You can try declaring sensor as volatile: volatile uint8_t sensor;. Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8eXtreme Electronics http:// 1 of Here is a simple line following robot circuit designed using ATmega8 Microcontroller. It can be used in industrial and defense applications.

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Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8

I followed your tutorial and bot is working fine. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Finally we delay a bit for next cycle and store the current line position s to variable sprev for used in next cycle. Sign up using Facebook. The products will be delivered to you door steps within days any where in India using quality courier service.

By Avinash – February 21, By inertia45 – August 12, By Avinash – March 17, 8: By Avinash – February 8, Jalaj, Please share this page on your Facebook profile.

One of the most basic autonomous robot you can build is a line following robot LFR. By mahendra – July 15, 3: Otherwise, it looks straightforward, depending on the details of the sensors and motors. Place the robot over the line.


Line Following Robot using AVR ATmega8

By rehman – May 18, 2: Not every one is as bright as u r, not every one would have had a formal electronics background, got to be a bit more polite to encourage people reading or leaarning from u r site.

By suing – July 14, 8: Can you plz tell me the values of Diodes D1D2D3? I know you will surely help me.

This article is actually a usijg one it assists new internet viewers, who are wishing for blogging. By nannu – October 21, 2: By vijay – November 3, 2: SIR,please answer where to connect pin no.

avr – Line follower robot using atmega8 – Stack Overflow

By Avinash – July 6, Line Following Robot Kit. By mahendra – July 15, By ankush – August 12, 2: By Lakshmikanth A V – April 14, Sarthak Thanks for pointing out the brocken link. Can uing please tell me how to access the library files? This type of robot is run over a white surface which has an arbitrary path drawn over it by using back paint.

By Avinash – December 2, 9: By Avinash – February 12, 9: Similarly if control variable is less than 0 that means line is towards the right, so we need to take left turn to correct the error and bring the robot back to track. By raman – March 14, 6: The electronics for the robot is kept rohot simple as possible.


Debugging mode code has a lots of extra code in it in addition to the actual application code. By Ankit – July 8, 1: By himanshu deore – August 31, 2: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Please guide me for above problems. You need to properly connect the crystal oscillator during programming also, then only it will respond. I want the bot to take a reverse turn when the black line ends and follow the same line again. By venkatesh kosuri – December 22, The task of the robot is to run exactly along this painted path. You can save lots of time and pay more attention in the program part that is more important.

The IDE Integrated Development Environment that is a software suite that atmga8 you enter, edit, compile,debug project and manage files in project. The schematic for line sensor array is given in this article.

You may note that the surface may also be black or any other dark colourin that case the path is a light colour like white.