“Herbert West: Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. “Herbert West—Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get Today we’re looking at “Herbert West—Reanimator,” written.

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Outwardly we were doctors only, but beneath the surface were aims of far greater and more terrible moment— for the essence of Herbert West’s existence was a quest amid black and forbidden realms of the unknown, in which he hoped to uncover the secret of life and restore to perpetual animation the graveyard’s cold clay.

It was written between October and June It was in July,that the bad luck regarding specimens began to turn. They had organised the quest with care, keeping in touch by means of volunteer telephone stations, and when someone in the college district had reported hearing a scratching at a shuttered window, the net was quickly spread.

This work was not known to the fashionable clientele who had so swiftly built up his fame after his arrival in Boston; but was only too well known to me, who had been his closest friend and sole assistant since the old days in Miskatonic University Medical School at Arkham. He was ready, I think, to see proof of his increasingly strong opinion that consciousness, reason, and personality can exist independently of the brain—that man has no central connective spirit, but is merely a machine of nervous matter, each section more or less complete in itself.

One of the figures presents the narrator with the large box, which the narrator then gives to West. He was a menacing military figure who talked without moving his lips and whose voice seemed almost ventriloquially connected with an immense black case he carried.

Herbert West – Wikipedia

West told me how he had obtained the specimen. To establish the artificial motion, natural life must be extinct— the specimens must be very fresh, but genuinely dead. This article’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. West liked to think that before his recent disappearance, but there were times when he could not; for it was queer that we herbret had the same hallucination.

Herbert West: Reanimator

There followed a few spasmodic muscular motions, and then an audible breathing and visible motion of the chest. The Scream of the Dead The scream of a dead man gave to me that acute and added horror of Dr. He had, he told me excitedly, in all likelihood solved the problem of freshness through an approach from an entirely new angle-that of artificial preservation.


Listen to the first part this text, read by Matt Bohnhoff 20 MB, help file info or download.

They were hard to get, and one awful day he had secured his specimen while it was still alive and vigorous. The bodies had to be exceedingly fresh, or the slight decomposition of brain tissue would render perfect reanimation impossible. But I might not be mad if those accursed tomb-legions had not been so silent.

It was about two feet square, and bore West’s correct name and present address. It had lost an arm-if it had been a perfect body we might have succeeded better.

The hideous occurrence itself was very simple, notable only for what it implied. However, most subjects that have undergone the ” re-animation ” process have turned violent and, after failed attempts to return to their own graves, have terrorized the communities into which they were reanimated. The students all attended the hasty funeral on the 15th, and bought an impressive wreath, though the latter was quite overshadowed by the tributes sent by wealthy Arkham citizens and by the municipality itself.

Lovecraft 6 alcohol blast-lamp which had to answer for a Bunsen burner in this gasless edifice, when from the pitch-black room we had left there burst the most appalling and daemoniac succession of cries that either of us had ever heard.

Allan Halsey, whose work in behalf of the stricken is recalled by every old resident of Arkham.

Herbert West–Reanimator – Wikipedia

Still more shocking were the products of some of the experiments— grisly masses of flesh that had been dead, but that West waked to a blind, brainless, nauseous animation. Two biological points he teanimator exceedingly anxious to settle— first, whether any amount of consciousness and rational action be possible without the brain, proceeding from the spinal cord and various nerve-centres; and second, whether any kind of ethereal, intangible relation distinct from the material cells may exist to link the herbbert separated parts of what has previously been a single living organism.

Terror stalked him when he reflected on his partial failures; nameless things resulting from imperfect solutions or from bodies insufficiently fresh. Each segment tries to outdo the one before with gross and disturbing gory details. Lovecraft 30 The end of Herbert West began one evening in our joint study when he was dividing his curious glance between the newspaper and me.

West and the narrator hurriedly take the body back to the lab and inject it with another new serum. Slightly later, when a change and a gentle tremor seemed to affect the dead limbs, West stuffed a pillow-like object violently over the twitching face, not withdrawing it until the corpse appeared quiet and ready for our attempt at reanimation.


This lovedraft was not without effect on West, who thought often reanijator the irony of the situation—so many fresh specimens, yet none for his persecuted researches! Eloi sector when news of the heavy fighting reached headquarters.

Lovecraft 2 The first horrible incident of our acquaintance was the greatest shock I ever experienced, and it is only with reluctance that I repeat it. Just as the building was wiped out by a German shell, there had been a success. He started being afraid of West much later. Nem parece escrito por um suposto mestre do horror. Y creo que es una de las primeras historias sobre muertos vivientes.

We approached the house from the field in the rear, took the specimen in the back door and down the cellar stairs, and prepared it for the usual experiment.

Quickly he said, “It’s the finish— but let’s incinerate-this. A certain number of these failures had remained alive—one was in an asylum while others had vanished—and as he thought of conceivable yet virtually impossible eventualities he often shivered beneath his usual stolidity.

If this man could lovercaft be restored to life, no one would know of our experiment. Eventually, Halsey succumbs to typhoid, and, as a final act of twisted respect for his former rival, West steals his corpse to reanimate. Webarchive template wayback links Wikipedia introduction cleanup from October All pages needing cleanup Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from October All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify Pages using deprecated image syntax All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Articles with LibriVox links.

So, I’m sure I was a little biased in that I was going to like the story.

The bodies had to be exceedingly fresh, or the slight decomposition of brain tissue would render perfect reanimation impossible. Jul 11, Andrea Gomez rated it really liked it. It was not long after the faculty had interdicted his work that West confided to me his resolution to get fresh human bodies in some manner, and continue in secret the experiments he could no longer perform openly.

I had been warned by a friend beforehand that the film is quite different from the short story. It likewise became clear that, since the same solution never worked alike on different organic species, he would require human subjects for further and more specialised progress. I’ve never been a huge fan of Lovecraftiana; I do like the idea of the eldritch, of forgotten or hidden deities