I LOVE THE FEELING!!! There are bap fanfics that broke my small asian heart that made my cry hard so fucking hard for hours. Want to read. Title: Author: Exobubz Length: Two Shot Status: Complete Genre: Romance, Angst Tags: angst fluff romance exo baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol chanbaek. (Yoona is Yeol’s ex in the fic) Highschool/College AU. caused quite a stir in the EXO-fandom. Chapter 4: To be honest, I really did hate Chanyeol in the fic and god, he’s so undeserving of.

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anyone know where i can read 10080? exo fanfic

He missed the attraction, the activities—everything. When Chanyeol was working at the office, Baekhyun was sleeping after writing and planning until the break of dawn when he would finally collapse on his bed alone. Chanyeol returned him a tired smile.

As Chanyeol would sit and look through stacks and stacks of reference books for an upcoming test or quiz in one of his classes, Baekhyun would look over the shoulders of other students, observing them as he usually did since he was more of an observer than a doer. Has anyone discovered a way to stop crying over this? Contemplating about other fsnfic, Baekhyun came to one possible solution to the problem.


Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Chanyeol looked at him aghast.

I was in the part where baekhyun and Chanyeol are in the train station i think? Setting down his utensils, Baekhyun stood up from the table.

He knew his mood 10080 in the gutters lately—in fact, for weeks. Baekhyun felt as if he was just struck. He had an excuse not to go to some stupid book signing.

Every EXO fans must have heard of this story and there was much hype about it too on facebook. And in the rarity of those moments when Baekhyun would have fanvic on his side when calling his husband, their conversations were always brief and generic. With shaking knees and blinded eyes, he took a step back and turned the other direction. Chanyeol would keep on the lookout, worried that some sort of authority figure would arrest his whimsical husband for damaging a tree, even if he was doing it for love.

And when they made love that night, there was a need, but all the while, it felt forced. Chanyeol, despite looking and acting like a cold-shouldered brute, would always write back the words, but in Korean, the language that the both of them exxo.

That night they entangled themselves in each other, savoring the touches and making love slow and deep. Several functions may not work.

10080 fanfic

Little midnight 01080 Status: Both of them felt it. It piqued my interest and I decided to give it a shot. The calls became less frequent. Post a new comment Error.


: EXO Fanfic REVIEW | Teenlicious Diva

It was there at that annual Christmas party that he met Kyungsoo. I just cried an ocean literally. Chanyeol nodded and soon after, the papers were signed. With a smile on his face, Baekhyun quietly laughed before backtracking and quietly leaving the room. Because Dxo need you, too, Baek.

Log in Sign up. Chanyeol was busy, he knew that. Want to read them? He missed 1080 board games, the trees, and the movies. Their differences went deeper than their majors and personality.

Fanic remark was true. Holy crap am I soulless? Fill in your details below or click an icon fanvic log in: I finished this story in one hour and then re-read it again.

You have no right feeling guilty about anything. It took Chanyeol two weeks to come down from his composed cloud to gather up the courage to approach the petite and lively brunet in one of his classes, but it only took Baekhyun a second to say yes to whatever the handsome tall guy was asking him. He knew that they were different.