BC/D. BCB, BCA, B, C,. BCB, C. Amplifier Transistors. NPN Silicon. Features. • Pb−Free Packages are Available*. MAXIMUM RATINGS. Rating. BC ON Semiconductor / Fairchild Bipolar Transistors – BJT NPN 65V mA HFE/8 datasheet, inventory, & pricing. NPN general-purpose transistors in Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic packages. [1] Valid for all available selection groups. Features.

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BC is a b546 voltage version of BC If present, a suffix could indicate various things. Thursday, June 7, Why is the transistor BC so-named? If you are an undergraduate engineering student studying in India and looking to build a project using any of these components, you can procure them from any of the electronic components retail shops that are there in Lamington Road, Mumbai.

Instead of 2N and so forth, some manufacturers use their own system of designations. TI planar power transistor. Newer Post Older Post Home.

All Pro Electron type numbers consist of a prefix followed by a serial number. BC is a general purpose NPN Transistor datasheet here which us very popular among hobbyist and engineers alike. What is SK stands for in Sk January 24, at 5: January 24, at 5: The Pro Electron system is the European type designation and registration system for active components, such as electronic tubes and cathode ray tubes, semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, sensor devices, etc.


It has higher gain, frequency, and voltage ratings. Some common prefixes are: Must be some manufacturer specific numbering system. Since this is a serial number may provide insight into date.

BC546 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

About the other two numbering systems: Checkout this PDF mirrors: A few examples of devices registered under the Pro Electron system are: But why is it so named? BC is a name registered under the Pro-Electron numbering system. ssmd

The part numbers under this system consist of a number followed by two alphabets and then a serial number. Lower breakdown voltage versions xmd in 8: Motorola low power, plastic case.

BC is a lower voltage version of BC Higher breakdown voltage versions ending in 6: The first digit is one less than the total count of useful electrical smv. Texas Instruments TI power transistor, plastic case. LARE is one of my ex-workplaces. The prefix, generally two or three letters, clearly classifies the devices into categories with a sub-classification into classes, series or families.


About Me Anurag Chugh. A suffix after the serial number indicates that the type is approved for use by various Japanese organisations. Posted by Anurag Chugh at Please check the device datasheet for its significance.

One of these is: Some of the Integrated Circuits registered under this numbering system are: Motorola power, plastic case. Some popular parts registered under this system are 2SA, 2SB both are transistors. The system provides integrity of nc546 designations, and creates transparent and unique product identification, thus preventing confusion in the market place.

Electronics FAQ: Why is the transistor BC so-named?

TI small signal transistor plastic case. For example, a 2NA is an enhanced version of a 2N Hence transistors 3 useful connections: I have been looking for the answer to that myself, didn’t find one.

Some people would tell you that Bcc546 stands for Silicon but that’s seems to be just an assumption.