Egzote- drvo, Beleške’ predlog Fitofarmacija u šumarstvu. Sveučilište Drvo odlucivanja-Vezbe-Vestacka inteligencija i ekspertni sistemi-Info. Teorija odlučivanja | Mathematics in Engineering | Faculty of Technical Sciences | FTN. multikriterijskog odlučivanja. Analizirana je . Metoda multikriterijskog odlučivanja. The method of . Slika 2. Drvo odlučivanja pri multikriterijskom odlučivanju.

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EMEP shall, utilizing appropriate models and in good time before the annual meetings of the Executive Body, provide to the Executive Body calculations of nitrogen budgets and also of transboundary fluxes and deposition of nitrogen oxides within the geographical scope of EMEP. In some cases, options for reducing NOx emissions may also result in the reduction of emissions of CO and SO and other pollutants. These are combustion technologies with improved thermal efficiency and reduced NOx emissions.

Although in many ECE countries, power plants in category a are the largest stationary contributor to NOx emissions, road traffic is usually the largest single odluciavnja source of NOx emissions, but the distribution does vary between Parties to the Convention. To su, kako slijedi: This annex deals with both new and in-use vehicles, with the attention primarily focused on NOx emission control for new vehicle types. The purpose of this annex is to provide guidance to the Parties to the Convention in identifying NOx control options and techniques in the implementation of their obligations under the Protocol.

Typically some 30 per cent energy saving can be attained. In the framework of modern automated monitoring systems and process control equipment, reporting creates no problems.

In many ECE countries, some coal or oil combustion plants are being replaced by gas-fired combustion plants.

In such cases, the member States of these organizations shall not be entitled to exercise such rights individually. The main technologies for controlling NOx emissions are listed in table 2. The Ddrvo shall give high priority to research and monitoring related to the development and application of an approach based on critical loads to determine, on a scientific basis, necessary reductions in emissions of nitrogen oxides. The installed capacity is presently about 1, MWel 5 plants.

However, in general, these side-effects can be limited by proper design and operation: The gasified coal is burned in the combustion chamber of the gas turbine.


Neki primjeri navedeni su u tablici odlucvanja. For each State and organization referred to in article 13, paragraph 1, which ratifies, accepts or approves the present Protocol or accedes thereto after the deposit of the sixteenth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval, or accession, the Protocol shall enter into force on the ninetieth day following the date of deposit by such Party of its instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval, or accession.

The Parties shall exchange information by notifying the Executive Body of the national programmes, policies and strategies that odlucivanj develop in accordance with article 7 and by reporting to it annually on progress odludivanja under, and any changes to, those programmes, policies and strategies, and in particular on: Osim toga, emisije se mogu smanjiti integriranom kontrolom izgaranja u sustavu.

Idlucivanja emissions from these other sources may be substantial. To this end a certification system would provide the best assurance. Za prikupljanje podataka za daljnju upotrebu na raspolaganju je suvremena tehnika. Parties may take more stringent measures than those required by the present article. The baseline engine configuration is the turbocharged diesel engine.

Several monitoring systems, using both continuous and discontinuous measurement methods, are available. Retrofit is of limited benefit for NOx reduction, and may be difficult to apply to more than a small percentage of the vehicle fleet.

Table 1 also summarizes the costs of applying the NOx abatement technologies. However, further environmental impacts have to be considered. These are measures applied during combustion to reduce the formation of NOx.

In-furnace- NOx -reduction odlucibanja being tested in some large-scale demonstration plants, whereas basic combustion modifications are incorporated mainly into boiler and burner design. Inspection and maintenance programmes can be beneficial for all types of control technology by ensuring that drfo emission levels are maintained.

Industrijska postrojenja za izgaranje i procesi s izgaranjem.

Стабло одлучивања — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

It is important to ensure that new-vehicle emission standards are maintained in service. Ukupni instalirani kapacitet izgaranja u fluidiziranom sloju blizu je iznosa od oko Preinake procesa i izgaranja. The Parties shall, in particular, through national research programmes, in the work plan of the Drfo Body and through other cooperative programmes within the framework of the Convention, seek to: A State or organization which accedes to the present Protocol after 31 Olucivanja may implement articles 2 and 4 no later than 31 December The storage systems for ammonia are subject to the relevant safety legislation and such systems are designed to operate as totally closed systems, with a resultant minimum of ammonia emissions.


On je sastavni dio Protokola.

Стабло одлучивања

Uplinjeni ugljen spaljuje se u komori za izgaranje u plinskoj turbini. They are the following: Determined to take effective action to control and reduce national annual emissions of nitrogen oxides or their transboundary fluxes by, in particular, the application of appropriate national emission standards to new mobile and major new stationary sources and the retrofitting of existing major stationary sources. The emission level in table 2 reflects emissions measured with standard test procedures.

The reagent production odluvivanja ammonia and urea for flue gas treatment processes involves a number odllucivanja separate steps which require energy and reactants. Kdlucivanja Parties shall develop without undue delay national programmes, policies and strategies to implement the obligations under the present Protocol that shall serve as a means of controlling and reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides or odlucvanja transboundary fluxes.

The measures taken to carry out national strategies and policies for the abatement of air pollution include legislation and regulatory provisions, economic incentives and disincentives, as well as technological requirements best available technology. Fossil fuel combustion is the main source of anthropogenic NOx emissions from stationary sources.

Under such programmes, manufacturers are responsible for recalling vehicles that fail to meet the required standards. They include the control of combustion air ratio, flame temperature, fuel to air ratio, etc.

Noting that the elaboration of an approach based on critical loads is aimed at the establishment of an effect-oriented scientific basis to be taken into account when reviewing the operation of this Protocol and at deciding on further internationally agreed measures to limit and reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides or their transboundary fluxes.

It is based on information on options and techniques for NOx emission reduction and their performance and costs contained in official documentation of the Executive Body and its dfvo bodies; and in documentation of the ECE Inland Transport Committee and its subsidiary bodies; and on supplementary information provided by governmentally designated experts.