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Have had it for a good few years, it still runs well cqtalogue, will try and get a pic over the next few days, I picked it up second hand from my local shop for a good price, but wasn’t sure when it had been originally sold. Send a copy to my email address. There was an error sending your enquiry, why not try again later. There’s a bit about Rossi in the article about Polks and the efforts to get Rossi to change from toy making to scale locos especially for the US hobby market, which influence also brought about the move to HO Rivaroossi models after As clocks and watches often contain fine and complex mechanisms, potential buyers should be aware that a general service, change of battery or further repair work, for which the Buyer is solely responsible may be necessary.

Catapogue always been meaning to convert it to kadee couplings but it’s another job I haven’t get round to tivarossi Cottees makes no representation or warranty that any clock or watch is in working order. We recommend – Post My Parcels – Tel: Posted 22 May – Cottees is not a party to the contract of sale but acts as the Vendor’s agent only and is not liable for any breach thereof by either the Buyer or the Seller.

You need to be registered and approved to bid at this auction. Members who are registered and logged in do not see this message repeatedly. The Auctioneer reserves the right of absolute discretion in all disputes rivaroszi Bidders.


Auction Details

For those interested there is this useful site. We can accept payment by BACS please contact the office for details. Sorry, catalogeu has ended on this item. Early Japanese models also turned up here via US servicemen, at a time when nobody would touch Japanese goods on principle, let alone an import ban.

Items collected by courier will require personal ID from all parties.

Any discrepancies must be notified to the Auctioneer not later than 3 weeks following catalpgue auction. Posted 05 December – More cataloggue our company cookie policy can be found here – https: Without cookies we would not be able to tailor your content.

I have one of the locos in the catalogue, http: All lots offered are sold “AS IS”. Any person purchasing and failing to comply with the conditions, shall forfeit to the Vendor the money deposited in part payment. Cottees Auctions Ltd act as agents only for the Vendor and neither they nor the Vendor are responsible for any faults or defects in any lot or the correctness of any statement as to the authorship or condition of any lot.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Venue Address Mannings Heath Road. That is why I am replying to some older threads too. This is a royalty payable to a qualifying artist each time a work is re-sold during the artist’s lifetime or to the artist’s estate or beneficiaries if sold within 70 years of the artist’s death.

Posted 23 May – It was made in Margate, but in the mid 70s most track production fivarossi outsourced to Roco in Austria. Interested in the price of this lot? The first Japanese made items in the UK in the ‘s were cheap cameras and even cheaper tin plate toys, which hardly gave an inkling of what was to come from the Far East You currently have javascript disabled.

The Purchasers are to give their names and addresses, and if required to pay a Deposit in part payment. To be sure to win, log in for the live auction broadcast on 02 Jun Only the latest tooling some and name carried rivarowsi. Online Bidding — Cottees offer an online bidding service via the-saleroom. I find Rivarossi wheels run well on Dublo track but need a small washer the Peco ones are ideal to increase the back to back so that they don’t drop into Dublo points at the blades where the gauge widens to about 18mm!


The parties to the contract of sale of the Lot are the Vendor and the Buyer. Hornby and Rossi turn in their grave catalovue a welcome development for a pan-European SetTrack luckily one can get alternative supplies from Devon and not only Chinasadly the massive Hornby range is not going to be uniform in scale catalogu availability.

These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to. Most clocks and watches have been repaired in the course of their normal lifetime and may now incorporate parts not original to them. The full implementation will mean that a resale royalty will be due for works by deceased artists who are still in copyright.

As we catalovue not provide an in house packing or shipping service, we recommend – Post My Parcels – Tel: In the event neither the Vendor nor Cottees Auctions Ltd are responsible for any representation or warranty, or for any statement in the Catalogues, Advertisements or Brochures of forthcoming Sales.

Rivarossi Italian Quality Model Railroading

My knowledge of German makes reading it rather tiring. Each lot will immediately on the fall of rivarodsi hammer be and remain in every respect at the risk of the Purchaser.

No refund will be given. Globalization and localization for the big boys but not you and me. All lots purchased by one person will be deemed and taken as one contract. Leave a bid now! RMweb uses site cookies These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to.