By Artur Yusupov Chess Evolution 3: Mastery is the final book in a nine volume series designed to take club players to a 3 The comparison method 1-artur yusupov the fundamentals series Build up your chess 3 – mastery ( U) or Chess evolution 3 – mastery (U). jlfeliu. Chess Evolution 3: Mastery. Artur Yusupov. Secrets of Creative Thinking. Mark Dvoretsky, Artur Yusupov. Secrets of Endgame Technique: 3. Artur Yusupov.

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By this time Yusupov was also chasing World Championship qualification, reaching the semi-final of the Candidates Tournament on three occasions: Time Thief Championship Game eswaff vs thegreatauk eswaff 15 min ago.

So the list instead would be:. Ka rated it it was amazing May 11, Sachi Jain marked it as to-read Nov 15, Sheldon Sequeira marked it as to-read Feb 02, RyChessMaster1 vs captainmatein7 Cough Cough captaintugwash rychessmaster1 29 min ago.

Chess Evolution 3 – Mastery by Artur Yusupov

Material on positional play I found I digested it best in chunks: Big Dog 2 Game eswaff vs Martin0 eswaff 16 min ago. As mentioned in previous reviews of this series, these books have three principle audiences.

Carsten Hansen marked it as to-read Nov 19, Like many strong Grandmasters from the former Soviet Union, Yusupov is a big believer in endgame studies and many will be found throughout the nine-volume series. Jenny marked it as to-read Jun 17, International tournament results in the next decade included first place at Esbjergfirst at Yerevanequal fourth at Linaresfirst at the Tunis Interzonalequal first at Montpellier Candidatesand third at Linares His f4-Knight has enough squares to prevent Black forcing yusulov into zugzwang.


An arbitrary limit of 5 books makes it a tough challenge to decide which to recommend: And these rating are ELO’s which are different from chess. If you can enjoy a book, and understand enough of it, to get through it, I don’t think it any kind of waste if you didn’t get everything the author covered – at least you get introduced to the concept, and with further reading and additional experience you’ll begin to grasp the idea and it will become part of your play.

InYusupov published a book on the Petroff Defence. Artur Yusupov was ranked No. This means an emphasis on the middle and endgame Follow this link for more detailed information on Yusupov’s award-winning training course. He has also been a noted expert on the Lasker Defence of the Queen’s Gambit Declinedbringing many new ideas to an opening arttur one hundred years old.

Trivia About Chess Evolution Speaking of the Yusupov books, there are 9 books in 3 seperate series Build up your chess, Boost your chess, Chess evolution. Take silman’s How to Reassess Your Chess for example. Eventually you might also consider investing in a one vol opening manual such as MCO and a comprehensive endgame book such as Basic Chess Endings.

Chess Evolution 3 Artur Yusupov

In recent years he has mainly worked as a chess trainer evolutoin players ranging from World Champion Anand to local amateurs in Germany, where he resides. They are not very well-known yet, and they’re hard to tackle. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Those who seriously apply themselves to working their way through this series will look at chess quite differently when they are eevolution.


In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Chess Evolution 3: Mastery

Sara Castiglia rated it it was amazing Jan 18, I’m completely confused about which level each book is written for, and the correct order to read them. Glenn Mitchell added it Dec 20, Robert Buice marked it as to-read Feb 22, Soham rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Logica chess, master plays amateur, his biography, his Book on Fischer etc The course is structured in three series with three levels. This move allows White to construct a secure fortress.

Arko marked it as to-read Aug 14, As an amateur I am always looking as to what people think are the best and surprisingly you could ask 10 people and they could potentially give you 10 different answers. He boasts high technical skill in the endgame and detailed knowledge of his customary opening systems.

Kc5 Despite his advantage in material, Black cannot make any real progress on account of his damaged pawn structure. Jordi Comellas marked it as to-read Nov 10,