Gaius Julius Hyginus lived in Roman Spain in the first century CE. His Fabulae ( Fables) has long been recognized as being poor in quality and writing style;. Apollodorus’ Library and Hyginus’ Fabulae. Two Handbooks of Greek Mythology. Apollodorus & Hyginus Translated, with Introduction, by Stephen M. First century CE Roman author Gaius Julius Hyginus is well known for his writings concerning the Fabulae and Astronomica. These two categories are.

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Aegisthus Thyestis et Pelopiae filius ab capra. Creon, son of Menoecus, king of Corinth, gave him his younger daughter Glauce as a wife. Liber by Semele, daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia.

But treating the Fabulae—or any of these works—as simply a Greek book written in Latin does not take into account the importance of translation, of the process of making material from one language and culture significant in another.

A tragic source seems unlikely, as nurses are always unnamed.

The Great Flood: Hyginus – Livius

Among Hyginus’ sources are the scholia on Apollonius of Rhodes ‘ Argonauticawhich were dated to about the time of Tiberius by Apollonius’ editor R. The yoked horses are female: Eumelus of Corinth is the authority for this matter.

And so, in the same way, the daughters of Pelias, that is, Alcestis, Pelopia, Medusa, Pisidice, and Hippothoe, by the incitement of Medea, slew their father and boiled him in the brazen cauldron.

Furthermore, these elements from Ovid are essential to the account, and so provide another example of a chapter where de- tails from Ovid are not just added at the end. Epaphus by Io, daughter of Inachus. He joined the Argonauts as a volunteer, a companion tabulae Jason of his own will.

Gaius Julius Hyginus

Antilochus, son of Nestor; by a bitch after he was exposed on Mt. Acastus, son of Pelias and Anaxibia, daughter of Bias, from Iolchus, covered in a two-layered cloak. When they tried to mount heaven, Jove with the help of Minerva, Apollo, and Diana, cast them headlong into Tartarus.


Text, Translation and Commentary of the Di- egeseis. And we cannot consider authors like Hyginus without considering that part of their aims in- volves writing for a Roman audience.

The Roman elements in some of the lists at the end of the collection are thus generally thought to be interpo- lations. Ancaeus Lycurgi filius, alii nepotem dicunt, Tegeates. He was said to see underground because he knew gold mining. Antilochus Nestoris filius expositus in Ida monte ab cane.

While earlier versions of the Cadmus myth connect him with Egypt, there is no other evidence for Phoenix going to Af- rica. Bacchiand then only later, in C. In the myth, Ixion attempts to rape Hera whose name was associated with the airand Zeus fashions a cloud to look like her. The sister of Phaethon, too, in grieving for their brother, were changed into poplar trees.

This mistake shows how fluid the boundaries of a text such as this are. Merkel, in the preface to his edition of Apollonius Leipzig, Moreover, this island is located in Histria, opposite Pola, adjoining the island of Canta. He declined, saying that Jason, in whose service they were all sailing forth, should give the orders. First and foremost, the framework of translation studies reminds us that Hyginus was making a series of culturally-motivated choices vabulae or unconsciously.

Aethalides, son of Mercury and Eupolemia, daughter of Myrmidon. Hygknus we think of Greek myth, broadly speaking, as something that exists originally in Greek, then the act of writing it in Latin is an act of translation. On a simplistic, potentially reductive level, Hy- ginus is Roman because jyginus the language in which he writes, which in turn reflects and determines his audience.

Adams, Bilingualism and the Latin Language Cambridge, This fabula, of course, could be a later addition, but it gives us some indication that this text was initially, or later became, an omnium gatherum that at- tracted Latin hytinus. These successive, Roman layers, are what most make the Fabulae Roman, and we should not be in a hurry to remove them, for their inclusion is what helped keep the text alive and useful.


When the Argonauts came there and they asked him hytinus show them the way, he said he would show them if they freed him from his punishment. Argus by Nioba, daughter of Phoroneus. Argo Navis Argo and the Ark.

Admetus asked Apollo to help him, and Apollo, because he had been kindly received by him while in servitude gave to him a wild boar and a lion yoked together, with which he carried off Alcestis. Cyzicus, believing them to be Pelasgican enemies, brought arms against them by night on the shore, and was killed by Jason.

Moreover, when the dragon was put to sleep with drugs, he took the Fleece from the sanctuary and departed for his homeland with Medea.

The Great Flood: Hyginus

But Aeetes freely took in Phrixus and gave fabupae daughter Chalciope as a wife; and afterward she bore children unto him. While on his quest for the Fleece, Jason rescued the shipwrecked men from the island of Dia and carried them back to their mother Chalciope, by whose favor he was hygiuns to her sister Medea.

Works like the Fabulae are histori- cally important, too, because it is the translation of Greek myth into Latin that allows for its survival in the Latin West of late antiquity and the Middle Ages.

This list is a useful starting point, but all of these elements are problematic. Fabulae Munich and Leipzig, Others call him the son of Hyperasius, from the city of Piresia, which is at the base of Mt. Preliminary Definitions Before moving on, it is necessary to clarify some terminology.