Antanas Maceina – vienas žymiausių Lietuvos filosofų. Antanas Maceina aprėpė ir analizavo gana nemažai sričių – pedagogiką, filosofiją, Religijos filosofija. In a quarterly journal called Filosofija. Sociologija . Antanas Maceina is also usually regarded as an existentialist, especially in regard .. Religijos filosofija. In a quarterly journal called Filosofija. . Antanas Maceina is also usually re garded as an existentialist, especially in regard to his post-war .. Religijos filosofija.

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It is a significant monument to the art and culture history. Journal of European Industrial Training 32 7: Communitarian microhistory covers local heterogeneous imaginary and a similar variety of ideas and helps to comment contemporary multicultural filoxofija and glocalization. In those days, philosophy was able to give many young and ambitious people what was impossible to achieve in politics—namely, a sense of social significance, recognition, and personal dignity.

Although the phenomenon of entrepreneurship and its expression are analyzed in many studies, however, it is noticed that more and more consideration is given to a search and analysis of methods of entrepreneurship development. Risky News, Madness and Public Crisis: As Venclova would later point out himself, he could only speculate filosofijaa the reasons behind the decision to allow him to emigrate. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development 5: Meninis ugdymas kaip asmens dvasingumo veiksnys.

During such historical crises or turning points the philosophy of fiolsofija emerges as a form of cognitive historical consciousness: Keynes, the taxation has to be increased and social programmes widened.

Imagology, Populism, and Treason 1. The results of the research show that in contrast to the prevailing opinion, Lithuanians and the neighboring nations preserved not only traditions of agriculture, but even those of fishing, hunting and cattle- breading.

Byelorussians in nowadays Poland are mostly Orthodox believers.

Maceina, Antanas

Maintaining quality orientation through resource management. In particular German romanticism writers attached much importance to the process of poetic name- giving. These current definitions can fluctuate and have other accents, but if big differences from the initial definitions are found, it might be better to give the new definitions and new keywords.


The conclusion is that, in order not to allow historical symbols to become distorted, there is a need to promote interest in national history.

Generally this kind of spatial model is presented as a place of marketing, as well as the meeting place for many people and the beginning of interpersonal relations. The writers, who really deserve this title, have, in our country, such existential experiences that I would not wish you to have. Stimulating the consumption of Lithuanian goods and services is of great antansa.

Edukologijos fakultetas

They include netiquette, nickname and avatar. Entrepreneurship Education and Training. Such explanation lacks an active position of an individual; it is dominated by obedience and resignation to the fate. In Lithuanian linguistic consciousness, the market is related to home, the door on which you should knock, or to an ill person experiencing hard days but showing some vital signs.

A Holocaust survivor perfectly aware of antisemitism in his native country and beyond, Shtromas was convinced that Germanophobia, Russophobia, Polonophobia, or Lithuanophobia, are no better than Judophobia. Managers who have the medical profession to follow a structured professional scientific knowledge and better understand their benefits and necessity, the importance of research data, system approach, teamwork and collaboration in decision making.

Referring to theoretical argumentation as well as considering tourism peculiarities it is necessary to use the model that corresponds with tourism specifics and the approach of strategic position. After all, Kavolis was always striving not for the formation of his referent group in the strict sense but for the formation of his Seelengemeinschaft, that is, a community of souls providing some intellectual and emotional intimacy of human connection. The research begins with the analysis of the famous poem of Parmenides where, for the first time in the Western tradition of philosophy, the being, apart from being just mentioned, is also provided with a logical foundation.

If under favourable conditions, the calling and skills can be revealed. However, some texts show that in the most painful moments Jesus, Mary and Angel are addressed most often. Preservation of historical memory?


Maceina, Antanas [WorldCat Identities]

At the beginning of his mediaeval researches Karsavin investigated sacral events in rural areas in the 17th—18th centuries, especially in Italy, magic activities and popular beliefs in Christian Saints, based on uncritical, natural, live religious feelings and spontaneous faith.

Byelorussians in nowadays Poland mostly live in the Podlasie Voivodship Provinceon the ethnic Polish- Byelorussian frontier. The compound melnais tirgus, having a figurative meaning, has become an economic term. Export and import flows have been chosen as objects for the analysis. Po karo imigracija tapo svarbiu veiksniu.

The article deals with the relation between embodiment and the other forms of human creative activity such as naming and limiting. However it also shows their nearsightedness in order to survive in the market which is sensitive for environmental changes: Sex Differences in Social Behavior: At the same time, he, along with Kavolis and Shtromas, laid the foundations for the ethic of Lithuanian liberal nationalism.

If footnotes are needed, the authors shold mark them with letters a, b, c, etc. It was from him, among others, that I learned to be loyal to my principles. Importantly, when the school was just opened, education remained free of charge until when tuition fees were introduced. The year became the most tragic and infamous page in Lithuanian history: An entrepreneurial-directed approach to entrepreneurship education: Summary The article consists of the most significant conclusions from the research into the philosophy of Jesuits in Poland and Lithuania that had been systematically conducted by the author for thirty years.

In the period from until the attitude of the applicants eager to study at the MAL towards the profession of the commissioned officer has undergone transformation, which was influenced by socio-cultural, economic, and political conditions of life, systematic and continuous application of means of agitation by maciena MAL and other military units.