Seta-Shell Four Ball Autoload Lubricant Tester for ASTM D, ASTM D, IP We perform grease testing by ASTM D to measure the load-carrying properties or load wear index of lubricating grease using a four ball test apparatus. This standard is issued under the fixed designation D ; the number 1 This method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum.

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Shell 4-Ball Lubricant Tester | ASTM D | D | IP

For study purposes, two greases sample No. The purpose of this test is to determine the wear preventive characteristics of a lubricant.

The Leon-Maxwell number is an excellent method to quickly and accurately evaluate a grease protection potential and as an indication of a greases ability to be used in a wide variety wstm applications. Generally, greases having similar thickener types will be compatible, but even greases of the same thickener systems can be deemed incompatible because of differing additive treatments and must be judged on an individual basis.

Result values and what they mean: The coefficient of friction is also measured throughout the 60 minute test with the average being reported at the end of the test. What the test measures: Make sure to use a valid business email address. Before implementing d25596 new product, plant and d5296 engineers must weigh all consequences of grease intermixing and the impact on equipment reliability, production levels and the bottom line.


Understanding compatibility and contamination is the first step to optimal grease performance, plant operations and return on investment. The lower the mm, the more protection a grease provides.

In the next issue, we will describe how wear scars from the various tribological tests are measured two dimensionally using optical microscopes and three dimensionally using profilometry. About the Author John Kurosky.

Maximizing Grease Performance Through Optimal Compatibility

The final determination of compatibility comes with proper testing of greases in the application for key performance properties. How do you know what grease will work best at protecting your asgm The result is breakdown of grease, cold welding or galling.

Welding can be detected if any of the following are noticed:. Although these results do not necessarily correlate with real life applications, the method has become an industry standard in comparing EP, wear astmm frictional functionality.

Tribological Testing by 4 Ball Methods

These tests can be conducted concurrently or sequentially with varying ratios for example, Understanding Compatibility Understanding compatibility and contamination is the first step to optimal grease performance, plant operations and return on investment. In some cases, performance properties of the mixed greases may be less than the lower performing grease, yet still meet customer specifications and requirements.

The problems can be characterized in three main categories: Based on this value, one can formulate greases with different levels of extreme pressure properties. However, a true incompatibility situation may result when low-performing grease affects the performance of the higher performing grease, meaning another grease with more desirable intermixing attributes should be considered. Current Issue Archive Advertise.


Because percent grease replacement is unlikely, d5296 level of contamination is certain to occur, requiring the pre-implementation measurement of leftover grease with a new product before finalizing an upgrade or machinery process change. The result is metal-to-metal contact, premature wear and increased heat.

It is best to both increase the frequency and reduce the volume. Determines a greases ability to withstand repeated mechanical stress.

Results are reported in kilograms kg with a functional range from kg to kg. Determines v2596 load-carrying properties of lubricating greases by measuring scaring on a test specimen. Dust, fibers and abrasive particles can combine with grease and grind away metal. Penetration ASTM r2596 name: Determines resistance of lubricating greases to oxidation and helps determine shelf life of grease.

Tribological Testing by 4 Ball Methods

The lower the percent change, the greater the mechanical stability of the grease. Figure 2 shows how the performance of a grease can be reduced by contamination from water or a lesser performing grease.

Simply put, all the grease samples were found to be compatible with one another. Advantages of Using Polyurea Grease.