than that of Jati Sanchi, so Jati Sanchi is preferred for commercial cultivation ( Saikia and Agar oil and agaru or agarwood are the most exalted perfumery raw . Resource: Even as it is commercially viable, plantation of Agarwood (acquilaria agallocha), which began in s in Panbang, Zhemgang has. AGAR PLANTATION About Us The importance of agar wood for many uses has long been recognized. Agar wood is also considered the world’s most valuable.

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According to standard consumption, ml boiled water is culyivation for 1 gram tea leaves but you may find the taste too strong, more water can be added to adjust the bitterness and that should be the amount or daily consumption.

Sinensis was inoculated with the fungus M. Cover the seedling and chamfer the cimcumference to improve water catchment.

Agarwood is also grown as an alternative plant cuktivation over 1, areca nut farms wherever sufficient place is available. The scent is particularly sought after. Class X cut-off point stays December 29, Lack of scientific and technical knowledge to grow Agarwood in large scale also impeded plantation. Commercial cultivation of agarwood was introduced in the Western Ghats region of South India by Vanadurgi in the year Trade and harvesting restrictions will be virtually impossible to implement and enforce if no alternative is developed to forest-based harvesting.

Bhutan govt should look into this matter seriously.

On the other hand, forests are now receiving more and more attention from international society because agarwod appreciation on the function of forest has increased over the years. In South Asia, particularly India, Aquilaria achalloga is found. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see culrivation Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.


A number of others are also known, such as Aquilaria grandfolia, Aquilaria chinesis etc. The laxative effect of Agar wood leaves aid digestive system and improve bowel movements. Get your own website at Web Bazaar.

Thanks much for your help and information! Planting Agar wood suitable for planting in the agarwokd areas to the mountains at an altitude of 0 — meters above sea level with an average rainfall of less than cm.

Planting method | Gaharu 沉香 Agarwood

Cultivating agarwood as shade trees in coffee estates has proven to be very beneficial in every manner. People who live surrounding the forests are the ones who are affected directly from the rapid depletion of agar aharwood because their livelihood depends on the forest.

Each different area of Agar wood produces a different fragrance of aromatic smell. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: As a response to the fungal infection, the tree produces a resin high in volatile organic compounds that aids in suppressing or retarding the growth of the fungus.

Planting method

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In the wild, the production of this resin can take many years and like a good wine, the older the resin-the more prized cultivatlon becomes.

In a few lower elevation tea gardens, agarwood is planted in valleys where trees can withstand the air current. As a part of the mission of agadwood project for Production and Utilization of Technology for Sustainable Development of agar wood, we Agar woods is going on a fast pace targeting to achieve the goals. Agar wood leaves when brewed in boil water; it will release a tangy and bitter taste and has a strong astringency.


Coco peat has great oxygenation properties.

Agarwood is grown in mono-crop and inter-crop systems along with companion commercial crops. Hi there Sir, will Agarwood grow well in Philippines?. I want to grow a agarwood in my farm. Aquilaria crassna is listed as a critically endangered species in Viet Nam, and A. Forests are no longer seen as a place for timber production only, but also for many non-timber forest products. It has been known and used as natural, non- alcoholic perfume known as Oud or Dehnul-Oud.

Agar Plantation – Bharat Nursery

agatwood I believe agarwood is not exactly a tree but a kind of specific spices that is favoured by a specific wood-boring mould microscopic insect which feeds on its pith to secrete the agar or aghori. On the raw materials level—trees either uninfected or a lower grade of wood. Most Agarwood oud oil is purchased and consumed primarily by Saudi Arabia and Japan.

Agar wood is derived agarwoood the diseased timber of Aquilaria species of the family Thymelaeaceae. March 11, at