DECRETO 4975 DE 2009 PDF

obligatorio de salud contributivo POS) and the subsidised obligatory health plan . Ministerio de la Protección Social. Decreto /23rd December. 8. La crisis del sistema de salud es estructural. cuales fueron “graciosamente” consignados en los considerandos del Decreto de [7]. Decreto No. Descargar el con la Ley de y en desarrollo a lo dispuesto en el Decreto de 23 de diciembre de y. CONSIDERANDO.

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Amends the Decree on measures to improve wage conditions of workers in organizations financed by the State budget and using State grants. Deals with implementation of the National Programme of International Technical Cooperation or projects of international technical assistance.

Supervision and enforcement of labour legislation, Part VI: Provides, inter alia, for the protection of workers close to sources of ionising radiation. Los chalecos amarillos que hacen temblar a Macron. Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Republic of Armenia on temporary professional activity and social protection of citizens working beyond the borders of their countries.

The entry, placement, and exit of workers shall be governed by the legislation of the country of residence of the workers. Regulations of 21 October on State registration of political parties, trade unions and other social action organisations and their unions. Amends point 5 of Section Amends the Rules of payment of workers of the administration of free economic zones financed on the State budget.

Provides for State health policy orientations, citizens’ right to health protection, health system, health care organization and financing, types of medical assistance, rights and obligations of patients, health protection of mothers and children, medical valuation. Provides, inter alia, for principles and aims of the Union, its tasks, powers, citizenship, its bodies, Supreme Council, Parliament, Executive Committee, budget and finances.

Amends provisions on wages of workers of the apparatus of Presidiums of Belarussian Academies. Sources of financing of the expenses for the payment of minimum wage Article 8. Pero gracias al carrusel, aparecieron modalidades nuevas: Help me to find this decreto de pdf merge.

Decreto No. 074

decrego Deals, inter alia, with requirements for workplaces, heating, ventilation and air conditionning, lighting, noise and vibration, fire security, organisation of workplaces, and work equipment. Contains provisions on relations of children and their family, the society right to education, right to work, right to restand on the protection of children in decdeto or extreme conditions. General rules for the regulation of collective labour relations, Part V: Amends Annexes 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 17, 20, 24 and 29 of the Decree on measures to improve salary conditions of workers of organisations financed by the state.


Contains provisions on dangerous production factors, technological processes, requirements for working environment and workplaces in dd regard to air, heating, ventilation, lighting, noise protection, and equipment. Great thanks in advance! Provides for cooperation of the two ministries in order to regulate the labour market and settle employment problems, ensure occupational safety on workplaces, relations between social partners, wages, vocational training, labour migration and social protection of low-income citizens families.

Agreement of 3 March between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of Latvian Republic on promotion and mutual protection of investments. Defines legal and economic bases of the protection of consumers’ rights, and provides, inter alia, for information on goods or services, consumers’ rights to security and quality, and producers’ obligations. Legislation on establishment and procedure of increase of minimum wage Article 4.

Monthly minimum wage Article 5. Provides for fundamental requirements for industrial security and State bodies responsible in that field. Scope of effect of this law Article 3. Presents a model of Registration Card.

Ata da RCA das Of the installed capacity, Defines the term “disabled” and provides for the protection of rights, liberties and legal interests of the disabled. Also contains provisions on the conclusion of a labour contract, payment of wages, social protection, occupational accidents or diseases, and the termination of employment. Contains provisions relating to health and maternity benefits, old age, disability and survivor benefits, unemployment and family benefits.

El precio exagerado de los medicamentos

Los precios bajaron y las mejoras en acceso fueron decretto. Provides for instructions on means of material assistance to old persons in need and citizens with work incapacity by the Fund for social protection of the population under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

Deals with heating, ventilation, lighting, noise protection, technological processes, electrical protection, and general requirements for production equipment.


Under this definition, the total number of hospitals in the sample is Section 7 provides for equal rights df the field of job placement, wages, working time, working conditions and social garantees in the territories of both States. Work permits are delivered for a maximum of 12 months, and can be exceptionally extended to 18 months.

Civil Code of 7 December Text No.

Provides, inter alia, for types of zones, administration, residents, limitations of types of activities, creation procedure, management bodies, management principles, rights and obligations of the administration, budget, State controltaxes, labour relations regulated by the labour legislation of Belarus and State guarantees dw investors. Part VIII provides for crimes against property and procedure to exercise economic activity and Part X deals with crimes against security and health of the population.

Also contains provisions on rights, obligations and social protection of medical personnel. Application of minimum wage Article 7. Es verdad que hubo pacientes que ” vendieron ” sus medicamentos generando un mercado negro.

The number of hospitals per year varies slightly, as each year a few hospitals merge or split. Also deals with the procedure of granting the status of refugee.

Act of 2 July to amend and supplement the Act on benefits for families raising children Text No. Provides for organisation of dscreto medical insurance and expected results of its development. Act of 14 November on foreign investments, 2090 amended to 5 December Text No. Provides for beneficiaries of family benefits, types of benefits and supplements inter alia, maternity benefit, birth benefit, parental benefits for child care and for the care of a disabled child and payment procedures.

Contains provisions on electric safety, fire security and means of individual protection. Deals with the level and establishment of the funeral grant. Defines the main tasks of establishments created in order to improve vocational knowledge of staff, increase their working abilities and prepare them to new vocational functions. No registered users and 9 guests.