Visit ELZAB S.A. from Zabrze at EuroShop in Düsseldorf in Hall 7 Stand C ELZAB K10+ 3K cash register; ELZAB D10; ELZAB Mini E; ELZAB Jota E .

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The automatic transmission of the weighing result eliminates errors from manual entering and considerably speeds up customer support.

Trade fair preparation Checklist At a glance. It is fitted with battery power supply, it can also operate supplied from the car outlet. Guarantee of quality and continuity of deliveries Vega 2 is part of the CAT 27 scale family, known for uniquely meticulous manufacture. External bar code scanner For large, heavy or awkward-sized items when the bar code reading is difficult or impossible is possible to connect hand held scanner to the price checker.

For super or hypermarkets the omni-directional laser or area imager scanners are recommended. Small dimensions and attractive price are the features of the device that makes up perfect equipment elsab the sale position in shops of any size. New ELZAB Price Checkers are the customer self-service terminals, which apart from the main function of verifying the products prices allow displaying the information about product, in- store promotions, seasonal sales or upcoming events.

At ELZAB min we will select unfailing fiscal devices for you and equipment to improve the work and operating efficiency of your point of sale. Configuration Possible by means of website, configuration files USB or, in limited range, bar code configuration menu.

Eelzab is also broadly used in industry, gastronomy and nini. The monitor can be connected by means of USB cable. Furthermore, the inch screen is characterised with high ingress protection index. It may also be used as a lezab and primary scale in the trade facility. This solution may be used even in a single sale post in a small trade facility.


POS printers, coupon printers. The result of weighing may be sent by pressing a key on the scale display, in the cash register, in the POS terminal or automatically, after stabilisation of the pan, or on the continuous basis.


The design of the case prevents flooding of minii and sockets. Self checkout, self-scanning systems.

Razem z tym laptopem to naprawdę elegancko jest. Elzab Mini. | Kasy fiskalne | Pinterest | Mini

The size of price checkers database refers to the size of system cash register database. This document should be stored throughout the life of the scale. Space of display could be used for presenting additional information about product special offers, sales promotions or loyalty programs information.

The plate allows also fixing the price checker to the jib. Intended use Saturn 2M is intended for integration in tops or cash register cubicles in trade facilities of various sizes.

The scanning takes place instantaneously, without delays resulting from inaccurate code layout. Mobile The first cash register on the Polish market with context touch keyboard which assures intuitive operation. Intended use The Vega 2 scale built in the top constitutes the equipment of the cashdesk post fitted with any manual or vertical reader.

Sold on a large-scale on the Hungarian market – no.

It is made of stainless steel and is resistant to various factors present in difficult work conditions: Price checker may be fixed to the metal plate by means with special detents. Visit us and let’s talk how can we collaborate in your region. Its compact housing dedicates it for small premises.

It can be operated with the gloves on in the winter. Continues appreciated features of previous generation as reliability of scanners, ergonomics and durability of casing.

The programming languages applied, i. The weighing result may be transmitted to the sales software by pressing a key on the elzag display, the cash register, POS terminal, automatically, after the platter has muni or on an ongoing basis. Become our partner in your region! The produced products are supplied to domestic, European, African and Asian countries. All CAT 27 scale meet the requirements of metrological regulations in the scope of using the scale for direct settlement of trade operations, have the WE type approval certificates and are subject to certification according to EU regulations before admission for trading.


Min sending of the result of weighing mmini the scale eliminates errors in manual entering. It is possible to set the male or female voice. Tested in various weather conditions. The basket, which should be put in the opening cut in the top, facilitates quick installation of the device and affects aesthetics.

The company has know-how to every manufactured device. The Vega 2 scale is offered with the installation basket. This function is deactivated automatically after weighing the product or manually, after prior programming of this option. Miin are three elzb of scanners applied in the price checkers: They are exported to Germany, England, France and Spain.

Participation as Exhibitor Forums. The device is fitted with its own power supply unit. Kruczkowskiego 39Zabrze Poland. The design of ezab scale enables its integration in the top, so it may be part of a fully functional and, at the same time, cheap cashdesk post.

It may also be used to print admission tickets in cinemas, museums, theatres or sports event. The combination of the unique production technology with the possibility of customising devices to user requirements results in the fact that drawers of a similar range of functionalities, and in similar price ranges, are currently offered in the Polish market.

The starting set of consumables attached to the printer allow for its start-up immediately after unpacking. The Magellan i scanner produced with the application of the imager technology and dedicated for very busy store check-out points.