The ICC Uniform Rules for. Demand Guarantees URDG Advantages of a standardised approach in international business. s Affaki. Uniform Rules For Demand Guarantees – URDG refers to a set of The ICC worked on URDG for more than two years prior to its release. For more information on URDG , see Practice note, Bonds, guarantees and standby credits: overview: International Chamber of Commerce Uniform Rules.

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Articles 27 to 30 of the URDG exempts the guarantor from liability on guarantses quality of documents presented to it; 16 on errors it may make in the transmission of documents; 17 or the acts of its agents and subagents 18 and any act or omission carried out by it in the course of carrying out the applicant’s directives where it acts in good faith.

Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. Hence such transfers can only be done to the extent that a guarantor has expressly consented to it, failing which the guarantor has a right to refuse to pay the proposed assignee. While the foregoing Articles seem to be mainly in favour of the guarantor, it guxrantees useful demanc mention that Article 4 b of the URDG appears to swing in favour of the beneficiary to the disadvantage of the guarantor, by providing that a demand guarantee issued subject to the URDG is deemed irrevocable, even though the guarantee declares itself to be revocable.

This rule undoubtedly stands in favour of the guarantor bank because it provides an opportunity or a basis upon which the guarantor may challenge a demand in court by claiming that an accompanying statement is false.

The actual structure would however depend on the complexity and other features of the transaction. Sign up for our newsletter: Irrevocability While the foregoing Articles seem to be mainly in favour of the guarantor, it is useful to mention that Article 4 b of the URDG appears to swing in favour of the beneficiary to the fuarantees of the guarantor, by providing that a demand guarantee issued subject to the URDG is deemed irrevocable, even though the guarantee declares itself to be revocable.

Worldwide Europe European Union U. In reality, a bank is not likely to issue a revocable guarantee in international trade as the probability of beneficiaries accepting revocable guarantees is very low because of the little jrdg it affords them.


As a practical matter, foreign financiers typically prefer that English law govern their financing instruments except with respect to security located in Nigeria, which must be governed by Nigerian law as the lex situs.

More from this Author. Case studies throughout the Guide support and enliven the comprehensive analytical commentary on the rules. This protection is important guaranntees various reasons amongst which are: These obligations or responsibilities may include foreign regulations obligating guarantor to indemnify other third icx or guaranteex fees or charges outside the scope of the transaction or impose a validity period on guarantees.

Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG) | Practical Law

However, the demand guarantee is similar to the Standby Letter of Credit, as the payment obligations are alike but differing only in structure. These widespread acceptance and endorsements are mainly due to the fact that adopting the URDG rulee on board the benefits of adopting a standardized agreement, especially in cross border transactions, as it:.

Further, this publication tracks in detail the seven key stages of a guarantee’s lifecycle:. Ghana is endowed with abundant natural resources, which have played a key role in the development efforts of the country.

Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG)

Real Estate and Construction. The URDG consists of 35 Articles which in clear, simple and precise terms set a balance in the legitimate and competing interests of the applicant, the guarantor and the beneficiary; limit the risk of unfair calls and demands on guarantors and counter-guarantors; and explain the various important phases in the lifecycle of a demand guarantee, just like the ICC’s Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits UCP 4 which is used for Letters of Credit LCs and other documentary credits.

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Being a standard form of contract, once incorporated, there is little need for parties to draft a long form contract. Under the URDG, demand guarantees are completely independent of any underlying relationship between the applicant and beneficiary, and subject to only the terms contained in it, thereby limiting occ liabilities and rights of the urd bank to only matters it voluntarily commits itself to.

Ghana has a long history of mining especially for gold. It has been well publicized that it is the intent of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia KSA to establish mining as the third pillar of the Saudi economy alongside hydrocarbons and petrochemicals.


Should Nigerian Banks adopt it as a matter of course?

There are many reasons why a Nigerian bank should adopt the URDG in their demand guarantees, some of which guaarantees highlighted below: Click here to register your Interest. Article 21 of the URDG ensures that a guarantor bank is not held in default in the event that it is unable to pay the beneficiary in the currency specified in the demand 78, due to an impediment beyond its control or because it is illegal under the law of the place for payment, by providing that the guarantor may make payment in the currency of the place for payment, which need not be the same as the place where the presentation was made.

In May, the Nigerian government announced the deregulation of the oil and gas sector which involved the removal of fuel subsidy 1 and the freedom of oil importers to source for foreign exchange Femand from the secondary sources to facilitate their international trade.

Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

In favour of the guarantor bank, the URDG entitles a guarantor and counter-guarantor to a discretion on whether or not to accept an extend or pay request. What is the URDG? In practice, extend or pay requests which result in an extension happen far more frequently than actual payment of the guarantee. Various editions of the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees have been in use by banks and other guarantors around the world for over 24 years 23 and have proven to be advantageous and dependable, as it creates a reasonable balance between the competing interests of the contracting parties, tilting in favour of the guarantor; The URDG has been endorsed by various bank regulators, financial institutions 24international organizations such as the World Bank and the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law UNCITRAL 25 as well as a number of professional bodies