Brian Keene (born September 22, ) is an American author and podcaster, primarily known for his work in horror, dark fantasy, crime fiction, and comic books. Title, El alzamiento. Dolmen books. Author, Brian Keene. Translated by, Alberto Morán Roa. Publisher, Tebeos Dolmen Editorial, S.L., ISBN, El alzamiento by Brian Keene, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fortunately the Deliverance rejects are wlzamiento down by a kindly old man and his son who just happen to be in the area.

I like my zombies slow, dumb, and numerous. They just don’t have anything that appeals to me. I was surprised at just how emotionally resonant and earnest our introduction to Jim was, and Keene is sure to pull on our heartstrings every now and then, reminding us of the humanity of our small band of survivors even as he grips us in moments of true despair and shocking violence. Published January 1st by Leisure Books first published And what it is is a heck of a lot of dark, occasionally silly, pulpy fun.

How I Found This Book: This means that in addition to talking zombie humans, we also get talking zombie fish and talking zombie lions. They just haven’t ever appealed to me. His first project for the company was the four-issue limited series for their MAX imprint: I also understand that a female, or male protagonist for that matter, has to be put into positions where the reader can root for her or him.


The zombies in The Rising can use guns and drive as well as munch human flesh. The author pretty much put everyone and everything at risk, so I had no idea what might happen to these people; there was no safe feeling like some books provide you, where you know the good guy will win in the end.

Brian Keene

Paperbackpages. This one was pretty crazy.

Who Will Like This Book: Again, the author has my interest. With such glaring spelling and gramatical errors as: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Rising was optioned for both film and video game adaptation in This book and series is worth a read for the zombie-philes. When reading about the coming zombie apocalypse, I really want to see something original. The Origin of Hordak”. About fifteen years ago, I kind of fell out of zombie fandom since dl felt like it had all been done many, many times.

I’m starting the second part asap! They are rotting, walking, running, sprinting, gun alzamiemto, bomb making, destructive, murderous,and not to forget rather smart. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat Five out of five stars.

I love Joe necessary disclaimer: If you really think this is the way men would behave when society falls, I weep for your outlook on life. I would definitely recomment this to any horror fans. I could see what Frankie looked like from her first introduction until the end of the book. The story’s protagonist is Jim Thurmond, a construction worker living in West Virginia.


Worse, they set cunning traps for the unwary. Sincekene has been in a romantic relationship with fellow author Mary SanGiovanni. Second, I’ve been a horror fan for a long, long time and I’m quite used to the treatment of women in horror stories being less than stellar.

In the end, I was not thrilled with myself for finishing this book. The host of Hell?

Books and Audiobooks – Brian Keene

Maybe one brief instance to illustrate the morally decayed post-epidemic world, but not again and again. Retrieved 22 November Zombie animals are a first to me.

Rogue military units are on patrol, rounding up survivors. And then the book ends. It started out alright, and well written, but then degenerated into what can keend be described as a paper version of the worst B movie ever made.

The story, unfortunately, goes bad quickly. Only these guys turn out to be cannibals who want to cook these two for dinner. Now, I shouldn’t have to say this to horror aficionados, but there are some pretty intense things that happen in this book, violently and sexually.

That’s a problem when the main story arc follows a man trying to rescue his son. So avoid this original paperback edition and be sure to akzamiento his latest. I know, all three of you.

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