Studio 3 User Guide Wireframes and Wireframing Functions An overview of Studio 3 Introductory Tutorial (Help | Tutorials | Introductory Tutorial) Studio 3 Datamine wireframe data is stored in two related files, a triangle file and a points file. (Datamine) Studio3. In this training, you will find principles and exercises associated with the following sections: 1. Getting Started: In this section you will learn. Page 3 Datamine Studio EM is tailor made to meet the needs of exploration geologists. Leveraging the base tool is available for manual image registration.

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Studio 3 processes are file-based; they require one or more files in Datamine binary format. In Studio 3 process dialogs, if a field requires a file for input, you can display the Project Browser dialog quickly by double-clicking the relevant field. General Procedure for Boolean Operations The general procedure for performing a Boolean operation is as follows: Where found, a new object ttorial created containing strings made up from the edges formed by the intersections. For example, the screen display on the left represents two distinct wireframe objects.

It is not important which string is selected first when using Link Strings, although the actual linking method and options may affect how the strings are joined together. Picture 2 shows a Visualizer view of the objects color enhanced to show the two objects as transparent. The second image shows the same topography at the lower resolution.

The optimized method frequently allows even highly complex strings to be linked automatically without point tagging; however, tagging is also provided for greater control over linking.

This will then cause the selected wireframe to sgudio shown in the first or only object drop-down list when a wireframe dialog is opened.

All three ways will result in the same normal. This site uses cookies: This multifunctional dialog allows you assign all manner of qualities to your surface, including the wrapping of a texture geo- referenced or otherwisehow and if shading is performed amongst others.

First, the surface is shown using all possible faces, that is, the highest possible resolution. The tag strings that may be required for sub-optimal linking to achieve the required shape and avoid crossovers may be unnecessary for optimal linking.

Analysis of wireframe data, and resolution tutorrial problems, can significantly speed up subsequent processes, and lead to more consistent results.

This process combines the files correctly, and renumbers the PID numbers so that the output wireframe files may be subsequently processed. Access File Settings Wireframing to change your selection method.


Toggles between optimal slower and sub-optimal faster linking methods.

Studio 5D Planner is a mine design and scheduling product. If this option is refused, no objects result from this operation. The dialog shown is identical to the Split dialog, and Single open line, unlooped, with terminal points extending you can even elect to use the beyond the wireframe data body on two separate edges when view plane or other plane instead viewed along the projection plane.

General procedures are available for future reference. They can define the points to be linked for the Link Strings command, for example, which is particularly useful when wireframing complex shapes.

Block Model All the block model grade estimation methods require a prototype block model to interpolate the sample grades into. Solid Hull Wireframes Boolean Operations Solid Hull The easiest way of visualizing the effect and results of this command is via a simple example.

This process performs all the functions of the TRIANR process with advantages of greatly improved speed performance and several additional features. The surfaces will be renumbered during the wireframe verification.

There are several ways to create compound wireframe objects, and the method used will depend on the type of wireframe s in memory and, in some cases, personal choice. In comparison, for example, the Tables and Reports window have the capacity for several sheets tabbed report pagesbut each sheet can only show one view of data one projection and there is no facility for applying overlays although formatting of data is easy, it is on a once-per-column basis.

A sensible value for the former will normally preserve important features, whereas the latter will use a less elegant although quicker algorithm in order to achieve the expected data reduction. The functions described in this chapter, in most cases, can be run by either selecting a wireframe before the function, or by selecting a wireframe object when the resulting command is in operation this could be a selection from a drop-down list or an interactive data picking tool.

Full details on this control bar are given in your Studio 3 Help, but in brief, the Sheets control bar contains a VR sub-folder. If toggled on, the resulting triangulation between selected strings will generate triangles where the triangle edges are similar proportional distances along the two strings.


If no section planes are defined in the dialog through the definition of an input section definition file you will be required to define a basic direction from one of the following options: Please note that the Visualizer window does not support independent wireframe object display formatting. Log In Sign Up. If this was not supplied, then the density used is 1. All Boolean operations use similar dialogs which provide two methods for selecting wireframes: In this mode, both Split and Multiple Split commands are identical.


You will see the Format Display dialog, open at the Overlays tab. In this respect, the Design window has a single, dynamic, sheet and the Plots window has multiple sheets. Advanced Geostatistics is a flexible software solution providing state of the art and industry benchmarked geostatistics. Studio 3 wireframe files contain more information than just points, lines and faces. In addition, the resulting object can be displayed in a variety of different formats, using a series of display overlays based on the same underlying wireframe data.

If toggled on, the resulting triangulation between selected strings will have the minimum wireframe surface area. DTMs may be constructed from a set of points and strings, and linking constrained to lie within user-defined limits.

Extract Separate Wireframes Boolean Operations Extract Separate In short, this command creates multiple separate wireframes, points or strings for each logically discrete piece of a two-wireframe interaction.

Click Cancel to exit point deleting mode. All Studio 3 control bars can be docked or floated as required.


This might take the form of point surveys or contour strings depending on the source of the data. This is highlighted by the example on the left.

Includes “differences”, “intersections” etc. Intersection Wireframes Boolean Operations Intersection This command produces a new object that represents only the common volume of two overlapping wireframe volumes. Jose Anthony Marreros Atudio 22 de julio de Jovito Huaraya 3 de abril de Grade Estimation Outputs Datamine studio 3 tutorial output from the block model datamine studio 3 tutorial estimation methods is datamine studio 3 tutorial grade block model, which contains values for each estimated grade field.

If attribute fields are specified, their values are taken from the first record in the wireframe triangle file for each zone, or from the first record in the file if no zone field is specified.