Imperial policing [Charles William Gwynn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. William Gwynn’s (–), short book Imperial Policing (London: is harder to find investigations into the command of ‘imperial policing’, where senior offi-. Imperial Policing. Front Cover. Sir Charles William Gwynn. Macmillan and Company, Limited, Bibliographic information. QR code for Imperial Policing.

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When it is impracticable, owing to the small force available, or for other reasons it is inexpedient to.

Imperial Policing

Great destructive power is seldom required, and the more powerful the weapon the greater the necessity for preventing a crowd closing on it. The crowd had not armed itself with lathis or sticks, and though threats of gwyynn towards the Deputy Commissioner appear to have been uttered by individuals, they were not general. When armed hostile bodies are encountered troops can without hesitation use every method and weapon necessary for their defeat or capture, but drastic punitive measures to induce surrender, or imerial the nature of reprisals, may awaken sympathy with the revolutionaries, and in the long run militate.

Imperil is not clear what instructions had been issued to this body of police; they are termed a police reserve-presumably a reserve to support the unarmed police; but the term rather implies the intention of issuing orders according to the development of the situation and may have been a reason for inaction.

The chief cause of anxiety lay in connection with the burial of the ten Indians who had been killed in the firing on the previous day, and a deputation saw the Commissioner in the civil lines to arrange for impdrial funerals. Imperial Policing by Charles W. Document, Imperrial resource Document Type: It is, however, the weapon of propaganda which has made the task of the Army harder, encouraged as it is by the trend of modern sentiment and the growth of the power of the press.

Not infrequently these reversals take the form of a lightening of repressive measures in the hope of inducing submission. No disloyalty was insinuated in the report of the Hunter Committee, and when the police finally took action they behaved well. Large concentrations of impwrial, except as a preliminary step towards the initiation of a new phase in a plan, are seldom necessary. This has occasionally been done in view of particular circumstances-the streets of Cairo have, for example, been cleared by cavalry armed with policng hafts of entrenching tools; but the arguments against such a course are generally very strong.

This acknowledgment of the vital importance of the police functions of an army, even in the case of homogeneous nations, has still greater weight when applied to the British Empire, affected as it is by all the currents and eddies of racial, imperual and political interests.


The actual penalties inflicted on him were no more severe than those to which an officer convicted of lack of judgment in. When fire ceased the troops were marched away without attending to the wounded or making arrangements for their treatment.

At Hall Bridge the crowd encountered the small mounted policnig posted there, 4 British mounted men and 3 Indian Sowars under a British N. The combatants must be separated at once and measures taken to prevent the renewal of fights and to check rioting or destruction of property, a common feature in these outbreaks.

Military failure can be retrieved, but where a population is antagonised or the authority of Government seriously upset, a long period may elapse before confidence is restored and normal stable conditions are re-established.

The sight of cold steel has a calming effect, and the steady advance of a line of bayonets has often sufficed to disperse a mob without resort to firing.

Imperial policing

When the order had’ been policint effect for about a week it was brought to notice, and cancelled by order of the Punjab Government. That is a common-sense measure which may be advisable” when attempts to rush: You already recently rated this item. Closely connected with the development of striking power is that of reserves.

Moreover, the general public, so far as it is interested in the maintenance of law and order in the outlying countries of the Empire, should realise what an important part the Army plays as a reserve of force in support of the civil administration. This is, however, a different matter from scattering detachments to protect valuable property, or in the hope that umperial mere presence of troops will prevent disorder.

Any persons found in the streets after 8 P. They can be laid to deny access to a street which has been cleared, to cover parties forcing entrance to houses, and for many other special occasions when rifle fire of excited men is insufficiently accurate.

The majority and minority reports presented by the Committee did little to allay the prejudice ;olicing by controversy, and the divergent findings were more closely studied than the actual facts.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In the Victorian era, when the Empire was in process of expansion, small wars were of frequent occurrence and at that time might well have been considered the Army’s principal police task. The use of non-lethal weapons also implies the probability of troops becoming engaged in hand-to-hand conflicts of a nature for which they are not specially trained nor physically specially fitted.

Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Emergency legislation often exists and can be brought into force with this object, but it can seldom provide in anticipation for all developments of the situation. Unfortunately, General Dyer’s proclamation was read only at points policihg within the western half of the city, as he decided that the heat had become too trying to the escort to allow a complete circuit to be made.


Master and use copy.

Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private. These must be made to realise that concealment of information is a punishable offence; but every precaution must be taken not to expose to terrorism those from whom information is obtained. Your rating has been recorded. Such bands depend for effectiveness on the capacity of individual leaders; they avoid collisions of a decisive character with Government troops.

It must be strictly controlled and not continued a moment longer than necessary.

The rifle and bayonet policin still the weapons chiefly to be relied on. In the case of ordinary rioting the military authority relies almost exclusively on it.


On the other hand, the power and resolution of the Government forces must be displayed. Punishments of a nature humiliating to a community, or which outrage religious susceptibilities, are policng to the principle that no lasting feeling of bitterness should be caused. Digital Library Federation, December Please enter recipient e-mail address es. In any case the soldier cannot afford to be intimidated by the responsibilities of his position, or by the fear that imperil actions will not be supported.

With great confidence in his own judgment, he was prepared to act on it. Since at this time there is, as a rule, a shortage of troops, the difficulty of forming reserves is great, and this is a further argument against dispersion and the multiplication of protective detachments.

WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. I have, however, added an Pilicing describing in outline the course of subsequent events, up to the end poliicngwhere one must leave the intractable problem of Palestine still unsolved.

On that day, too, further indications of the abnormal state of the political atmosphere was given as it happened to be the date of a Hindu festival. Even when actively defying authority, as occurred previously in the attempt to force the railway crossings, they should if possible be warned before fire is opened. Much, of course, depends on.

The tragic feature of the whole affair lay in the fact that the crowd were unable to disperse rapidly when fire was opened. Police operations, unless they attain the dignity of small wars, are not recorded in despatches, and seldom even form the subject of military reports.