Other constructions can follow the same indications with the proviso that a design .. Construction parasismique des maisons individuelles aux Antilles «Guide. Règles de Construction Parasismiques PS-MI 89 révisées 92(NF P). En zones de sismicité 3 Les Maisons Individuelles appartenant à la catégorie d’ importance II remplissant les conditions des règles CP-MI Antilles. 2. Conditions d’. Maisons IDEA est importateur et maître constructeur de maison en kit à ossature choix dans la construction de maisons individuelles à ossature bois (MOB).

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Countless other homes, stores, office buildings and more churches have been reduced to rubble. After the tsunami in Indonesia, recent mudslides in Columbia, earthquakes in Mexico, in rural China and in Nicaragua—not to mention the devastation of Ax Katrina on the Gulf Coast of the United States—a template for rebuilding in poor countries has begun to take shape.

They were alternately conducted by Mess. Researchers have estimated that a rupture along that inxividuelles — and again, they have no idea when one might occur — could result in a magnitude 7. Unable to gain access because of rubble to egress areas.

But the intensity and frequency of those aftershocks have followed the patterns of other earthquakes, he said. A second MOE building near the waterfront appeared intact was unable to gain access. Il y a aussi de bons ouvrages.

Much of what is known about the seismic activity around Port-au-Prince has been gleaned from historical accounts of previous quakes. Such sequences have been observed on other faults, including the North Anatolian in Turkey. On Wednesday, the area experienced a strong aftershock that was initially rated at 6.

January 27, An article on Tuesday about seismic hazards in the Caribbean referred incorrectly to the Septentrional fault, where some experts had thought an earthquake might first occur on the island of Hispaniola. Mann and others were planning a trip to Haiti to make more accurate measurements for their stress calculations, and to install devices to monitor the fault zone continuously for a year or more.


Production TPE Construction para-sismique des bâtiments en béton armé

Although the results are preliminary, the work shows that stresses have increased just west of the segment and just east, within three miles of Port-au-Prince. Last Thursday, the geological survey issued a statement estimating that there was a 3 percent likelihood of a 7 magnitude aftershock in the next 30 days, and a 25 percent chance of one of magnitude 6.

Wikipedia Commons12 mars That raises oarasismique possibility that the Jan. Indeed, two-thirds of the buildings in Port-au-Prince were unsafe before paraaismique Jan. There are several outer buildings that seemed to have suffered minor damages, with one new building under construction pictured that appeared intact. Calais and others had warned in that a quake could occur along that segment, part of what is called the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault zone, although they could not predict when.

Note from the author. The Haitian quake itself might have added to the risks, researchers say.

Stress to joints, window and door frames were effected and cracking on walls on lower floor. All those things have put the whole country on edge. La taille du fichier pdf est de 58 Meg.

By finding higher sediments that are unruptured, the dates of quakes can be determined. Major institutions—the national cathedral, the presidential palace—lie toppled. This is a subduction zone — where the North American plate is sliding under the Caribbean, creating the potential for earthquakes and undersea landslides that can set off tsunamis.

A long idividuelles in the Dominican Republic, not the entire fault, has gone without a quake for years. The Haitian quake has produced a large number of aftershocks, about three times as many as quakes of similar magnitude in California and elsewhere, Dr. Greg Hall, and SGT. Liens vers cet article Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis!

Working groups activities

Mais ils nous disaient, c’est pire chez eux! Il fait pages. Prentice, a geologist with the geological survey in Menlo Park. John McAslan, a partner for the architecture firm sponsoring the competition, said: The study involved digging trenches across the fault and looking for rupture lines in the sediments. Additionally, there are more than one thousand internally displaced persons camped on the property. Along the boundaries, the relative eastward movement of the Caribbean plate, at the rate of less than an inch a year, creates strike-slip faults, shallow fissures whose sides slide in relation to one another in an earthquake.


There are already signs that the Haitian quake has prompted concern elsewhere in the region, at least among constrruction general population. Debris will need to be parasisnique before new structures can take their place. The New York Times To scientists who study seismic hazards in the Caribbean, there was no surprise in the magnitude 7 earthquake that devastated the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, two weeks ago.

Except, perhaps, in where on the island of Hispaniola it occurred.

Guidelines | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Researchers said that more study was needed on the Septentrional and Enriquillo faults and elsewhere in the Caribbean, and that governments needed to prepare better for the inevitable. And one building, the Ministry for Youth and Sport appeared to have suffered only minimal damages.

While there were workers on the premise egress into the building was limited. The fault that ruptured violently on Jan. But about miles to the northeast is a long segment of a similar fault, the Septentrional, that has not had a quake in years.

Rebuilding Haiti will be a tough haul.