Cornelius Holtorf, Linnaeus University, School of Cultural Sciences, Faculty Member. Studies Cultural Heritage, Archaeological Theory, and Heritage Studies . The latest Tweets from Cornelius Holtorf (@CorneliusKalmar). Going places with archaeology and heritage. Kalmar, Sverige. Cornelius Holtorf. Meta-stories of archaeology. (accepted for publication in World Archaeology Issue 3, ). ABSTRACT. I argue that archaeologists contribute.

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Cornelius Holtorf

What do we get rid of? Translation of the paper first published in English in Museum International 63no.

Maintenance of the status quo of cultural heritage is typically perceived as being superior to loss or substitution. Archaeology, communication and society C Holtorf European Journal of Archaeology 10, In reviewing the relations between archaeology, heritage and present-day society, I argue that the remains of the past which archaeology studies cannot be seen only as a record of past human realities that were substantially different from our own.

European Journal of Archaeology. Heritage Narratives in the Tsunami City.

A European perspective on indigenous and immigrant archaeologies. Archaeology is a brand!: How do we use material culture to stitch futures from pasts? As long as ever I’ve known it… more.


Although corneluis future is mentioned frequently in overarching aims and visions, and it is a major drive in the daily work of archaeological heritage managers and indeed heritage professionals more generally, it remains unclear precisely how Most valued by archaeologists and their audiences have been those sites and artefacts that are best preserved and thus Cultural Heritage, Ethics and Contemporary Migrations breaks new ground in our understanding of the challenges faced by heritage practitioners and researchers in the contemporary world of mass migration, where people encounter new Foreword and Appendix to M.

Holtorf released this book back in through Left Coast Press; in it he talks about the nature of the interactions that the public have with archaeology, much to the disdain of archaeologists. This book is about the archaeology of the present and the very recent past.

The New Heritage and re-shapings of the past. Current Swedish Archaeology In that sense, time travel experiences are not necessarily purely imaginary.

Hegewischpp. I am also asking what the discernible trends and transformations over time, imply for how we are to understand contemporary forms of living history and related genres.


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Indeed, we cannot assume that in the future there will be any archaeology at all. For something to evoke the past in a given social context, it does not have to be old. A Reader in Themed and Immersive Spacespp. I also suggest that maybe the most significant effect of corneliue fact that society’s public intellectuals cronelius do not have degrees in archaeology is that participants in public debates and policy makers are unaware of how various applications of archaeology and cultural heritage can benefit contemporary society.

Cornelius Holtorf |

Can less be more? Destruction and conservation of cultural property, Instead, planning is made as if key aspects of heritage and nuclear waste will not change significantly in the future at all.

Archaeology for the People: Gent, Art Paper Editions. Skip to main content.

Nuclear power and beyond. Heritage Theory and Heritage Futures. Freeze-dried remains from Antarctic expeditions.