represent a group of maxillofacial injuries that more commonly affect the geriatric patients.