View and Download Pioneer DVL – DVD Player / LD service manual online. DVD LD PLAYER. DVL – DVD Player / LD DVD Player pdf manual. DVL 1. SAFETY INFORMATION. This service manual is intended for qualified service technicians ; it is not meant for the casual do-it- yourselfer. Qualified. We’ve combined two great video formats into one machine. The DVL plays your collection of DVD’s AND LaserDiscs, with high-end DA converters, video.

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Although slow motion is well supported, there’s not much by way of speeded-up playback. With the saver ‘on’, after five minutes a fading bar of colour scans the screen. However, this function has the disadvantage of switching off the OSDs onscreen displays.

Sean Connery’s vocals are locked to centre, yet the whoosh of the wings and sound effects of the water meadow engulf you in surround. Why doesn’t it play both sides of a DVD? That said, ‘chipped’ versions are becoming available, but of course they cost more cash. Front panel controls are minimal. Please see the manuals page.

Pioneer DVL-919 – DVD Player / LD Service Manual

If you’ve used an old LD player you’ll know that trick play has been disc dependent – only CAV titles allowing these features. With HQ engaged the spectrum analyzer displayed a wholly unsharp manal In fact, only the DTS logo tells you it’s a different breed.

The choice is yours. It carries clips from Titanic, Dragonheart, Daylight and many others. If, like me, you’re a home cinema fan of a certain dvvl-919, chances are you’ll have a laser disc collection. This engages a noise filter for shaving high frequency detail from the picture. Sonically, however, this player does an excellent job, especially in DTS mode.


This is a fine machine, placed in context with combi players. Digging deep into the mechanism revealed why. Then there’s the lack of RGB on the Scart output.

Pioneer DVL-919 Manuals

Pioneer DVL Approximate street price: Based on past experience with the predecessor DVL, the newcomer had to be good. Yet there’s something missing. The moral of this tale is to avoid HQ totally. DVDs seem less susceptible. Set in five levels it shows elapsed time, chapter time, title information, subtitle details and, most usefully, a bit rate meter that allows critical viewers to look for digital artefacts at places where the bit rate level is at its lowest.

Program playback up to 24 steps is also offered. Upgrading from LD, though, is another matter entirely. The dvvl-919 figures averaged around -2dB worse on both decks. Around the back there’s a bulge that serves as a housing for the laser mechanism.

Dgl-919 if you’ve been playing the B side of an LD then want to play a DVD, you can wait even longer before a picture appears on screen. The latter sounds sexy, yet is utterly inefficient – you can barely find the loading tray, let alone read the disc details in the dark. A further sonic feature for DVDs is dynamic range control of loud effects during late night listening. Yet the chroma crosstalk – a measurement of colour bleed from chrominance to luminance channels – is no better.

Also there’s the issue about this player handling R2 discs. Indeed why has Pioneer bothered with this image-destroying feature at all? You have a number of other ways of searching scenes. The separation is stunning.


Many discs have 4: On this player, with this disc, you hear just how manuual THX stereo surround can be. On screen it became a disappointing wishy-washy image, lacking anything that could be called ‘resolution’.

Yet there’s a limit to such development. For all their convenience, the dlv-919 lack RGB outputs. The larger tray has indents for inch and eight-inch LDs.

PIONEER DVL Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

The Dragonheart clip had me looking around for signs of leathery wings beating over my coffee table. Review courtesy of HomeCinemaChoice.

Again, the soundtrack is stunning. Unlike the old there’s no simple solder-blob hack. In summary, the DVL is not a bad performer. This also allows it to play CD-recordable and CD-rewriteable discs faultlessly. If you want to know why, check out our lab measurements box overleaf.

Yet ranged against other DVD decks it’s a tad too expensive and bulky. Even better, at the end of a side, the last frame captured is displayed until the next side starts up.

It’s a tad better than the earlier DVL, but in purely technical terms it’s fairly average compared with the best players on the market. Finally, there are some embellishments that we might reasonably expect on this machine, given that it’s a third-generation DVD manul and a second-generation combi device.

Basically, such processing reduces noise at the expense of resolution. More like Jurassic Murk!