Please see the links below, is a commercial UV-Stabilizer,. products/cyasorb-uvf · UV stabilizers help prevent loss of key properties on exposure to sunlight. CYASORB THT stabilizers and CYANOX antioxidants CYASORB UVF. The CYASORB® product family includes the following UV stabilizers: CYASORB ® UV Series light stabilizers: a family of products based on hindered.

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Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 electronic grade. The Alkaline Earth High Purity HP product line is characterized by specific chemical and physical properties which are strictly controlled in all steps of the production process guided by our total quality management.


Acting for a circular economy. New Innovation and Technology Center. Our lightweight materials enhance zero-emission transportation, their formulations cyasrb the use of resources coupled with performance chemicals to improve air and water quality.

It’s a Windows-based system that allows Solvay to design solvent extraction circuits on demand. New Headquarters For Solvay Group. PSU retains its mechanical properties when exposed to steam and other sterilization techniques.

FFF – Our graduate program. Perfluorosulfonic acid ionomer membranes, dispersions and other forms are key enablers for electrical storage vyasorb conversion devices. Solvay extensive ranges of technologies enable us to offer series of catalysts to meet different applications, continue developing innovations and provide advanced products as well as services in the increasing but changing market of polyurethane. Discover Solvay best in class technology available for fire safety in textiles and garments: High purity mixtures for cleaning etching tools.

Surfacing films reduce surface defects by 95 percent and offer superior handling properties that make manufacturing easier. Chemically precipitated Barium Sulfate with main application as filler in paints, coatings, pigments, plastics, and as functional additive in batteries.


This product range is ideal of automotive primary and secondary structural applications. Thanks to its versatility and non-hazardous nature, it is used in a diverse range of applications in Electronics, Metallurgy, Chemicals and Glass. Solvay in the world. Potassium fluoroborate KBF4 is used in aluminium-metallurgy, for the production of abrasives, soldering agents and ceramics, and in the chemical industry.

CAS 18600-59-4 PET UV absorber, FUNDILIZER 3638 , CYASORB UV–3638 UV-3638

Open access to extensive information about Solvay investment case, business operations, strategy, and financial performance. FFF – Our graduate program.

Electronic Grade Hydrofluoric Acid is an isotropic etching agent. Lithium Cryolite Li3AlF6 is ccyasorb for the production of abrasives, welding agents cyasoeb soldering agents. With the aid of the Claus-process, a very pure elemental Sulphur is produced. ETFBO is a new synthetic building block containing fluorine. It is particularly useful in the applications for polyacrylic polyols, reactive diluent for radiation curable oligomers, coatings and inks.

Exceptional wet adhesion to aged alkyd paints, enhanced wet-scrub resistance, resulting binder can be blended as adhesion additive. Flakes solid form and Molten liquid form. It ensures unique benefits throughout optimized food functions and a genuine vanillin taste. How cyaorb we foster collaboration and research?

Cleaning gas for the use in plasma, ion beam or sputter etching in semiconductor devices manufacturing. Potassium fluoroaluminate KalF4 is used for the production of welding agents, the production of soldering agents and for the production of abrasives. They require innovative formulations based on urease or nitrification inhibitors to increase yields. New generation aseptic packaging machines require more effective and efficient hydrogen peroxide products engineered specifically for each machine type.

High-flow, liquid crystal polyesters that are easily molded into intricate thin-walled parts, such as electrical connectors with high pin densities and extremely tight dimensional tolerances. vu


Iodine pentafluoride is used as a fluorinating agent in organic synthesis. High-performance polyketones tailored to fill cost and performance gaps between PEEK and other high-performance polymers.


Partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymers offering outstanding chemical, permeation and fire resistance, low permeability, excellent weatherability and release properties. Using information from mining companies or their engineering firms, we are able to evaluate circuit configurations, flows, extractant performance, and recovery options.

In the salmon farming industry, one of the main threats that can affect production is parasitic disease like sea lice. These materials offer superior handling characteristics and exceptional molded surface quality.

Inherent flame-retardant properties make it well-suited for electronic components and testing devices. We have extensive experience in developing and manufacturing aliphatic fluorinated compounds and derivatives. Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company offering a portfolio of more than products across various key markets worldwide.

It is a rapid acting oxidizing biocide, treating the sewage by removing pathogenic species while hydrolyzed in surface water. Chemical inertness, outstanding temperature resistance, low coefficient of friction, exceptional release and water repellent properties and outstanding heat resistance.

Acting for a sustainable business. Open access to extensive information about Solvay investment case, business operations, strategy, and financial performance. The brand also includes antiscalants and modifiers to support other metal industries. Bonding primers are designed to improve the adhesion of materials to a substrate while inhibiting degradation.

We are a company committed to developing the best technology that addresses sustainable mobility and improves resource efficiency.

It is typically used in the stabilization of PET bottles and Electronic displays. It can also be used as food additive Ei.