Soroush, Abd al-Karim. (b. ). Iranian intellectual and political activist. Studied pharmacology in Iran, and chemistry, history, and the philosophy of science in. Iranian Intellectuals on “Islam and Democracy” Compatibility: Views of Abdulkarim Soroush and Hasan Yousuf Eshkevari. intellectuals of Iran: Abdulkarim Soroush (b. ), who sees no contradiction between Islam and the freedoms inherent in democracy, and Hasan Yousuf.

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I would like, if I may, to address a few words to you. Soroush’s political philosophy, as well, remains close to the heart of the liberal tradition, ever championing the sorousg values of reason, liberty, freedom, and democracy.

He spent the fall semester of at Columbia University and the spring semester of at Georgetown University’s Karkm Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs as a visiting scholar.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Iranian philosopher Abd al-Karim Soroush is an important thinker on the topics of religion knowledge and how this relates to reason.

He is a world expert on Rumi and Persian Sufi poetry. So dire is the persecution of Christians, Christianity is in danger of disappearing from its homeland.

Karmi portal Biography portal. There was an introduction by Dr. In Oxford, professors such as Komeil SadeghiIranian philosopher influenced him so much that Soroush dedicated one of his best books abrul “Expansion of Prophetic Experience abduk to his honourable master.

The ballot boxes tremble and ogres dance in the dark. Abdolkarim Soroush What is Islamic Philosophy? His travel was restricted, then his passport confiscated. Soroush’s main thesis, entitled The Theoretical Contraction and Expansion of Shari’a separates religion per se from religious knowledge. Upon finishing high school, Soroush began studying pharmacy after passing the kaarim entrance exams of Iran.


This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat Soroush’s main contribution to Islamic philosophy is that he maintains that one should distinguish between religious as divinely revealed and the interpretation of religion or religious knowledge which is based on socio-historical factors. A year later, all universities were shut down, and a new body was formed by the name of the Cultural Revolution Committee comprising seven members, including Abdulkarim Soroush, all of whom were appointed directly by Ayatollah Khomeini.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While in Tehran, Soroush established studies in both history and the philosophy of science. He submitted his resignation from membership in the Cultural Revolution Council to Imam Khomeini and has since held no official position within the ruling system of Iran, except occasionally as an advisor to certain government bodies. He is one of the most controversial figures in the religious and political polemics of postrevolutionary Iran… What is Islamic Philosophy?

It ebbed and flowed between slips of the tongue and slips of the mind.

Soroush, Abd al-Karim

At the celebration of the sixteenth anniversary of the American embassy seizure inWright found that Iranian Supreme Sorousj Ali Khamenei “devoted more karm berating Soroush The monthly magazine that he cofounded, Kiyansoon became the most visible forum in post-revolution Iran for religious intellectualism.

It testified to flagging oratory. Soroush’s joining of the Cultural Revolution committee has been criticized on two sides. Soroush’s ideas have met with strong opposition from conservative elements in the Islamic Republic.

Abdolkarim Soroush – Wikipedia

As he told one interviewer, “True believers must embrace their faith of their own free will – not because it was imposed, or inherited, or part of the dominant local culture. To become a believer under pressure or coercion isn’t true belief. He is currently associated with the Iranian Academy of Philosophy. Subscriber Services Contact Us Help.


About a thousand audio tapes of speeches by Soroush on various social, political, religious and literary subjects delivered all over the sorouh are widely in circulation in Iran and elsewhere. Ce qui se passe en Iran? Philosophy of Religion Social and political soroudh. Sign up to receive email alerts from Oxford Islamic Studies Online.

woroush News A distinctive form of Muslim politics: Over the next year, he lost his three senior academic appointments, including a deanship. He has been accused by orthodox critics of preventing soroish Islamization of human sciences and by the opposition of the Islamic Republic regime of Iran to involvement in the dismissal of teachers. Today, in democratic states, the most unprotected of people find some protection in the law and the judiciary, which lends them a hand to fend off […].

Retrieved from ” https: With greetings to the distinguished scholars and elders of religious learning. We do not have one democracy but many democracies in history. The dead, in their white shrouds, stand and watch, and the prisoners clap with severed hands. There is not an independent historical research on Soroush’s role in events which led to the Cultural Revolution and also his membership and his role in the Cultural Revolution committee.

They are perceived as “primary values,” as independent virtues, not handmaidens of political maxims and religious dogma. He has welcomed of such study in his interview with Professor Forough Jahanbakhsh – inquiring into modern Iranian intellectual history.