See some of the most unbelievable pages from the Cold War-era CIA torture manual known as the KUBARK handbook. Essential Guide to Interrogation and Torture: CIA KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual, Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual, Art and. In , the CIA distributed a novella-length manual on torture. A supplement to the KUBARK manual, the Human Resource Exploitation.

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The manuals describe coercive techniques to be used “to induce psychological regression in the subject by bringing a superior outside force to bear on his will to resist. At times the manuals present a distorted picture of human rights conventions. In accordance with Title 17 U. Superficial treatment of legal and human rights considerations.

The cia-kubar-ktorture provided by these manuals, the lesson plans and Project X is not some abstract violation of human rights principles.

There are cursory references to the role government repression can play in providing a rationale for insurgencies. When arrested at this time, most subjects experience intense feelings of shock, insecurity, and psychological stress and for the most part have great difficulty adjusting to the situation.

If withholding, they can often be handled effectively by the Mutt-and-Jeff technique discussed manuall in this paper. If the witness refuses to denounce the subject, the ‘questioner’ elicits and records remarks from him denouncing someone else known cia-kubark-togture him, for example, a criminal who was recently convicted in court. A calculated display of feeling employed for a specific purpose is an exception; but even under these circumstances the interrogator is in full control.

That is, he should not be pleased, flattered, frustrated, goaded, or otherwise emotionally and personally affected by the interrogation.

If an interrogatee lies persistently, an interrogator may report and dismiss him as a “pathological liar.

The Wave of the Future That Wasn’t. And better you cooperate, because if you don’t, we’re going to bring them in and rape them and torture them and kill them. A later section of this manual deals with the preliminary testing of bona fides. They are secretive and disinclined to confide in anyone else their plans and plots, which frequently concern the overthrow of some form of authority. The proprietary interests of the host government will frequently dictate interrogation by a liaison service rather than by KUBARK.


Insurgents are viewed simplistically as solely manipulating popular discontent and are depicted as always buying into Soviet-style Marxism.

For example, readers are taught that an insurgent “Does not have a legal status as a prisoner of war under the Geneva convention,” implying that there are no international conventions cia-kubark-yorture their treatment. But unlike a police interrogation, the CI interrogation is not aimed at causing cia-kubark-torturre interrogatee to incriminate himself as a means of bringing him to trial. Pressure tactics or hostility will make them retreat inside themselves, whereas reassurance will bring them out.

Suspects should be held incommunicado and should be deprived of any kind of normal routine in eating and sleeping. Have all supervisors in cix-kubark-torture direct chain of command been notified and given approval? Not an Abstract Violation of Human Rights. There is no mention of warrants or the right to contact an attorney or any comparable local laws.

Manial the army manuals, “Human Resource Exploitation” is dismissive of the rule of law. BACK in the thick of the heavy, dark days of the Vietnam War, the CIA conducted a survey of the existing literature it had on torture, all of the studies carried out by reckless psychologists in the 50s, wisdom accrued from police beatings of suspects in interrogations, the effects of isolation, everything the most powerful clandestine service knew about torture and compiled it into what amounted cia-kubark-torturre a field manual on how to best extract information from unwilling informants.

He is usually a tightwad who saves everything, has a strong sense of propriety, and is punctual and tidy. What the manuals leave out is as important as what they include, and what they leave out is any understanding of democracy and the rule of law.

Are the insurgents carrying out psychological operations? Few distinctions are made between the treatment of armed guerillas and civilians. Other definitions have been included despite a common agreement about meaning if the significance is shaded by the context. He seems to enjoy a continuing state of well-being.

Also, insurgent leaders can participate in political races as candidates for government posts.

The CIA’s Torture Manual In Its Entirety, Part I | Stuff You Should Know

People in this category are characteristically frugal, orderly, and cold; frequently they are quite intellectual. This could be by convincing him that he has been compromised by the guerillas. Demonstrations by minority groups 7. Advocating spying on and controlling the civilian population.


Is there a torture manual?

Yet coa-kubark-torture have conducted scientific inquiries into many subjects that are closely related to interrogation: The document was given the codename KUBARK and for decades it served as the standard for legally gray or black interrogation techniques, many of which emerged when the press reported on human rights violations by the U.

Are threats to be employed as part of a plan? It is true that American psychologists have devoted somewhat more attention to Communist interrogation techniques, particularly “brainwashing”, than to U. Throughout, the reader can read perfectly well the original underneath the “corrected” items.

The release of the seven army manuals was the result of extensive public and congressional pressure.

Declassified Army and CIA Manuals – Latin America Working Group

Ines Consuelo Murillo, cia-kubatk-torture spent 78 days in Battalion ‘s secret jails insaid she was given no food or water for days, and one of her captors entered her room every 10 minutes and poured water over her head to keep her from sleeping. These individuals usually have a close relationship cia-kubar,-torture the population and enjoy their respect.

Such facts as are available cia-kubafk-torture that the latter have a slight advantage. The interrogation situation is intensely inter-personal; it is therefore all the more necessary to strike a counter-balance by an attitude which the subject clearly recognizes as essentially fair and objective.

A program of registering families is used to supplement the system of ID cards. Rather, it is included because it shows the provenance of the CIA manual which was, like many of the seven army manuals, based on sixties era material. The number of systems devised for categorizing human beings is large, and most mnaual them are of dubious validity.

The army manual excerpts highlighted by the Pentagon advocate tactics such as executing guerrillas, blackmail, false imprisonment, physical abuse, use of truth serum to obtain information and payment of bounties for enemy dead.

The pitfalls of ignorance of the distinctive culture of the source have “[approx. Teams that operate undercover or clandestinely and their infrastructure.