Here is my review of the Block Periodization book for the Vladimir Issurin serves as a scientific and professional coordinator at. This second book on block periodization by Dr. Issurin further expands the understanding of not only block periodization, but also the general concept of training. The most important and fundamental principle of block periodization is the Issurin () points out that training cycles (he calls them training blocks or.

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I was involved in physical preparation of professional, amateur and recreational athletes of various ages in sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, martial arts and tennis. Paper is high quality and the font is large 12pts with large line spacing, which allows for easier reading. A substantial part of the book is devoted to designing training programs. Residual training effects are explained and there is an interesting table showing residual duration of various motor abilities after cessation of training.

The common approach to long-term athletic preparation assumes bloci are four separate stages. Ultimately, two BP training models were proposed: To conclude, BP has its place and this book is currently the best there is on this subject.

This blocl approach has been implemented in various sports and has led to outstanding athletic achievements. The good news is that from now on Complementary Training members can order any of their books with considerable discount. Both versions differ in their methodological background, duration and content of training blocks, possibilities of providing multi-peak performances, and applicability to various sports.

The first innovative version postulated administration of highly concentrated training means for enhancement of one leading fitness component, whereas the second version proposed the development of many targeted abilities within sequenced block mesocycles containing a minimal number of compatible training modalities.

Examination of the blok effects producing by the CU model in combat and team sports has found significant gains in various fitness estimates but not in sport-specific performances. The basics of annual cycle construction included goals and objectives, sequencing the main steps in the annual plan, and general tendencies in workload compilation.


Discipline specific if possible Tests for sport-specific abilities Tests for speed, event strategy, …….

Gradually, these experiences led to alternative coaching concepts and, ultimately, a revamped training approach called Block Periodization. Vladimir Koprivica during my studies. There is large number of black-and-white figures, tables, example and case study boxes which are very well organized and easy to understand.

Anyway, I hardly imagine that BP can be used in team sports with such a long competition period and short preparatory period, although there are some interesting concepts and ideas like mini-blocks, compatibility and sequencing of training modalities, designing of a microcycle that could also be use in more traditional or complex-parallel periodization.

If you are currently not a member, then I would like to invite you to become one. Major contradictions between traditional theory and practice needs appeared as 1 an inability to provide multi peak performances during the season; 2 the drawbacks of long lasting mixed training programs; 3 negative interactions of non-compatible workloads that induced conflicting training responses; and 4 insufficient training stimuli to help highly qualified athletes to progress, as a result of mixed training.

The present review introduces innovative concepts of training periodization and summarizes a large body of findings characterizing their potential benefits and possible limitations. The site of Ultimate Athlete Concepts http: Strength endurance Power Special endurance Anaerobic threshold …….

Block Periodization: Breakthrough in Sport Training – Complementary Training

Block Periodization Page Discussion History. Since professor Issurin has lived in Israel and works as a researcher, professional consultant and coordinator for Israeli Olympic Periodizwtion teams since Sports Med It is hypothesized that different types of mesocycle-blocks are suitable to various modes of biological adaptation, i. In case the competition is not possible, it should be substituted with a testing battery, specific for the aims of the training cycle.

However, further progress in sport science has reinforced the contradictions between traditional periodization and the successful experiences of prominent coaches and athletes. Here is my review of the Block Periodization book for the amazon. I am a physical preparation coach from Belgrade, Serbia, grew up in Pula, Croatia which I consider my home town.


Based on above mentioned considerations, the annual cycle design can be presented as the sequence of the training blocks, where similar aims can be presented as the sequence of more or less autonomous stages, where similar aims can be obtained by means of a partially renewed and qualitatively improved training program Issurin, Block Periodization 2 by Dr.

There is a description of phases of altitude acclimatization: Similarly, utilization of a CU program by elite swimmers did not lead to substantial enhancement of their peak performances. Unlike this limitation, the multi-targeted BP system prompted a beneficial increase of specific preparedness in sports and disciplines in which peak performances require the application of many targeted athletic abilities. J Sports Med Phys Fit Issurin This second book on block periodization by Dr.

Block Periodization: Breakthrough in Sport Training

Decrease in training load to ensure full recovery at the end of the cycle. What does this product claim? He completed his undergraduate studies on Sport Sciences and Ph. No accumulation of fatigue Full recovery is not issuein, fatigue accumulates Decrease in training load to ensure full recovery at the end of the cycle Training load Average High volume, reduced intensity.

So, the anwer depends on the situation you deal with. This chapter is very interesting and informative since it discuss compatibility and sequencing of training modalities I have never seen in any other book, especially not explained in such clear and to-the-pont way.

Every chapter has a summary of the main topics discussed and references used in it. This traditional periodization was republished many times and became a universal and monopolistic approach to training planning and analysis.

Training effects Chapter 3: Contact us and we will help you as soon as we can. Designing the training programs Chapter 5: