Grundfos Lifelink water solutions confront the global water crisis head-on, meaning solid steps can be taken towards long-term sustainable water solutions. Grundfos Lifelink Water Solutions helps build resilience to the effects of climate change by providing access to safe, sustainable and affordable water. The water fee covers the ongoing service contract where Grundfos LIFELINK takes full responsibility for service and maintenance of the system. Via the remote .

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The purpose of the company is to develop, sell and offer services for automatic water systems, primarily aimed at rural areas in third-world countries.

The concept is undergoing practical tests in in Kenya, after which it will be rolled out to other East African countries — and later on to other parts of the world. They have both a loan-based and a donation-based financing model and have gone into partnerships with local microfinance institutions, major INGOs like the WFP and the Red Cross, governmental institutions, private foundations, and CSR programmes.

The company has committed itself to revolutionising the way the poorest in the world access safe drinking water.

So back inwith the help of the Kenya Red Cross Society the first solar-powered water system was installed in the Kalunkini district. These were some of the questions the Grundfos Lifelink team posed when establishing the first demonstration projects in Kenya in to test the ground-breaking technology and concept of Grundfos Lifelink. And also, with reliable access to clean water every day, I have started a small water business together with my wife, where we bring the water to people who live far away or cannot fetch it themselves.

In Grundfos, we want to take part in ensuring a sustainable future and we do it for three reasons. His vision was to start targeting rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America with a sustainable supply of safe drinking water at affordable prices.

Grundfos Lifelink projects in Kenya – connecting the link to sustainable water supply

The Lifelink in action. After that, the village owns the system and may, for example, continue to pay a reduced price for the water in order to cover ongoing service work. Grundfos was established in by the late Poul Due Jensen, today it is a truly global company selling more than 16 million pump units a year and has become a world expert in operating and managing water systems.


Countless evaluations point to two main factors:. Overview Are people in the developing world willing and able to pay for their water? Several ways of financing There are several ways of financing the upfront cost of the LIFELINK business, ranging from a fully commercial model where an entrepreneur or community obtains a loan and buys the system, to a funding based model where government or development organisations donate the system.

The local community owns the system and in addition to clean water they receive part of the profit that is made. Building on 60 years of experience in advanced pump solutions and linking to the strength of mobile connectivity, the engineers of Grundfos developed the automatic water dispenser with an integrated system for revenue collection and an online water management platform for full transparency and remote management.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you consent to our cookie collection. Want to learn more about The New Pioneers? The users pay for the water with their smart-cards which have been prepaid via their mobile telephones.

Byit is hoped overpeople in Kenya will have access to safe drinking water while helping to cut the rate of diarrhoeal diseases. The holistic approach of Lifelink water solutions enables four dimensions of sustainability for long-term, ggrundfos water supply.

We build cross-sector partnerships to facilitate the right solution for every situation, driving the demand toward sustainable, scalable water solutions. Want to learn more about The New Pioneers? Such information is made available to all stakeholders. Currently, million people don’t have access to safe drinking water near their home.

Developing world water solutions | Grundfos

The purpose of Grundfos LIFELINK is to provide sustainable water solutions for people in the developing world through innovative technology, partnerships and business models. Your email address will not be published. Access to water is the first step for development. By combining the engagement of local knowledge, resources, skills and needs with the resources and technologies of commercial companies, the result may lielink co-creation of unique business models.


Developing world water solutions

Time limit is exhausted. What is the missing link to sustainable water? Did you like this solution? Money must be made — and this is not simply a case of offering development aid. For decades, Grundfos has developed intelligent and resource efficient pump solutions that contribute to saving both water and energy. It is just a matter of leveraging your competencies as a company, and of developing original solutions to societal needs.

The water from the SQFlex plant improves life conditions for the local population and growth conditions for plants and animals. While in South-East Asia and Latin America, it could be a combination of a commercial bank loan and part donation.

Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Repayment of the loan is made by the users paying for their water via their mobile telephones. SQFlex renewable energy solution — submersible pumping system Grundfos’ renewable energy solution — the SQFlex submersible pumping system.

So more people get clean water and we make an extra coin for our family. Gdundfos and corporate responsibility is in the DNA grunxfos Grundfos. By Tania Ellis, The Social Business Company limitations of inadequate physical infrastructure for water and maintenance as well as restricted access to financial services. The Solution The driving force of Grundfos Lifelink is a commitment to develop and provide sustainable water solutions for people in the developing world. During the hardest drought that Kenya has seen for many years, the community now have easy and convenient access to adequate safe water for their families, gardens and livestock.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an automatic tapping unit, where the villagers tap water and pay with a closed payment system based on smartcards. Thirdly, sustainability is also a way of managing potential risks and reducing costs throughout our value chain. Lack of funds for operation and maintenance Lack of expertise and spare parts for service and maintenance.