Configuring ejabberd – Introduction – Installing ejabberd -. XMPP clients & bots – Ejabberd Rest API – Extending ejabberd. However, the guide is believed to help you understanding ejabberd’s code.

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The port number defines which port to listen for incoming connections. The main benefit of that environment is that it is preconfigured ejabbberd all the database backend supported by ejabberd. For doing this it looks up the routing table and if there is a process Pid registered on this domain, ejabberd routes the stanza as Pid!

This can save bandwidth and resources. If sql or riak value is defined, make sure you have defined the database, see database. With this option, you can specify a list of extra domains that are added to the Service Discovery item list.

The option hosts defines a list containing one or dpcumentation domains that ejabberd will serve. To log all end user packets to the Bandersnatch service running on bandersnatch. Namespace is a “top-level” namespace: Control parameters These parameters control the behaviour of the module.

The function is used to process configuration options of Module. This option can be used to protect a MUC service for occupants abuses. Port to connect to your LDAP server.

Example of plain ODBC connection: The allowed suboptions are: In the example above sat-pubsub. This can be useful to signal the app server whether the notification was triggered by ejabbsrd message with body as opposed to other types of traffic without leaking actual message contents. Occupants of a room can chat in public or have private chats. With such a deployment you can load balance the traffic to your cluster node using one of the following solution: Refer to RFC for the detailed explanation.


There is no need to explicitly register the new hook, one only needs to run a hook in the socumentation place. The default value is 1.

This is possible thanks to a ejabbberd modular architecture based on a core router and an extremely powerful plugin mechanism that is getting richer every day. Inviting other users to a room. You can configure an interval to make a dummy SQL request to keep alive the connections to the database. ejabberf

But make sure you’re not calling ets: With this configuration, the module will serve the requests sent to http: Welcome to this Jabber server. The rotation parameters describe how to rotate logs. If you’re hacking ejabberd for internal needs, you are free to choose whatever coding style you like. With roster only chat history with contacts from enabberd roster is stored. Redis is an advanced key-value cache and store.

The default value is truewhich mean that nofollow attributes will be added to user submitted links. For example, the users of the host example. The message is set as message of the day MOTD and is ejabbetd to users when they login. Announcement to send, with quotes Result: Full path to a ejabberdd containing a SSL certificate. This guide is a brief explanation of ejabberd internals.


When this module is enabled ejabberd responds correctly to ping requests, as defined in the protocol.

If disabled, the version number documenattion calculated on the fly each time.

ejabberd for Developers

documentatioj Specify an access rule for whitelisting IP addresses or networks. In this example three virtual hosts have some similar modules, but there are also other different modules for some specific virtual hosts:.

Internal ejabberd uses its internal Mnesia database as the default authentication method. The list can contain one or several of: Amount of time without any communication after which connection would be closed. Previous day, Next day, Up.

Submitted by mfoss on Wed, The allowed values are positive integers and infinity. That script is supposed to do theses actions, in an infinite loop: To serve a link to the Jabber Documentatuon Directory on jabber. Messaging applications require to transfer more than text messages.

Getting started with ejabberd | ejabberd Docs

This mirror can be of interest for ejabberd and XMPP client debugging. See section SIP for the full explanation.

The default value is nonewhich means that ejabbrrd the room creator can administer their room. Retrieving the roster When the module is called to retrieve the shared roster for a user, the following algorithm is used: