Jovašević, Krivični zakonik Republike Srbije sa uvodnim komentarom, . 14 D. Jovašević, Međunarodna krivična dela – odgovornost i kažnjivost, Niš, , pp. Criminal code of the Republic of Serbia (Krivični zakonik Republike Srbije, ) under the group of criminal offenses against humanity and other goods. Parent Directory · Izvestaj-o-sprovodjenju-zakona-o-slobodnom- pristupu- . Krivicni-zakonik-Narodna-Skupstina-Republike-Srbije. pdf.

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Competency of the Republic of Serbia Part Five: Employees’ representative for safety and health VII. Act of 12 October on consumer protection. Amends article on regulations of supplementary working hours of health workers, and articles and on contracts regarding supplementary work. Act of 21 February establishing particular competencies of the Autonomous Province.

Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o drzavnim sluzbenicima – Adoption: Public servants’ wages III: Collective agreements Chapter XXI: This law regulates the establishment, registration, scope and manner of operation, funding and other issues of importance for the operation of a Social and Economic Council.

Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 14 July to amend and supplement the Act on contributions for compulsory social insurance.

Stipulates the Conditions for and manner of conducting broadcasting activities in keeping with international conventions and standards. Family relations proceedings Part Eleven: Act of 30 May to amend the Act on health insurance.

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Act of 18 July on financing of political parties. Numerous modifications relating, inter alia, to calculation of contributions, payment conditions for employers and newly-hired persons, payment exemptions, contributions for independant artists, payment deadlines, and contributions indexation. Establishes the National Employment Service, unemployment insurance and contributions, and procedure for realizing the rights derived from insurance.


Includes a copy of the Constitution. Zakon o Uredenju Sudova – Adoption: Act of 29 September to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance. Control over the application of the law Chapter sixteen: Zakon o platama drzavnih sluzbenika i namestenika – Adoption: Zakon o stecaju – Adoption: Notes the phenomenon of low birth rates, establishes objectives and goals of strategic actions, measures, activities and mechanisms to improve this including reconciliation of working life and parenting, education, implementation and periodical review of the strategy.

Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 12 October on consumer protection. Zakon o zaposljavanju i osiguranju za slucaj nezaposlenosti – Adoption: Act of 26 May on the Prevention of Harassment at Work.

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Act of 31 August to amend and supplement the Penal Code. Contains provisions on legal regulations, and special provisions on illness, occupational disease and accidents, unemployment, old age, invalidity and death.

Specialized training and upgrading Chapter nine: Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 22 December to amend and supplement the Act on public servants’ and public employees’ wages. Serbia – – International agreement Agreement on establishment of special parallel relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Republika Srpska. Act of 4 July to amend and supplement the Act on labour relations with State bodies. Principles of activity of public servants Chapter three: Contains provisions on equal treatment, legal provisions, family members, special provisions on illness and maternity, health, disability and old age insurance, occupational health, cooperation of government bodies in charge, and legal aid.

Determines vision and mission, specific objectives in implementation, economic and social framework, legal and institutional framework, and activities and measures for realization of individual objectives. Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 15 July to amend and supplement the Act on contributions for compulsory social insurance.


Act of 23 October on the protection of personal data.

Parent-child relations Part Four: Zakon o potvrdjivanju sporazuma izmedju Republike Srbije i Kraljevine Belgije o socijalnoj sigurnosti – Adoption: Done at Banja Luka on 26 September Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 24 September to amend and supplement the Act on organisation and jurisdiction of government authorities in prosecuting perpetrators of war crimes.

Types of employments for public servants Chapter five: Transitional and final provisions Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 17 March on measures in case of state of emergency.

Regulates in more detail the manner and organization of work and decision-making of the Social and Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia and other issues of relevance for the Council work. Zakon o mirnom resavanju radnih sporova – Adoption: Pension qualifying period VIII: Serbia – – Law, Act. Contains provisions on definition of terms, types of trade, conditions for participation in trade activities, market protection measures, trade development, unfair competition, monitoring, and penal provisions.

Compulsory pension and disability insurance III: Particular cases of discrimination Part Four: Establishment of labour relation Chapter III: Serbia – – Law, Act Act of 31 August on public health.