Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Patricia Highsmith (Estados Unidos, ) esta Extraños en un tren (Compactos) (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Patricia Highsmith, Jordi Beltrán Ferrer. Download it once and read it on your . Extraños en un tren [Patricia Highsmith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Barcelona. 22 cm. p. Encuadernación en tapa dura de. Extranos en un tren [Patricia Highsmith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Bruno has the emotional maturity of a five-year-old and criminal mentality of fifty. Ptaricia her Wikipedia entry, I’d say a lot of it came from experience.

Strangers on a Train

He can’t wait to get rid of him and be away from him as one does when a total stranger proposes murdering your estranged wife. Of course though Bruno is hell-bent on forcing himself into Guy’s life in any way that he can and getting Guy to go forward with his highmith.

Strangers on a Train, by Patricia Highsmith 2 29 Jan 31, The novel has been adapted for the patrciia three times, most notably by Alfred Hitchcock in Highsmith tries to hint at how Guy is just passive, however, there is a difference between being passive and just allowing things to happen to you. Two people in each person.

His idea- I kill your wife, you kill my father Little, Brown Book Group. He refuses the screwy offer, but Bruno goes ahead and carries out his part of the plan anyway – then begins dogging Guy’s footsteps to carry out his part of the “bargain”, and from there onwards it’s a descent into darkness. Although Strangers on a Train was published back init felt really modern and that it could still be relevant to psychological thriller fans today.

There are also glimmers of homoeroticism, compulsion, wealth, and an innocent female love interest, which all feature in her later novel, The Talented Mr. The moral blackmail that Bruno exercises on Guy is still within the parameters of that deranged mind, but the response of Guy is for me out of character – a debilitating weakness and a torturous chain of reasoning that swings wildly from denial of facts to fatalistic acceptance of Bruno’s arguments.

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Finito And really, I do not want to watch the movie. And the casual mention of Abortion. Guy is perfectly innocent!! Is it a mirror of the relationship between sexes in the early 50’s? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter patriciia comment here A Summer Idyllwas published posthumously, the same year.

Jun 27, Caroline rated it liked it Shelves: Highsmith is genuinely in a class of her own. He makes an uninvited appearance at Guy’s extrzos, causing a scene.

You can follow my reviews at https: Strangers on a Train Past Offences: Written inthis gritty noir novel is mostly set in New York. As the months pass, he develops a sort of homoerotic fascination with Guy, but he can never truly connect with him like he wants to. The movie itself has plot holes – only to be expected in any Hitchcock film, as he himself touts his use of the MacGuffin – but the director always gets away with it because of his masterly handling of pace and extroas.

This was patrricia the first Highsmith book I read and although it is not her best, it shows undoubtedly already the big potential of this author.

Review: Strangers on a Train () by Patricia Highsmith – A Crime is Afoot

View all 3 comments. And so the drama ensues.

Simply put- it contains everything you expect in this genre. In this case, if you’ve seen the movie, and then go to read Highsmith’s book, you end up with two different entities. This man, however, does not condemn Guy; rather, he considers the killings as appropriate punishment for the unfaithfulness.

Can psychological guilt be so strong?


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I can only begin to imagine how this novel dropping inwritten by a woman, would have contained its own unique blast zones. Anyway, let’s get to the story. He is angry that Miriam has refused to really go forward with things and is still seeing other men. The book is a well-crafted psychological thriller with believable well-rounded characters.

View all 8 comments. Durante el transcurso de la cena, Bruno habla sin parar y bebe en exceso.

He gives names and details. Here, the tension trickles away while the story is prolonged far past where it should have ended.

The narration from the points of view of Bruno kind of bothered me. Notify me of new comments via email.

But, for me, there lies the problem. As to the audio interpretation, another perfect narration by Bronson Pinchot, the reason I sought this out in the first place.

Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith

Init was announced that director David Fincher and writer Gillian Edtraos are working on a remake for Warner Bros. Now, you see, if you ask me to write a review on this book, I’m going to write it in relative to Enn infamous Strangers On A Train.

Patricia Highsmith is the hibhsmith that sets down the standard by which other psychological thrillers will be judged in the future. Email required Address never made public. All that conflicts he faces when Bruno murders Miriam, do you think he kept quiet because he was afraid of Bruno?? En un momento dado, Bruno le dice que odia a su padre y ha considerado matarlo en varias ocasiones y se le ocurre la idea de intercambiar asesinatos.