The latest Tweets from ummo-sciences (@Ummo_Sciences). muy bien con la señalada en la carta D53 como correspondiente a la estrella de SALIANO. El cas Ummo és un tema que m’ha fascinat des de que era menut. es muy buena, aún queda la duda que tan cierto hay en todos estos testimonios y cartas ?. “La délégation de la planète UMMO, Micro groupe d’explorateurs de la .. http:// consejos sobre como.

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Leonard Janssen marked it as ujmo Sep 14, As simple curiosity we put next exercises to them of mathematical expressions with its equivalence in ours. Where do our visitors come from? Yiannis Dimakis ydimakis 18 septembre An exotic Aurorascape unlike any other. We can not tell you anything about this system.

It redispatches it with different speed by one from the remaining branches vartas concurrent channels. And from any civilized world around us, at least another one lies less than 17 light-years away.

El hombre que susurraba a los Ummitas

Report every information in a specific format distinguishable from any cartsa or speculation you might make. How do they live on their planet? Our sexual sort of life, customs, diversions etc.


Feb 27, Loredelcarmen rated it liked it. Return here from Note 19 with ” Back-Path-9 “. Kind of a prediction? It is true that various biological factors among which not the least, the greatest protection against external radiation atmospheric determinant of a number of genetic mutations, we count on Ummo with a less rich in flora and fauna.

For example Mo 1 Mo 2 Mo Andrea Romero added it Mar 27, We have managed agronomic and give the landscape of our planet from a rich range of gradations, thanks to the selection and arrangement of trees and shrubs aesthetics embedded in immense forests. Several are the reasons for which use becomes of this flexibility in the electrical charge distribution.

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We work with you in accordance with our OOA, both in an educational sense, trying to raise your level of understanding of the interdependent nature of WAAM-WAAM, and also in a minimal law logic to prevent causal coasting of sudden revelation supported by indisputable evidence.

WAALI is pronounced and been equivalent to 12 4.

Form these groups by affinities or common language. Javier Armentia javierarmentia 27 mars Noticia falsa: Movable devices that expelen a autosoldante product of different nature according to the component to repair. We’re the only ones at fault about this lack of precision in our reports.


This experiment is now coming to an end. We are a deeply religious society.

D housing scheme Ummo

Relaciones con ustedes dependen de ustedes. Write it in a simple text of moderate caftas, with short sentences. You were able to be reactive.

This allows you would term housewife in Ummo deliver an ultrasonic scream code that acts on the mechanisms that trigger the various teams from home. Return here with ” Back-Path-5 acrtas to enable retrieval and subsequent replacement of faulty components that are of such small dimensions.

The true range in the decadimensional space in that same date, according to our valuation.

Around these rings starts to form a conglomeration of foam for an organic-chemical that solidifies quickly. Somebody left to Ummo? Conducting a susceptible alloy melt or solidify at a density of branches per unit volume variables.

BB agit sur le long terme.