Phone manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your phone and more at ManualsOnline. D+, D+. D+,. and LD+ Telephones. User’s Guide. Back Panels: Front Panels: Programming and · Feature Codes · Displays · Your Telephone. View and Download Avaya D+, D+, D+, LD+ user manual online. Avaya IP Office telephone system User Guid D+, D+, D+.

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Scheduling Features Posted Message You can post a message to provide information to co-workers with display telephones for example, to tell callers where you are when not answering the telephone or why you do not want to be disturbed.

To use posted messages, you must program a PostedMessage button.

Press the Line button. Camp-On Camp-On allows you to complete a transfer to a busy extension.

Avaya 4406D+, 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+ Telephone User Manual

Dial your own extension. For Latin American Spanish: Enter text from picture: Hold Inserts 1 5 second pause in the dial sequence.

In this guide, LINE represents a button that is labeled with an outside line number and EXT represents a button that may be labeled with an extension number or an Intercom number.

Using FeaturesUse aFeatureTo use a feature, do one of the following: To change personal directory listings: Slow-flashing green Someone else has put a call on hold on this line button. To return to normal operation, press Mute again. Your manual failed to upload ExitTakes you to Home screen showing date andtime. To cancel from the sending telephone: Press the programmed Dial one of the following: Press Feature and then dial the feature code.


Programa FeatureButtonTo program a Feature button: Page 12 Programming and Feature CodesCall Handling Features continued PickupPickup allows you to answer calls that are ringing, parked, or onhold anywhere in the system. To transfer a call using one-touch manual transfer: To cancel Follow Me or Forward calls from one extension: Dial the extension or outside number. Posted Message should be programmed on a button with LEDs. To assign listings to your Home screen: To cancel or return to the call on hold, press the button next to the flashing Green Light.

To send calls to an outside number: Tell us about it. Line buttons are labeled differently depending on how your system is configured.

To enable Hands-Free Answer on Intercom: Check with your System Manager. Page 20 Programming and Feature CodesProgramming FunctionsInspectInspect allows you to see information about an incoming call thatis ringing, alerting, or on hold or to see what is programmed on abutton.

Use Group Pickup to answer calls ringing at extensions in your Pickup group.

Press the programmed AutoDial button. Using FeaturesSpecialCharactersFeatures that dial numbers automatically may need specialcharacters to allow for correct dialing or system response.


Avaya Telephone D+, D+, D+, LD+ User Guide |

Buttons you label and program are represented by red letters on a white background CampOn. To cancel Follow Me: These codes are used for billing, cost-accounting, or project tracking. Don’t have an account? You can program two types of Auto Dial buttons: Do one of the following: To 4406v a posted message: P appears on the display.

F appears on the display.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Headsets Headsets for Series telephones allow one-touch operation, hands-free. To program an Inspect button: Answering an incoming call. Page 13 Programming and Feature CodesCovering Calls FeaturesCoverageCoverage allows a call ringing at one extension a sender toring at another extension a receiver at the same time, and tobe answered zvaya either extension.

Call HandlingMake aCallTo make an outside call: Loudspeaker Paging Pages 4406v a loudspeaker paging system are heard everywhere in the building or only in a particular area, depending on whether or not the loudspeaker system is a multizone paging system.

Must be first entry insequence.

Your Telephone Tones Dial tone steady tone You can make a call.