“The second American Revolution is under way and Kalle Lasn is one of its Tom .. Think of Culture Jam: The Uncooling of America™ as a rebranding strategy. Summary. According to Kalle Lasn, publisher of Adbusters magazine, culture jamming will become to our era what civil rights was to the ’60s, what feminism was. America is no longer a country but a multimillion-dollar brand, says Kalle Lasn and his fellow “culture jammers”. The founder of Adbusters magazine, Lasn aims .

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Can spontaneity and authenticity be restored? We soar the skies one moment, then feel slack and depressed the next. Silent Spring and other books and documentaries of its time shocked us into realizing that our natural environment was dying, and catalyzed a wave of maerica that changed the world. To people like umcooling for whom time had always seemed like a constant, eternally moving train which people got on and, seventy years later, got off, it was the end of innocence.

My father hailed them as the saviors of the world.

Richard Condon’s novel, The Manchurian Candidate — which was turned into a movie Pauline Kael called “the most sophisticated political satire ever to come out of Hollywood” — tells the story of an American soldier who is captured during the Korean War, shipped to Manchuria and groomed, via brainwashing, to become a robotic assas- sin programmed to kill the U.

Two recent studies turned up conflicting results, and the head of one research team, by way of explanation, mumbled something about flawed methodology. If you spend enough time in cyberspace, emote commands start taking the place of emotions. Why am I scared to travel to Egypt? America, and much of the rest of the world now, is caught in a media-consumer trance. So gradually is the dosage increased that we’re not aware of the toxicity. In Part Four, Summer, we catch a glimpse of what could happen if the American revolutionary impulse reignites.

Culture jam : the uncooling of America

He refused “Mystical Forests” even while he contin- oof to sell airtime to the “Forests Forever” campaign. This flood of psycho-effluent is spreading all around us, and we love every minute of it. We popped their multimillion-dollar PR bubble right in their faces and suddenly the CBC was on the defensive as well. He barrels in, misses his footing and straddles the bench, hard.


We can’t remember when we last spent an evening telling stories, instead of having Jerry or Oprah or Rosie tell stories to us. InChrysler, one of the five largest advertisers in the U.

The following items were successfully added. And when I was finished shopping I’d have to take this cart back to the exact place their culure experts have decreed, and slide it back in with all the other carts, rehook it and push the red button to get my uncoolinb quarter back.

The spaced-out daughter is alive when she’s in front of the TV, and the mopey son is alive when he’s surfing the Net, and Mom and Dad are alive when they’re at work.

Ultimately, everything becomes background noise and we hear almost nothing. Rates of suicide, unipolar disorder, bipolar disorder and alcoholism have all climbed significantly. Home About Help Search. Is this a coincidence? And then on the ruins of the old consumer culture, we will build a new one with a noncommercial heart and soul. Bestfoods unveils plans to stamp its Skippy brand of peanut butter onto the crisp tabula rasa of a New Jersey beach each morning at low tide, where it will push peanut butter for a few hours before being The Ecology of Mind 21 washed away by the waves.

The people did it themselves — with chemicals and pesticides. They trusted their passion and their rage. When a handful of media megacorporations control not only the daily newspapers and TV air- waves but the magazine, book publishing, motion picture, home video and music industries as well, information and cultural diversity both plummet.

Those selves that, when disconnected from the urban data stream, cease to function. It’s risky these days to make such a promise because it sounds like one of those meaningless “awaken the inner giant”-type bromides: Ulti- mately, a lot of Westerners watched the Soviet Union fall apart with some sense of vindication. With this precedent set, many observers predict the full infiltration of commercial forces into all on-line content.


Ten million are addicted to sex. It’s why we’re bored so much of the time and become compulsive shoppers. The proliferation of commercial messages has happened so steadily and relentlessly that we haven’t quite woken up to the absurdity fhe it all.

If there is a structural problem in your story, well, you can just mask it with a jolt. And you still wear them and you still think they’re sharp. So the stats are confusing.

Full text of “Culture Jam – Kalle (PDFy mirror)”

Can we come up with antidotes to these infoviruses that infect our minds? I think what we have here is a labeling problem. Unfortunately, it’s an environmental nightmare: The reality presented to us by the media always has a spin on it.

It was concocted by advertisers who uncooliing that consumers had become too jaded and media-sawy to respond to mere sexual titil- lation or intellectual games. One of the ameirca private acts was being co-opted. Without his perseverance and magic way with words, it would never have seen the light of day. The French philosophical movement that inspired the Paris riots predicted what might happen to a society driven by consumer capitalism.

We bought what we needed, with cash. Fear breeds insecurity — and then consumer culture offers us a variety of ways to buy our way back to security. More than anything else, it is our mediated, consumption- driven culture that’s making ameriac sick.

When you grow depressed you go shopping. Is it just me or is every parent now weighing the merits of Ritalin?