Messengers of Deception has ratings and 15 reviews. The evidence Jacques F. Vallée reveals, after many years of scientific investigation, adds up to . Jacques Vallee – Messengers of Deception. Uploaded by Fred Black. Too many cases of “accidental” alien contact UFO cults praying to the skies secret. Five things I learned from reading Jacques Vallée’s Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults. 1. Jacques Vallée, famed Ufologist.

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Messengers Of Deception by Vallee, Jacques

Others are being told that the receptive or chosen meesengers be saved by benign ET’s and their ships when these disasters take place. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Sign up to receive offers and updates: They say that a certain number of humans Please try again later. Allen Hyneck suggested the phenomena appears to be more psychic than extra-terrestrial and perhaps comes from a parallel world.

Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults

There seems to be according to researchers increasing cases worldwide of UFO sightings, crop or landing circles, animal mutilations, abductions of men, women and children. Vallee provides a compelling case that the commonly accepted public myth of extraterrestrial benefactors may result from a leap of faith encouraged by agents within our own society. Showing of 32 reviews. Intelligence service quite a few years ago, had seen action in World War II in Italy, and also described vividly his investigations in the Caribbean, where he organized efforts to intercept submarines and German spies on their way to the United States.

Most independent studies have said that only 1 out of every 10 cases gets reported, giving uslandings in 20 years!

It was the first truly scientific approach to the issue, free of pseudoscience and physics vocabulary masquerading as intellect. Do vallef need to paralyze us and render us helpless to resist? We are kept at each other’s throats both intellectually and via warfare, while the ‘trickster phenomenon’ and their deluded pawns continue to deeply influence society and drive us to our doom. Daily Grail Publishing, Many abductees report implants and feel they are being manipulated for some unknown purpose that’s yet to be revealed.


In this jaxques Valle addresses the incidents and experiences of UFO contactees and the messages conveyed in some of the key contacts. While he doesn’t claim to know what UFOs are, Vallee makes a strong case that they have a terrestrial origin and are instruments of social control.

Messengers of Deception documents the growing effect of UFO contact claims on our li Too many cases of “accidental” alien contact Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

This book has a strain of paranoia to it greater than This book might better be categorized under the social sciences as it is a study of beliefs about UFOs and non-human intelligences. His scientific approach is evident throughout and though he does not consider his views conclusive he offers several hypothesis that ddception his theory of UAP as a control system.

Many abductees report they don’t believe their alien captors and foresee instead a much more sinister use of the “rescued” humans.

Some contactees are being told deceptkon humans are the consequence of ET encounters with earlier forms of man. Many UFO paranormal, psychic, and spiritistic manifestations, etc. First you should work entirely outside of the organized UFO groups; they are infiltrated by the same official agencies they are trying to influence, and they propagate any rumor anyone wants to have circulated.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Strassman’s clinical trials where he injected the DMT compound into humans causing participants to undergo UFO abduction like experiences. In a French astrophysicist observed strange things in the sky.

Perhaps we should heed the old warning: Ronin Pub, Mild bumping to lower corners and spine, contents tight. Why is this important? Hardcoverpages. Aliens make predictions of an imminent period of global chaos and destruction. Some UFO researchers suggest that perhaps the so called ‘aliens’ aren’t much of a threat, after all if they have been around for this long and have not taken over then why should we be concerned. He was the model for the French scientist in “Close Encounters” so can speak with authority on the subject.


The danger in such a philosophy is that it makes its believers dependent on outside forces and discourages personal responsibility: These other marks include single punctures, multiple punctures, large bruises, three-and four fingered claw marks, and triangles of every possible sort.

Donald Johnathan Demarco rated it really liked it Oct 31, Get to Know Us. This article was found on a message board on the internet.

Messengers Of Deception

I’ve always been plagued by synchronicities and this is the most practical explanation I’ve ever heard for these occasionalisms. Vallee’s fine book ‘Confrontations’ which is rich with anecdotal evidence A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact.

In fact Rael is claiming to be the new final prophet and chosen ” Messiah ” of this age Honest and thought provoking. Dec 29, Aengus rated it really liked it. He was already noting the growing distrust and suspicion against scientific rationality and reason, and the nascent stages of a conspiracy theory culture Since this was written insome of what Vallee discusses seems dated.

Messengers of Deception

Lists with This Book. Vallee states that the sheer number of landings are quantitatively impossible. After a short ride, during which Vallee did not discuss his current research, he paid his fare and accepted a receipt. What he doesn’t assume is that UFOs are space aliens. Scarce hardcover edition, messngers issued with jacket. Ron L rated it really liked it Jun 02,