Bruce M. Di Marsico, the creator of Option, died Monday, December 4, . The cause of unhappiness is a belief. What happens, no matter how. 1 [Bruce Di Marsico, Deborah Mendel, Wendy Dolber, Frank Mosca, Aryeh Nielsen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Option Method.

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These beliefs about un-happiness are so imbedded marsido my concept of reality, of how it is. In order to reveal what beliefs are indeed operative in an unhappy person, I created the Option Method.

He loved to love. The Myth of Unhappiness captures the essence of this groundbreaking self-help tool. The Option Method demonstrates that people choose their emotions, not that they should choose differently, but that they nevertheless truly choose, and are not victims to emotions. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions All unhappiness is the fear that we have a bad attitude for ourselves.

Option Method Network

To state it simply:. Years later while at work as a psychotherapist, and human relations consultant, he came to develop the Option Method as a self-help tool to help people become happier in their everyday lives. Remembrance – by Deborah Mendel Several friends asked me to write something about Bruce for this issue. I had never experienced an individual session with Bruce, only classes and id.


In Memory of Bruce Di Marsico

He insisted tenaciously on his right to march to the beat of a different social drummer. The cause of unhappiness is a belief. The Myth of Unhappiness. You can now hear Bruce discuss the Option Method questions and reveal how asking these questions help uncover judgments and marsivo that stand in the way of happiness.

For him the freedom to be and to be happy stretched beyond space and time without restraint. Looking for beautiful books?

The fear that we have a bad, or self-defeating, attitude is the same as distrusting the very source or cause of our motivation. There will never be a way we could demonstrate or give ENOUGH to fully express the extent of our appreciation and gratitude for your existence.

Find out more about the audio CD. And always, always, I felt this enormous stream of kindness and compassion emanating from him.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. The belief that unhappiness is preferable to happiness happiness being seen as some form of being crazyor the belief that not being unhappy was contradictory to a personally held value, is the dynamic of all unhappiness. Bruce was an extraordinary man, teacher, friend, husband. You have a wonderful smile. Description The Option Method: Where would I end? Every day I use his lessons to help me swim against the tide of belief in un-happiness in which we live.


I remember you Bruce, with love, with gratitude and with happiness. Di MarsicoRemembrance – by Frank Mosca As I sat thinking of what to say about my memories of Bruce, my mind ranged over the years and the many wonderful things he had said that were so incredibly clarifying and insightful.

He gave me an Option session. The baffled Barnaby said yes.

She waited until my session was over then came in to visit with us for a few moments. That is the very fear that they manifest: Bruce explains how our beliefs affect our happiness. The belief that we have to be unhappy is the only cause.

It just so happens, that when people realize they have a choice in their emotions, it makes a difference to them.