Uses[edit]. Ficus religiosa is used in traditional medicine for about 50 types of disorders including asthma, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy. ABSTRACT: In traditional medicine, medicinal plants have been used for the treatment of various diseases. Ficus religiosa is known to be a. Acharya Bal Krishan has given the following medicinal tips for the use of Peepal: 1. For bleeding diarrhoea: Take soft stems of peepal.

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Studies on a phytosterolin from the bark of Ficus religiosa.

Ficus religiosa – Wikipedia

ficsu Comments have to be approved before they are shown here. The three doses of bark extract produced significant reduction in blood glucose levels in all the models.

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When fruits are raw, they are green in color during summer but after ripening they turn black through rainy season Fig.

These compounds can be therapeutically active or inactive 7. relgiosa

Check List of Ficus in Asia and Australasia with keys to identification. And Tridax procumbens L. Ficus religiosa is tolerant to widely varying climatic conditions such as Tropical rainforest climate where the region receives more medicnal 60 millimetres 6.


Classification and Distribution of Ficus. According to Vamana Purana Ananda RJ, Kunjani J. At some of its native habitatsit has been reportedly found living for over 3, years. Pharmaceutical Biology ; The roots, bark-skin, fruits, and leaves of F.

16 health benefits of the peepal tree that you had no idea about

The results indicate that aqueous extract of F. The original tree was destroyed, and has been replaced several usws. The genus Ficus consists of about spec ies and varieties which are widely distributed in India and throughout the world especially in tropical and sub-tropical regions Bioactivity of certain Egyptian Ficus species.

Journal List Pharmacogn Rev v.

Screening activity of selected Focus medicinal plant for acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity. Article Information Sr No: Agarwal V, Chauhan BM. With the profuse discharge of bright red blood there were bearing-down pains in lower abdomen.

16 health benefits of the peepal tree that you had no idea about – Lifestyle News

Indian J Anim Sci. Phytopharmacological and phytochemical properties of three ficus species- an overview. Nair R and Chanda SV: Ficus religiosa is known to be a sacred plant in India. Indigenous Drugs of India. Views Read Edit View history. Use it for rinsing in the mouth and it will cure teeth pain. According to the science of Ayurveda, every part of the peepal tree – the leaf, bark, shoot, seeds and its fruit has several medicinal benefits, and it is being used since ancient times to cure many diseases.


It usfs likely that extract has a neuroprotective effect against inflammation by inflammatory mediators medicinql as nitric oxide and cytokines. Retrieved 23 July The tincture was taken three drops every two hours, and after the third dose the symptoms vanished. A significant anti-inflammatory effect has been observed in acute and chronic models of inflammation; the extract also protected mast cells from degranulation induced by various degranulators Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala, India, This section does not cite any sources.

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