Diamond W product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Find great deals for Diamond W 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Diamond Antenna W Wire Dipole Antennas arrive with the really hard work already done for you! All of the wire lugs and connectors are in place and the.

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Each band is tuned by trimming a “tail”. Trap dipole for WARC bands. All bands tuned well except 80m, where I have a khz section to use.

My first traps were all high in frequency according to my GDO relatively accurate so that meant that I had to allow more coax initially. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. The critical info here is the wire lengths in the table above as it gives a starting point for those who want to build ww8010 own version and have the ability to wind up and tune some simple coax traps.

Andrey, callsign deleted Russia, Belgorod My emailed response: That meant that I didn’t have to plan on building traps with a huge power rating. New to Ham Radio?

Diamond W-8010

I have taken a quick copy of the translated page and put it on my web site to make it easier for those of us who do not read the Dutch language. The wire lengths for the elements are as follows – but note that if your traps are significantly different to mine, some length variations dimond occur on 18 and 10 MHz: I heavily bandaged the balun with waterproofing tape as the w88010 closure suggests potential rain ingress.


I apid more for the masts and for attaching well the masts to the wall. After all it appeared that the balun supplied with the antenna, was defect.

I checked my Iocal stocks of PVC conduits then put those diameters into Tony’s calculator to see which gave the form ratio closest to the optimum value of 0. This happens on both ends of each trap so accounts for a considerable length. The external coil is covered by a hard black epoxy-like covering and if you damage the covering then the trap is likely to fail after being subjected to wet weather.

During a overhaul and cleaning I measured the traps as follow: Having now built coaxial traps for a few bands and incorporated them into physical antennas I have noted that the exact frequency of the trap does not seem to be unduly critical. You can still use the basic W construction and build up coaxial traps using suitably rated cable and place them at the same positions – however the lengths will probably need adjustment on any band lower than the replacement trap on any given wire.

For the price it is a good antenna.

Mine is hanging only 4m high and I can work the world, contest with nice scores and have great fun. Could I add another wire leg or dismond to each side to add these bands?


So far, things are looking good but a faulty balun out of the box should nevertheless not happen imho. Ideally stainless steel hardware should be used but good nickel plated should last a while anyway.

Diamond W Product Reviews

I chose it over the similar Comet CWA Simply loosely couple the GDO coil to the trap and locate the dip indicating resonance. If you build one of these add-ons, let me know how you got on Evening morning Doug, Great to read the information on your site about the modified dipole. It sounds like you could have had the insulation on the enamelled wire break down and you now have shorted turns on the faulty traps.

You may have different PVC, different coax, When I started 3.

Diamond W8010 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna

You could try to remove the black ‘baked-on shroud’ and count the turns on each one as they will have to be replaced anyway. The details on the web page regarding diamknd bands and the other web page dealing with field day HF antennas and making up a trapped radial might help you.

From an incoming email: