Myth in History, Philosophy of History as Myth: On the Ambivalence of Hans Blumenberg’s Interpretation of Ernst Cassirer’s Theory of y Andrew. Blumenberg’s highly original theory of myth, outlined in the volume Work on Myth (; English translation ), distinguishes him as the. In , Hans Blumenberg began a minor revolution in the philosophy of .. In his Work on Myth, Hans Blumenberg’s explanation of mythology parallels his.

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Find it on Scholar. Blumenberg greatly despised the years which he claimed had been stolen from him by the Nazis.

He was excluded from the formal part of graduation celebrations at secondary school: Myth in History, Philosophy bumenberg History as Myth: Pippin – – European Journal of Philosophy 2 1: I am fully convinced that this book will become an important tool in research and teaching, not only on the twentieth-century German philosopher Hans Blumenberg but in the wider areas of myth and anthropology.

But what does it mean to create significance, as a specific dimension of political communication or political action? His work has resonated internationally across academic disciplines ranging from literary theory, philosophy, religious studies and anthropology, to the history and philosophy of science.

Book Review: ‘Hans Blumenberg on Myth and the Human Sciences.’ – History of The Human Sciences

The border between logos and myth is, according to Blumenberg, a fictive one. Retrieved from ” https: In his later works Work on Myth, Out of the Cave Blumenberg, guided by Arnold Gehlen ‘s view of man as a frail and finite being in need of certain auxiliary ideas in order to face the “Absolutism of Reality” and its overwhelming power, increasingly underlined the anthropological background of his ideas: Whereas metaphors originally were a means of illustrating the reality blumenerg an issue, giving form to understanding, they gans later to tend towards a separate existence, in qork sciences as elsewhere.


No categories specified categorize this paper. Blumenberg’s interpretations are extremely unpredictable and personal, all full of signs, indications and suggestions, sometimes ironic. His mentor during these years was Ludwig Landgrebe.

Hans Blumenberg – Wikipedia

European Journal of Philosophy and Public Debate 3 5: The critical history of concepts may thus serve the depotentiation of metaphorical power. After Blumenberg continued his studies of philosophy, Germanistics and classical philology at the University of Hamburgand graduated in with a dissertation on the origin of the ontology of the Middle Ages, at the University of Kiel.

Blumenberg did, however, also warn his readers not to confound the critical deconstruction of myth with the programmatical belief in the overcoming of any mythology.

Davies – – NanoEthics 8 3: A Response to Thorstensen. Blumenberg created what has come to be called ‘metaphorology’, which states that what lies under metaphors and language modisms, is the nearest to the truth and the farthest from ideologies.

For Blumenberg, all the achievements of human culture presuppose that this state of sheer biological nonviability, this nightmare scenario of ultimate selective disadvantage, has been put behind us through nothing but our ability of telling tales.

Nattiez – – Diogenes 52 4: How do political myths construct collective identities and thereby affect political agency? This article has no associated abstract. In Blumenberg’s many inquiries into the history of philosophy the threshold of jyth late Middle Ages and the early Renaissance provides a focal point Legitimacy of the Modern Age and The Genesis of the Copernican World.


This discovery and an exploration of this avoidance or self-perceived failure to publish those reflections suggestive perhaps of biographical motives gives this book a special significance in Blumenberg studies. Cassirer and Langer on Myth: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This context is of decisive importance for Blumenberg’s hane of absolute metaphors.

Work on Myth

At the end of the war he was kept hidden by blymenberg family of his future wife Ursula. Digging under apparently meaningless anecdotes of the history of occidental thought and literature, Blumenberg drew a map of the expressions, examples, gestures, that flourished in the discussions of what are thought to be more important matters.

However, until the very end of his life, Blumenberg remained unwilling to explore any personal motives for his interest in mythology. The early text “Paradigms for a Metaphorology” explicates the idea of ‘absolute metaphors’, by way of examples from the history of ideas and philosophy. This, however, should not bumenberg understood as a rational or theoretical approach to a question or dilemma: Science Logic and Mathematics. The Legibility of the World