AISC 360-05 PDF

Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC ) – March 9, Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC ). Note: Although the ANSI/AISC version of the code officially replaces the ANSI/AISC code, this latter remains available in the. You want to design steel members according American code ANSI-AISC Is it available in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis?.

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A statement that the available compressive strength need not be less than that of the bare steel member has been added. When a rolled heavy shape is welded to the surface of another shape using groove welds the Charpy V-notch requirement only applies to the shape with the weld metal fused through the cross section. Dimensional Requirements No changes have been made to this aixc.

A user note is included in this section that states it is the intent of the Specification for the reinforced concrete portion of a composite section to be detailed using the noncomposite provisions of ACI Localized Fire No changes have been made to this section.

Strength of Elements in Shear No changes have been made to this section. A user note has been added to this section stating that there are no specific minimum or maximum tension requirements for snug-tight bolts and fully pretensioned bolts such as ASTM Aiec or F are permitted unless specifically prohibited on design drawings.


Definitions of Parameters The symbol representing the overlap length measured along the connecting face of the chord beneath the two branches, q, has been changed to lov. Minimum Edge Distance No changes have been made to this section.


Detailing Requirements Added 630-05 this section is a provision for the minimum distance from the center of an anchor to a free edge in the direction of the shear force, which is 8 in. Adjustments to Stiffness new section This section has been moved from Appendix 7, Section 7. These exceptions were not listed in the Specification. The following table shows the changes that have been made to the element descriptions and case numbering in this table.

Negative Flexural Strength No changes have been made to this section. Design not Performed with Prismatic Properties. Printing Section Displacements for Members.

Share History More Cancel. The strength of the bolt group is the sum of the effective strengths of the individual fasteners, where the effective strength of an individual fastener is the lesser of the fastener shear strength per Section J3.

Where bolts have not been added to distribute the aiisc in the filler for two or more fillers between connected parts, this variable is taken as 0. Mechanical Properties at Elevated Temperatures The proportional limit at elevated temperatures, Fp Tis now defined in this section and it is calculated as a ratio to yield strength as specified in Table A- 4.

This section also specifies that the quality assurance agency shall submit inspection reports and nondestructive testing reports to the AHJ, EOR or owner as well as the fabricator and erector. Design Property and Steel Design Boxes.

Limitations Parts of Section C2. Rolled Heavy Shapes A rolled heavy shape welded connection subject to tension that requires a Charpy V-notch impact test result in the contract documents has been changed as follows: Load Transfer This section now refers to Section I6 for load transfer requirements for 3660-05 composite members.


Note aiac the definitions of M1 and M2 have not changed from the Specification. The definition of the design wall thickness, t, has been added to this section. Compression Flange Yielding The 3360-05 of Myc has been added to this section.

ANSI/AISC 360-05 Code check

It also states when NDT may be performed by approved fabricators. In the Specification the provisions for filled members have been moved to Section I3.

Contact Surfaces No changes have been aics to this section. The subsections covering the strength, number and placement and spacing or steel headed stud anchors have been moved to Section I8.

Positive Flexural Strength No changes have been made to 360-5 section. In addition, most of these tables include figures of the connection types associated with the appropriate design equations. Design for Fire Conditions was Section B3. The correct horizontal reaction at the base is found using a force equal to but opposite in direction to the notional loads applied at the base. Torsion Design of Member Not Possible.

Unbraced Length asic Moment Redistribution new section The contents of this section have been moved from Appendix 1, Section 1.

The application of this section has changed from members with compact and noncompact sections to nonslender elements. Unsupported Length for Top Flange Compression.