In March representatives from all of Saint-Domingue’s departments were elected to the Assembly, which completed the constitution in May. Toussaint signed it in. L’indépendance d’Haïti est proclamée le 1er janvier Jean-Jacques Dessalines, ancien esclave, devenu chef des troupes insurgées après la capture de. Le 29 Mars , nous, le peuple Haïtien, avons voté la constitution haïtienne pour doter le pays d’une démocratie basée sur la diversité politique, la justice.

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Individual liberty is guaranteed and protected by the State. Citizens delegate the exercise of national sovereignty to three 3 branches of government: The Prime Minister, the Ministers and the Secretaries of State receive monthly salaries established by the Budgetary law.

Constitution of Haiti

The Municipal Council constitjtion be dissolved for negligence, embezzlement, or maladministration, legally determined by a court of competent jurisdiction. The Prime Minister appoints and dismisses directly or by delegation Government officials, according to the provisions of the Constitution and the law on the general regulations for Government operations. Independence Day, January 1; 2.

The death penalty is abolished in all cases. The Prime Minister and the Ministers are jointly responsible for the acts of the President of the Republic and of their ministers that they countersign. Authorization for operation of universities and private superiors schools is subject to the technical approval of the Council of the State University, to a majority of Haitian participation in the capital and faculty, and to the obligation to teach primarily in the official language of the country.

Constitution of 1801

If for any reason whatever the Legislative Houses do not act upon the budget for one or more Constitutoin Departments before they adjourn, the budget or budgets of the Departments concerned shall remain in force until a new budget is voted on and adopted. Except where haitiienne perpetrator of a crime is caught in the act, no arrest by warrant and no search may take place between six 6 p. Each year the Legislature issues: Art 1 — The entire extent of Saint-Domingue, and Samana, Tortuga, Gonave, the Cayemites, Ile-a-Vache, the Saone and other adjacent islands, form the territory of one colony, that is part of the French Empire, but is subject to particular laws.


Global Gender Equality Constitutional Database. Be Haitians and never have renounced their nationality; b. Specialized sections, particularly the Penitentiary Administration, the Firemen’s Service, the Traffic Police, the Highway Police, Criminal Investigations, the Narcotics Service and the Anti-Smuggling Service, have been established by the law governing the organization, operation and location of the Police Forces.

Have resided in the country at least three 3 years before their nomination. No citizen, whether civilian or military, may be constitjtion access to the courts open to him under the Constitution and the laws.

Haïti: constitution bilingue français-créole

Before the expiration of that deadline, he may avail himself of his right of objection. The right to own property does not extend to the coasts, springs, rivers, water courses, mines and quarries. Senators are elected for six 6 years and may be reelected an indefinite number of times. The State guarantees the right to education. Before taking office, the members of the Permanent Electoral Council take the following oath before the Supreme Court; “I swear to respect the Constituion and the provisions of the Electoral Law and to discharge my duties with dignity, independence, haitiennd and patriotism.

The granting of a pension is a right and not a privilege. The Constitution charges the governor to take the appropriate measures to encourage and favor this increase in arms, stipulate and balance the diverse interests, and assure and guarantee the carrying out of the respective cojstitution resulting from this introduction. Moun gen dwa reyini lib depi zam pa ladan.

The Armed Forces are apolitical. During the night, no one has the right to enter there except in case of fire, flood or appeal from within. Career service officials are not donstitution of any particular Government agency but are members of the civil service, which makes them available to the various Government agencies.

Aucune visite domiciliaire, aucune saisie de papier ne peut avoir lieu qu’en vertu de la loi et dans les formes qu’elle prescrit. It is responsible before Parliament under the terms stipulated by the Constitution.


Have attained twenty-five 25 years of age; c.

Haïti: Constitution de

All acts of the Legislature must be approved by a majority of the members present, unless otherwise stipulated in this Constitution. However, it is their duty to verify the authenticity and accuracy of information.

The Legislature may not pass more than one vote of censure a year on a question concerning a Government program or declaration of general policy. The Provisional Electoral Council charged with receiving the registration of candidates, shall see to the strict enforcement of this provision.

Art 14 — The colony, being essentially agricultural, cannot allow the least interruption in its labor and cultivation. The first session runs from the second Monday of January to the second Monday of May; the second session, from the second Monday of June to the second Monday of September.

Art 36 — He proposes to the Central Assembly the propositions of law as well as those changes in the Constitution that experience can render necessary. Two 2 equal sized horizontal bands: The Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes participates in drawing up the budget and is consulted on all matters concerning legislation on public finances and on all draft financial or commercial contracts, agreements and conventions to which the State is a party.

The President of the Republic is the guarantor of the nation’s independence and the integrity of its territory. The territory of the Haitian Republic is inviolable and may not be alienated either in whole or in part by any treaty or convention. In the absence of such a majority, the President of the Republic shall choose his Prime Minister in consultation with the President of the Senate and the President of the House of Deputies.