This page contains information about the Reference Manual for the Quadra Synth S4 from Alesis. Manuals and User Guides for Alesis QuadraSynth S4. We have 3 Alesis QuadraSynth S4 manuals available for free PDF download: Reference Manual, Pre. View and Download Alesis S4 Plus reference manual online. 64 Voice Sound Module. S4 Plus Music Equipment pdf manual download.

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Page This allows you to simulate different surfaces of a room or hall, with softer surfaces absorbing more high frequencies and smaller rooms having faster low frequency decay.

Program Edit Functions Program Edit Mode Mix Edit Mode S4 Plus Reference Manual Overview: If you enable Drum Slesis for a sound while in Edit 4 mode, the S4 Plus will automatically switch to Edit 1 mode for that layer. Page 59 The higher the number negative or positivethe greater the effect. Reverb Type The S4 Plus has seven different reverb types, all stereo, each of which simulates a different space or produce a different ambient effect. More negative values drive the cutoff frequency lower for a given amount of velocity.

Alesis S4 | Vintage Synth Explorer

Basic Audio Hookup Don’t have an account? Store A Program What Mix Mode Does Auditioning Internal Programs Recording Digital Audio Edit 4 And Edit 1 Modes Date Alesix – S4 S4 Plus. Master Pitch And Master Tuning Copying Effect Patches Programs or the Effects Patch.


Store An Effect By adjusting the Sound Overlap to a lower value, you decrease the number of voices used by each new note, and thereby ensure there are voices available to play other sounds, if necessary.

To make changes permanent, you must store the Mix into the User bank. Midi Message Basics Each program can be made up of as many as four individual “sounds” each with their own mqnual of 3 envelope generators, 3 LFO’s, tracking generator, dynamic alseis pass filter, and very comprehensive modulation matrix.

The higher the number negative or positivethe greater the effect. Realtime Performance Functions Main Left and Right outputs of the S4 Plus. Understanding The Edit Buffers This can be further enhanced in Mix Mode by using the Range function in Mix Edit Mode to alexis the lower and high limits.

The S4 is undoubtedly a powerful and flexible synthesizer capable of creating rich sounds – both acoustic and electronic. The default settings are: Think of the Mix function in the S4 Plus’s effects section as being similar to the effect return control on a mixing console.

Playing The Demo Sequence Page 94 Reverb effect. View the discussion thread. Pitch Envelope if the Delay is also set to 0 in PENV Page see below ; a setting of 99 will result in a much slower attack, taking many seconds before the envelope gets to maximum.

  IMM 5406 PDF

Resetting A Parameter Value Comparing Edited And Stored Versions Many acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitars, sound brighter when you play them more forcefully.

Alesis S4 QuadraSynth Plus Rack – Alesis – Encyclotronic

Mix Mode is one of the most powerful features of the S4 Plus. The Quad Knobs The Trigger parameter determines how the LFO should be triggered, or started.

A positive value raises the level as more Aftertouch is applied. Naming A Mix Page Chapter 7: Midi Transfer And Storage Operations Register a new alesiz.

Alesis QuadraSynth S4 Manuals

This makes it possible to have the signal from the Pitch or Aesis sections, or the direct effect send in any combination or amount. Setting The Effects Level Many of the Programs in the S4 Plus use only one or two Sound layers, while others may use all four Sounds.

Page Appendix D: Display, Functions, Pages, And Parameters Send 4 has only a Mono Delay effect, which may also be routed to Reverb 1. Basic Manuak Hookup Oscillators – 48kHz Linear samples S4: What’s New in the 2.