Dasa Mula Tattva is a philosophical treatise written by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Dasa Mula Tattva is a must-have book for any serious student of Gaudiya. Everyone should know the true conception of jiva-tattva, the established truth of the spirit soul, and for this purpose I will explain the Dasa-mula. The Ten Maxims of Sri Krishna Caitanya – Sri Dasamula-niryas may very well be classified under the appellative aspect of absolute truth (abhidheya-tattva).

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Whoever is contemptuous to these Ten Maxims considering to be an inference only, will never be able to attain perfection in offering devotional service to Lord Sri Krsna. Back Centers Teachers Website Contacts. Who am I as a living entity?

Sridhar Maharaja 46 Swami B. The process of five sacramental purification pancam samskara is classified into two mlua An air of liberat ion starts blowing in proportion to the awakening of loving ecstasy as a concomitant beneficial effect.

Though these jivas are non-different from Sri Hari, they are also eternally different from Him. Dasamulam samsevya through practicing these ten instructive maxims ; andyamayam hitva by eradicating the disease of nescience, just like many people destroy various feverish diseases with the help of taking a potion made from the extracts of ten varie ties of herbal roots, similarly by eradicating the disease of Krsna-adverseness through practicing these ten instructive maxims ; sadhusangatah bhavapustim thatha tustim labhate attain eternal bliss and loving ecstasy together with saintly persons.

For a person who is already in the state of a loving relationship with the Godhead, the process of offering service mentally may be considered tantamount to the act of worshipping. You should know your spiritual identity, your identity beyond the body.

The Proof of Reality. The eternal difference between the jiva and the Supreme Lord is that the Lord is the master of maya-sakti, whereas the jiva can fall under the control of maya, even in his liberated stage, due to his constitutional nature.

Dasa Mula Tattva (The Ten Foundational Truths of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s Philosophy)

Heavenly pleasure, sense mla, and pleasure from wealth and one’s own people, men and money – are all simply desire for inequitous activities. The Bible states that God created man after His own image.

Suddha-bhakti — Pure devotional service is the only practice sadhana to attain spiritual perfection sadhya.

The practice of offering service to Sri Krsna together with this kind of dignified realization of servitude may very well be considered to be the yattva form of off ering devotional service to Sri Krsna.

In these pages, the devotion of the Thakura to Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is wonderfully predominant. The Vedic scriptures are the only authority for knowledge of the ninefold aspects of wisdom, which are 1 Sri Hari is the only source of wisdom; 2 He is omnipotent; 3 H e is an ocean of bliss; 4 the living entities are His parts and parcels; 5 some of the living entities are conditioned by the material nature; 6 other living entities are liberated from material nature; 7 everything, including the jivas, is one an d different from Sri Hari; 8 unalloyed devotional service is the only means for the conditioned souls to go beyond this world of birth and death; 9 love for the Supreme Lord [prema] is the only goal.


The jiva is a minute part of that Supreme Lord, and that is why he also has independence, but because he is minute he can be covered by maya by misuse of that independence. Any kind of activity which involves lethargy, yielding to rustic matters, bewilderment under all sorts of dejection, distraction from pure devotional service by way of false arguments, niggardliness in devoting entire vitality in practicing offer of ser vice to Lord Sri Krsna, repudiating one’s own real position of humble wretchedness through illusion of a puffed-up vanity owing to nationality, wealth, erudition, manpower, handsomeness, and strength, steering under the influence of sinful tendency or ad vice, carelessness in purification of dogmatian and bigotry, taftva to be merciful owing to anger, illusion, envy, and impatience, false vanity and egotism of being a vaisnava while nurturing high hopes for earning fame or reputation dasz crookedne ss, and oppression of other living entities with a desire for achieving sense gratification, wealth and opulence, as well as women – appears out of dastardliness alone.

The practice of devotional processes should be made favorably disposed to worshiping the Lord, in relation to all sorts of activities, relationship and mental state of a living entity.

This means that – these three manifestations, namely, bliss, cognizance and eternal existence of the spiritual potency are widely well-known. Vraja-lila-dhama is tartva most enjoyable place of all the places of pastimes of Sri Krsna.

I have been very pleased with all the items. I highly recommend others to use this site. The jiva is like that.

Anor aniyan mahato mahiyan Katha Upanisad 1. I am grateful to be your customer. In different languages, in different countries, and in different sections of the world, people call that same Supreme Lord by various names. Vyasa Puja Offerings 2.

The Ten Maxims of Sri Krishna Caitanya – Sri Dasamula-niryas

Maha-Visnu, who has created the universe and who has entered into it as the indwelling Supersoul of all, is simply His partial manifestation. He will play with you, and He will accept you as His mother, father, friend, or most beloved.

Introduction The importance of this book cannot be overstated, for herein all the essential teachings of the Vedas are concisely expounded. Although non-different from Sri Hari, all li ving entities have eternally different status. A perfect living entity is characterised with the spiritual embodiment, and the fifty qualities enumerated he reinbefore are all in existence in him in drops and particles.


Therefore anor aniyan mahato mahiyan: Everything about the form, nature, and service of the spirit soul is present in potency, but not manifested. The God conscious entity is situated as a servitor to Godhead as a result of his inclination to Godhead, and the other is living a life dwsa mundane materialism being defeated by illusion due to his diversion in the way of spiritual thinking.

The Ten Maxims of Sri Krishna Caitanya – Sri Dasamula-niryas | Sri Narasingha Chaitanya Ashram

They are the eternally successful friends in the transcendental domain of Vraja. Sah Sri Krsna ; parakhyayah sakteraprthagapi even being non-different from the supreme power ; sve mahimani sthito even being situated in His own undivided glorified position ; tam tripadikam kula only power in the forms of internal, external and marg inal potencies according to function ; sakalavisaye preranaparah svatantrecchah He Himself is independent and self-willed even after deputing different entities as per internal, external and marginal relationships ; paramapurusah vijayate Supreme Perso nality Sri Hari stays as He is.

One is open minded and eager fattva to an awareness of real knowledge and the other is deviated for his lack sasa knowledge. He has maintained all the Pandavas, and all the varieties of His devotees. There should of course be enterprises for acquiring knowledge and earning money through activities for livelihood, but all such aspects of activities and knowledge that may usually conceal unalloyed devotional enterprises should be very carefully prevent ed.

These are the ten offenses relating to the holy name of the Lord. Hide my email address. Fr om this understanding develops one’s devotion in unflinching surrender unto Lord Sri Krsna which means a deep confidence is awakened.

Therefore it is said that the spirit soul is smaller than an atom anor aniyamsam. Upon acquainting the disciple with the substance of the mahamantra, the spiritual master will then fully pronounce his disciple with the true significance of relationships with the Supr eme Personality of Godhead. Krsna is the same as Christ. In as much as those confidantes are the embodiment of any array under the superior energy, they are also the manifestation of the constitutional form of superior energy.

He saw the Deities of Jagannatha and Krsna, and then he returned to his own land and began to preach about Christ. Any sort of speculation on the basis of the so called theory of evolution is redundant and n on-Vedic under the inconceivable potency of Sri Krsna, all living entities and the entire cosmos are eternally different and non-different from Him.

The Philosophy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.